so delighted just like bathing in the spring wind

Even an uncle and nephew of Xunshi, who is only interested in drama, is quite formal, but he also likes to drink with Feng Zhang.
Not to mention Guo Jia and Ye Liu, who are not optimistic about their behavior.
When he smiles, he is as bright as the sun, which makes people feel that he is trying to figure out his feelings.
It’s just that he is quite clever and can easily understand other people’s thoughts.
He has always been confident in strategy, but he was able to find himself out of the fog!
Even Mu Shun won’t be found to have something to do with rebellion!
He can step on the stool like a lowlife and punch and drink with others, or he can quietly listen to people pulling Wendou poems, as if they are all his real interests and have the same topic with others.
Sima Yi suddenly gave birth to an inferiority complex. In front of this man, he was just a humble ant.
Throwing caution to the wind, an impulse made Sima Yi lift the table wine and gulp it at Feng Zhang smiling face.
Just at the entrance, I felt a long and soft feeling, and then an extremely strong stamina was as hot as a fierce sun. Sima Yi’s tears flowed out from her abdomen and throat.
"It takes time to know the taste of wine if you don’t drink it like this." Feng Zhang took a sip of the wine in the cup and said with a smile, "Otherwise, it will be swallowed up by the stamina of the wine."
Sima Yi was deeply shocked, and the meaning in Feng Zhang’s words could not be more obvious.
"Life is the same. There is a saying in our hometown called …"
Feng Zhang personally filled Sima Yi with a cup of "how big a head to wear"
Sima yi thought he would die, but he was too lazy to waste some money. His eyes were red and he looked at Feng Zhang and filled him with wine. He did not move.
"Zhong Da’s death is not enough. His brother and younger generation are all koos. This matter also asks the general to give me a death and let my people go."
Sima Yi’s voice is also a little louder for her body and strength. Feng Zhang seems to be going to strangle him if she wants him to say no.
"The general wants to ask someone if he knows anything."
"I suppose you have something to ask me?"
Feng Zhang still smiled as if he were a good friend for many years before him, not a murderer who almost murdered his father-in-law and brother.
Sima Yi took a sip of the cup carefully this time, but the burning feeling did not warm his taste like the second time, and then a faint fragrance slowly spread into his limbs.
It really is good wine!
"Taken is strange general will doubt to my head? Where is the trail? "
This is the only question in Sima Yi’s mind. I won’t die until I figure it out.
The whole plan is so perfect that others have never even seen Mu Shun several times, but this crazy guy can find his own head!
Is he really a man of god?
Or with the help of a man of God?
"First of all, Zhong Da, you are a wise man, otherwise I wouldn’t have invited you here today."
Feng Zhang’s legs stretched casually as if he felt a little tired.
"What are you dissatisfied with? Must make such a big deal? "
This sentence pierced the deepest part of Sima Yi’s heart like a thorn, where layers of self-confidence and a little hatred for his untimely life intertwined with various emotions like a mess that could not be solved.
Sima Yi jumped up like a cat with its tail stepped on. "Yes! I am dissatisfied with myself and the whole day! "
"If today is Wang Wei exclusive! Jiang Dongsun, Jingzhou Liu Biao, Liu Bei and Yizhou Liu Zhang are just buffoons! Sooner or later, Wang Wei will seize nature, and it will not be a great cause! It’s a pity that Sima Yi was born more than ten years later, otherwise I will become a great man! "
"But now that Wang Wei is full of talented people, even if Xun Wenre dies, Guo Fengxiao, Liu Yang, Cheng Zhongde and Jia Wenre are no worse than me!"
"Xun Gongda, Mao Xiaoxian (Mao Jie), Chen Deng, Tian Yuanhao, Ju Zezhu and Zhong Chang are not underwhelming lot! When is my first day? I never want to be old in the mountain spring all my life! "