It is no wonder that this place will be called the Temple of the Dead King by the dark wizard, and such a boss monster can actually gather in groups.

However, seeing that the statue with four arms behind it was chased again, Su Yan had to take risks and rushed towards the corpse Wang Qun. However, I thought that the’ Senior Sister’ could rely on the sound to find the location of the dragon warrior, and he hurriedly took a disguised Yi Dan medicine again before getting close to the corpse Wang Qun.
Haven’t rushed to the nearby these resin king indeed as expected soon found from his footsteps, he roared came up towards his position, Sophie Su had to grind his teeth to give up his stealth effect and turned into a resin king.
His hundreds of health points may be the worst’ corpse king’ in history, but at present, although these corpse kings have high fighting ability, their IQ is not enough. After a while of vacant finding, they all walked past him and attacked the still aggressive statue, many of which even passed by Sophie Su, making his legs tremble with nervousness.
However, in the face of these dynamic forces, the four-armed statue of the king of the earth was finally stopped.
Although the damage of the black flame is not low, it is still a short-term solution to solve these health points, which often lead to millions of corpse kings.
Seeing that Sophie Su’s figure had taken the opportunity to go away, after a roar, the statue rose endlessly, and the black flame finally went out, but soon the dark wizard spell sounded again.
Sophie Su, who had hurried to the distance, was indecisive and looked back to see the spell, but there was black fog all over the sky. However, as soon as the black fog appeared, it contracted sharply and eventually formed a black ribbon that lingered around the statue.
To Sophie Su’s amazement, the burly statue rose slowly in the dark fog and immediately got rid of the entanglement of many resin kings
"After this big trouble, it won’t give people a way out …" Sophie Su secretly complained in his heart that although the strength of the corpse king is strong, the base has no ability to pervert the speed like the teacher elder sister, and the corpse king who can easily leap several meters high is still very few after all.
However, perhaps it is because the statue is too big and bulky to get rid of those corpse queens, and its flight speed is not fast, which makes Sophie Su still keep a trace of escape, hoping to escape to the distance while his camouflage is still effective
However, the statue in the middle school kept chanting spells while flying. Almost every ten seconds, a black ball came at Sophie Su. It was the dark wizard who had tried the soul-eating spell, but when the statue was released, it was no longer as easy as before, but it was necessary to make the spell.
"Not to say that there are a lot of people outside to attack the dark swamp? Why didn’t you see anyone calling here …" Sophie Su was already crying and running away while avoiding the black ball that hit from time to time
This statue of blood corpse, which is called by the dark wizard, is really too powerful, with surprisingly high attack and defense, and it can make all kinds of Taoism have almost no weaknesses.
Fortunately, after rising to level 2, Sophie Su’s agility is not low, and his reaction speed is much better than when he first entered the game. Moreover, the hall behind Shimen is wide enough for him to avoid the soul-eating black ball at will.
However, as the chase continues, the surrounding monsters are gradually scarce, and the rock wall can be faintly seen ahead.
Sophie Su secretly complain that what he is most worried about has finally happened. This hall has come to an end!
In desperation, Sophie Su suddenly found a stone door in the stone wall not far away.
"God shuts one door but he opens another." Sophie Su immediately ran desperately towards the Shimen.
It was a great surprise that he found a corpse king in front of this stone gate when he arrived nearby!
"Dragon Poison Man!" Sophie Su immediately recognized the identity of the "corpse king" because the "corpse king" not only had a negative hand but stood with a long pipe in his mouth.
Apparently, the old man also used camouflage and got a pipe from somewhere.
"Help!" Sophie Su immediately rushed at the dragon warrior.
"You want to die ….." The dragon was first an ash, but then a full face of anger looked at Sophie Su, who was still the shape of the corpse king, but after discovering the aggressive four-armed statue floating in the middle behind him, it was not from Zheng that he was overjoyed.
"Senior Xu, you said you would save me once!" Sophie Su immediately blamed the old man, and now he can deal with the statue in this corpse palace. It is estimated that there is this old man.
