In this mysterious game, Taoism and fencing are advocated, and guns will never appear. This thing must be a foreign object!

But I remember when I first entered the game, the fat supervisor said that in this game, except for the game necklace, I can bring things into reality!
And I personally entered the game, and the whole body stayed in reality, which should also be brought into reality by absolute law.
However, this old Mao Se rifle broke this basic rule.
There must be another way to get into this game!
A way to bring things into reality!
Those Taoist swordsmanships in this game are really strong, but their lethality is definitely not as good as those weapons of mass destruction in the real world. And since they can be brought into the real world, it is very likely that even the players themselves can enter this game …
Thought of here, Sophie Su couldn’t help shivering all over and hurriedly looked around to see if there were any other clues
However, the bodies have already turned into bones, and even those clothes have already turned into ashes. What can you tell by the root method?
"Look at this bone decay trace. These people should have entered more than a hundred years ago, but this weapon looks really strange …" Duron picked up a Mao Se rifle before he was curious.
More than a hundred years ago? !
Sophie Su smell speech is not startled again. Although there is a hunch that this mysterious game does not depend on the real world network, Sophie Su still imagines that it is an old game that has lasted for a hundred years.
I am not the first player to enter this game, so it should not be too late. I didn’t expect it to be a hundred years later than others!
Even if you try your best to train, you can’t catch up with those old players a hundred years ago!
Chapter seventy-three The last Shimen
"This cave has four access points, and we have fallen behind again. It is estimated that it is difficult to catch the dark wizard this time. We can try to find that Sophie Su and see if we can get some rewards." Old Six wiped his huge shield next to the dry blood pool and frowned.
"That is estimated to be more difficult …" Gao beside laughed.
"Why? If the little one isn’t dead, he will definitely find a corpse king, and we can still deal with it. "
"Even if you find it, you can’t get a warrant reward. Didn’t you see Miss Song’s appearance? It is estimated that our head is in a lot of trouble this time." Gao said and looked at the two figures not far away and gave me a strange smile.
"Little sister, it’s too dangerous for you to run to this cave. Let’s go back to the surface …" Song Zheng’s heavy eyebrows have been twisted into a ball at the moment. He is preparing the former allies to explore the newly discovered tunnel together, but I didn’t expect little sister to know from nowhere that Sophie Su was missing in reality and ran in and insisted on going to the depths of the crypt to find people together.
"It’s okay, brother, you can take me. I have this dress to protect me. It won’t be anything. Sophie Su once saved me. Of course, I will save him once. I knew I should have let him join the Fifth Army …" Song Xueqing was still shaking Song Zheng’s arm. After learning that Sophie Su was missing in real life, she was always in regret.
Song Zheng looked at a face of firm color younger sister can also nai shook his head.
My little sister is ten years younger than him, so she has always been cared for at home, and her heart is very pure because she has little contact with the outside world.
It happened that when she first entered this mysterious game, she was accidentally in danger and happened to be rescued by Su Yan. At her age, it is normal to have a good impression on her.
"Don’t worry, I will definitely save the little brother. Don’t you believe in brother’s promise? Why don’t I give you a written pledge to fulfill a military order …" Song Zheng wry smile said that his impression of Sophie Su is not bad, and he saved his little sister. It is really going to try his best to save Sophie Su, but now my little sister is determined to take risks to save people, but it also makes him quite a headache.
Although little sister is protected by the np of Jingyang Gate, the fighting in the depths of this crypt is changing rapidly. Her attribute as a seven-level alchemist is really easy to be killed by monsters.
If you have the opportunity to give the small income to the Fifth Army in the future, you must definitely give him three times the amount of training every day, five times, and you will never give up until you are tired to death … Song Zheng secretly decided in his heart.
At the moment, Sophie Su sneezed heavily in the temple of the corpse king.
"This thing looks like a hidden weapons, but it’s too big. It’s nothing in actual combat …" Duron threw away the Mao Se rifle after playing with it.
And Sophie Su got the phase information after getting the rifle.
Unknown (broken)
Attack 2-4 needs unknown.
Even this game system can identify these guns from outside!
However, the actual combat effect of this backward Mao Se rifle is generally more complete in this game world with super ability. I don’t know how these players came here by these old rifles. Isn’t the monster in this game so strong a hundred years ago …
Sophie Su bitterly put a few damaged rifles in the ring. Although this thing is nothing, his ring is still big enough anyway. Maybe when can I take it out and sell some money?
"This should be the treasure room in those days. You can see if there are any good things left around." Dragon Doctor narrowed his eyes slightly and looked around.
Sophie Su smell speech this just look around carefully.
This stone room is about half the size of a football field, and there are still some traces of materials piled up in the past on the stone wall, but now it is like this except for bones and all kinds of decadent equipment.
Sure enough, no matter what kind of game is the first to enter, the player always has the greatest advantage. After that, the player can drink some leftover soup even if he is lucky enough to find the treasure position.
At the end of the stone chamber, there is a stone door that passes through it, and the same stone chamber is still full of corpses. I don’t know whether it is from gamers or np who didn’t see the expected treasure, which made Sophie Su quite disappointed …
At the end of the stone chamber, there is still a stone gate, and in front of it is the same stone chamber.
Even the ancient city of Lianzhou was really prosperous, and even its treasure house was so huge. I don’t know how many coveted treasures were hidden here in the past.
It’s a pity that I came too late. There are still corpses left everywhere in this stone room. It’s like walking in hell. However, after dealing with zombies and skeletons for a long time, Sophie Su has long been numb to this and is concentrating on finding those equipment left in the remains.
Surprisingly, there is still a stone gate at the end of this stone chamber, but it is closed and there is a vertical skeleton in front of it.
Sophie Su made insight into it far away, but he couldn’t get the information. Presumably, this skeleton is a dead corpse, and he dared to look at it carefully.
This is a female corpse with some of her long hair. She looks very beautiful with a half-moon machete in her left hand, but she is not decayed at all, and she is wearing a dusty ring on her right finger.
Sophie Su exulted in the heart and hurriedly carefully took the machete from the skeleton phalanx.
The name of machete is half moon.
Half-moon attack 1-16 Additional Taoist damage 1 attack speed is 1% higher. When attacking, there is a 1% chance to trigger a damage-absorbing shield for 1/15. It takes a level of 15.
This should be a very good novice equipment, although the attack attribute is not high, but now there is a trigger shield effect, which is very good at level 15. Of course, compared with the level 2 bronze pipe affirmation method in my hand, it is naturally not good to take out the pipe to stimulate the old man with this dragon warrior around now.