"Will you catch a cold in the game …" Song Xueqing was somewhat surprised when he was about to ask something but was immediately interrupted.

"Ha ha, it turns out that Miss Zhong and Miss Song are familiar with each other, and they should also be familiar with both of you." The original Qin Dongliu, who has been outside, came in and squeezed directly into the two of them.
Sophie Su couldn’t help secretly complaining. It sounds like the divination girl turned out to be the same sect as Song Xueqing in the game. No wonder they are so familiar with themselves this time, but it’s really a mistake!
"Yes, Sister Zhong and I still worship the same master. When we were in Jingyangmen, we ate and lived together." Song Xueqing said that she had embraced Sophie Su warmly
Although I pulled her hand before, this sudden hug still made Sophie Su almost nosebleed, but she never dared to see Song Xueqing again.
"It turns out that the two are still from the same master. I heard that your teacher is in dzogchen. No wonder Miss Zhong’s divination is so exquisite. Please ask Miss Zhong for divination in our former alliance, but it has made me greatly admire Miss Zhong." Qin Dongliu looked at Sophie Su’s eyes and turned out to be full of hot expression.
It’s over. I’m really going to be cheated to death by that divination girl this time! Sophie Su was cuddled by Song Xueqing. He was already stiff and didn’t dare to touch. At the moment, when he saw Qin Dongliu’s amorous and hot eyes, he almost burst into tears. That Zhong Yilan was really unlucky. He just borrowed his appearance. Now he has a tendency to collapse completely.
"Sister Zhong, didn’t you say you were going to find a unlucky guy to share your bad luck curse? How did you come here?" Song Xueqing pressed her body again.
Sophie Su felt thirsty and embarrassed. "Hehe … it was an accident that I came here …"
"Oh, I’m still here with the master. I just got a warning from the master. Do you think the master will come to save us?"
Fuck! There’s a master horse coming! Sophie Su has completely collapsed … If I had known that even it was easy to pretend to be a teacher, it was better than it is now!
"Your master will come, too. That’s great. If her old man’s house comes, then we won’t worry about anything." Qin Dongliu couldn’t help smiling, but his eyes were still drifting in Su Yan’s body.
Sophie Su was on the verge of vomiting when he was looked at by a man so affectionately. "Isn’t there anything else Mr. Qin needs to do now?"
"Oh … I have to help Song Xiong maintain an outside order. You must talk here first …" Qin Dongliu finally reluctantly walked to the exit and still did not forget to leave Sophie Su with a very sunny and handsome smile.
In the face of this devastating smile, Sophie Su finally threw up all over the floor …
"Sister Zhong, are you all right?" Song Xueqing hurriedly asked
"Nothing to vomit habit …"
"Oh, then can you help me with my divination once?"
"Divination? !” Sophie Su corners of the mouth not twitching slightly.
"Yes, I want to know whether a person is safe or not now. He seems to have failed to run into this defensive barrier …" Song Xueqing said with a gloomy face.
"Who is it?" Sophie Su asked a little nervous.
"His name is Sophie Su … he is a good friend of mine." Song Xueqing’s voice is very low, but his beautiful cheeks can’t help but flush with a blush.
Sophie Su couldn’t help but frown. Don’t say that he can’t divine. Even if he does, he dare not divine his position now!
"This is still waiting to go back to say again …" Sophie Su has some difficulties in moving a body and wants to leave him from her. This camouflage technique is like invisibility. Sometimes it limits one thousand to suddenly return to its original appearance in her arms, even if it is not beaten by her, it is estimated that it will be beaten by Song Zheng.
Just then, the whole defense barrier suddenly gave a tremor.
Is it that someone is attacking this defensive barrier? !
Sophie Su heart in a surprised this thing is said to be level 1 skills are difficult to break, but the dark wizard seems to claim to have the strength to break the level of the skull king, and I don’t know how high it is …
With the frequent tremors of the defense barrier, there is a faint tendency to collapse, and people hiding inside are also nervous to take out all kinds of life-saving pills just in case.
"Is it still dangerous to hide here … can’t it be that you borrowed that unlucky guy’s appearance and even your luck has gone bad?" Sophie Su clutching a snow ginseng face is not some black to be continued to be continued.
Chapter ninety-six Outside the enchantment
The whole colorful oval enchantment is shaking, as if an egg is being pounded constantly, and even the five-color light is flickering, and the enchantment department is even more alarmed.
"This defensive barrier is going to break!" Someone exclaimed that they were going to squeeze into the exit, which made the asylum-seekers more confused.
With a particularly violent tremor, the beautiful defense barrier finally dissipated like a huge soap bubble being punctured.
When the enchantment completely dispersed around the people, it immediately returned to darkness, and some bonfires that had not been extinguished gave off some light.
But there is another kind of light in the middle, which is a sharp shock wave!
They hurried to dodge, but there were still more than ten people who were hit by the aftermath of the firm but gentle shock and fell directly to the ground on the spot, which attracted people to scatter like birds and animals.
Sophie Su wanted to take the opportunity to find someone to wait for the recovery of invisibility, but Song Xueqing kept pulling his arm tightly and refused to relax. Naide continued to maintain that embarrassing camouflage.
"Little sister, come here quickly … Who is this young lady?" Song Zheng soon found it, but because the five elements of Ryukyu and Guangqi completely damaged his bearded face, it was as black as the bottom of a pot.
"This is what I told you, Sister Zhong. I was a fortune teller in Jingyangmen." Song Xueqing shook Sophie Su’s arm proudly.
This slightly intimate movement is startled Sophie Su, who is staring down at the ground, saying that he dare not go to see Song Zheng.
Fortunately, it was in the dark and in danger. Song Zheng was eager to arrange other things, so he didn’t pay much attention. He said hello politely and told them not to run around in the treatment team.