"It was so quickly refined into a zombie … but I can just deal with zombies. Hey hey, this is a good thing to send to the door!" The dragon warrior ignored him and popped up a poisonous fog toward the statue that had been rushed over.
However, the half-finished statue was slightly stagnant and rushed over again.
"Throw more poison. This guy is very strong. Don’t be reluctant." Sophie Su couldn’t help worrying.
Dragon warrior is obviously a little surprised, and immediately pops up a large poisonous fog to cover the statue again.
The aggressive statue finally stagnated and fell from the middle after being covered with green zombie poison.
Su Yangang breathed a sigh of relief, but the dark sorcerer’s spell rang again. The statue immediately rose to the sky again, and the green toxin was instantly melted away.
This dragon warrior can’t help but say, "Nine Dark Fires?"
"I’m an old poison now, but all poisons don’t invade you. Don’t wave those poisons. Let me be a poisonous corpse." The statue actually changed back to the original compassion method and the dark wizard ridiculed it at the same time.
"Why are you here … you turned yourself into a zombie? No ….. This is your dismemberment. Did you put the dismemberment you just got in the body of the Nine Ambassadors? !” Dragon’s face is getting darker and darker.
"Yes, I really have to thank you very much. If you hadn’t broken the ban on this remains, I wouldn’t have gotten the separation method. If you can hand over the poison, I can consider letting you go again."
Sophie Su beside is not zheng, the dark wizard get magic from the statue turned out to be a separation!
This ability to personally control zombies is obviously better than their own corpse bending, especially in the real world, which is a complete explosion of their own corpse bending!
Chapter sixty-nine enemies of the world
The dragon warrior’s words are no longer crazy. He attacked the four-armed blood corpse. Soon, the blood corpse was surrounded by poisons. However, the so-called Nine Dark Fires could almost remove all the poisons that fell on him.
"Are you finished with the nine hundred and seventy-two poisons? In those days, I told you that the poisoning technique was good, but you couldn’t beat me before you met an opponent who was highly resistant to poison. Now it’s even worse for me to be a poisonous corpse. I will refine you stronger than this bloody corpse, and it would be great to join me in the sky and restore my dark glory. "The dark wizard’s voice in the poisonous fog is very indifferent. It sounds like a great honor to be refined into a zombie by it."
The strength of the dragon warrior is definitely not bad, but this np old man seems to have all the skills. In the face of this, he is not afraid of poison and blood, and he is a hero.
And this attack and defense are extremely abnormal. The four-armed blood corpse is almost perfect after being personally controlled by the dark wizard.
"In your dreams …" The dragon finally gave up and continued to poison and summoned the Okumo that Sophie Su had seen. At the same time, I didn’t know where to pull out a half-moon curved knife and rushed directly to the four-armed blood corpse.
The green poisonous fog and the strange black fog are also mixed together, and it seems that they all want to devour each other.
In the end, this battlefield has been completely shrouded in two kinds of clouds. Sophie Su is far away from one side. Looking at the two powerful np’s getting into a ball, he can’t help but sigh. Although this is a good opportunity to escape, now his camouflage skills are about to fail, and when his invisibility skills cool down, he hasn’t escaped yet. He is afraid that he will soon be torn to pieces by the surrounding resin kings.
Now the only hope is that the dragon warrior can win, and of course both sides can lose. That’s the best.
The battle didn’t last long, and the black fog had obviously occupied the wind. With a scream, a figure flew out of the black fog and fell heavily beside Su Yan.
Sophie Su was surprised and didn’t want to know that the defeat must be the dragon warrior. I didn’t expect hope to be dashed so quickly.
Maybe surrendering the dark resin bending technique can save his life, but the problem is that a gamer doesn’t know how to describe this dark resin bending technique except that he has the skill to tell information!
"Ha ha this nine deep and remote angel body refining blood resin really tough horse! Just let me forge into a zombie. "The four-walled statue, which still maintains the method of compassion, has laughed and slowly walked out of the pity eye from the black fog, but it seems more ridiculous at this time.