Kirby just swam from the river with a stereo that said, "Art is an explosion." Several white spiders exploded beside Kirby, but bijuu’s coat stopped him when Kirby was still alert.

Chirabi pushed through the smoke and saw Deidara and Scorpion watching him not far away. Chirabi cursed "It was discovered so soon" and then jumped up high to show that a second-order Bijyudama in bijuu shot past.
Deidara threw a clay giant bird, and Bijyudama had a huge explosion with the giant bird. Kirby took the opportunity to quickly retreat and ran to the forest.
Scorpion seems to know Kirby’s thoughts, and he has placed puppets around him in advance. Several puppets have blocked Kirby’s way. Kirby has avoided several puppet attacks and continued to run to the forest, but at this time, Scorpion has blocked him.
Scorpion took out three generations of wind shadow puppets and shot a huge iron column at Chirabi. Chirabi raised bijuu’s coat and threw his big hand at the iron column. Although the iron column was blocked, Chirabi was also bounced back. At this time, Deidara clay bombs flew from behind him, and Chirabi could not hide, which could show that bijuu blocked Deidara’s attack.
The huge explosion and the bijuu-ization of Chilabi immediately attracted the attention of other Xiao organizations, and of course attracted the attention of four generations of Lei Ying.
Nagato and peony and Yahiko looked at the huge tail. Nagato smiled slightly and said, "Finally found it." Then he chased it in the direction of Quiraby. Other Xiao organizers also found it and quickly rushed to Quiraby.
And the four generations of Leiying side is a little bit slow because they met Xiao Organization, a broken arrow fell to the ground in the hands of Leiying, holding a Xiao Organization member’s neck, and not far away, a Xiao Organization member fell in a pool of blood and was obviously dead.
These two people are just newcomers. They are very unlucky to look for Kirby and actually hit the four generations of Thundershadow. It is conceivable that the Thundershadow has reached the peak of the sacred land, and they have easily solved it without even touching the four generations of Thundershadow.
Throw away the body in your hand and disdain, "This is what makes the forbearing world feel frightened. It’s too rubbish."
Dami came to Leiying and said, "These two people should be new recruits. Xiao Gang is a new cadre, but his strength is not strong."
The fourth generation of Lei Ying unexpectedly said, "Is this also a movie-level strength?"
Damme said, "Lord Lei Ying, you have forgotten that since Konoha Naruto Uzumaki, Sasuke Uchiha and Hinata Hyuga released the power of the Three Artifacts, the strength of the forbearing world has risen a lot. Now, the strength of the film level is in the first place, so you don’t care too much."
Four generations of Lei Ying said, "Forget it. What happened just now?"
Damyi said, "That’s Lord Chirabi fighting in the dawn. Let’s get there quickly."
Four generations of Lei Ying nodded his head and hurried directly to the explosion sound. At this time, Lei Ying’s face was expressive, but a few people around Lei Ying knew that Lei Ying was very angry at this time, and everyone was afraid to speak.
The battle between Kirby and Deidara and Scorpion continues, showing that Kirby has let go of his hands and feet. Anyway, it has been discovered, and there is no need to hide anything. One by one, Bijyudama sends out clay bombs in Deidara and Scorpion uses three generations of wind shadow magnetic evasion to blow the ground beyond recognition, and the terrain has changed.
Kirby’s tail forced them to retreat and gather a huge one at the same time. Bijyudama looked at the huge Bijyudama scorpion coldly and said, "It’s dangerous."
Deidara smiled easily. "This is too big."
Scorpion said coldly, "We’ll talk about it if we can get it."
See scorpion wave three generations of wind shadow blocked two people in front of iron ore from three generations of wind shadow mouth spit out to form a huge than sticking a wall in front of two people just finished sticking a wall, Kirby Bijyudama also shot up.
Bijyudama collided with the iron wall, and Bijyudama blew up the iron wall with great destructive power, but it was also given to Scorpion and Deidara. When they fled, they saw two people standing on a clay giant bird and flying it in the middle to avoid the attack.
Scorpion’s hands linked with a puppet and rushed at Chirabi. Suddenly, Chirabi was surrounded by hundreds of puppets. Puppets sent out various attacks. Because bijuu’s body was too big, Chirabigan couldn’t dodge these attacks. Although a single attack could not cause much damage to Chirabi, the number was too large.
As soon as Kirby solved some puppets, there were new puppets to fill the roots. He was overwhelmed and said to Kirby, "This is no good. We will be dragged down sooner or later than this. We have to find a way to solve these puppets."
Kirby replied, "I know this, but is there any way?"
Tail replied "ink seal these puppet actions"
Chirabi immediately complied, and saw that he spit out several ink from his tail. These ink rained on the puppet’s ink and infiltrated into the puppet’s joint. Chirabi printed ninja, but the puppets in the ink solidification place were stuck and could not move.
All the puppets suddenly lost their ability to act. Kirby was overjoyed, but before he was happy, a huge iron net covered him. Kirby looked at the iron net and stretched out many iron bars to shoot at him directly.
The sharp head of the iron bar made Chilabi’s scalp numb. A terrible thing happened. Chilabi came and sent out a Bijyudama to blow up the iron net, so that the bust was not injured, but there were still many iron bars passing through his body
The tail part was fixed on the ground, and the back part was nailed to the ground, which made Chilabi unable to move. The three generations of wind shadow ninja was created with reference to a tail force and had a strong sealing power.
Chirabigan couldn’t get away. At this moment, Deidara 4 came. Chirabi shot Bijyudama to stop it, but the explosion energy was too high. Although it was not directly hit, it exploded around him. The wave arrived.
The huge impact almost made Chirabi faint. If it weren’t for bijuu’s great defense, Chirabi might have died.
Deidara came to the scorpion and said, "This guy is so strong that he was almost killed."
Scorpion coldly said, "That’s why you don’t take me."
Deidara knew scorpion’s personality and didn’t care. He just wanted to look at Kira before. For example, who knows that Kira was not in a coma? A Bijyudama shot directly. Fortunately, scorpion was alert and quickly sent a puppet line to hold Deidara so that Deidara wouldn’t be killed, but Bijyudama still blew off Deidara’s arm.
The sudden change made them almost unable to react. Kirby took the opportunity to send out another Bijyudama, but before he sent out a force from Bijyudama, he directly pressed him into the ground.
At the key moment of "God Luo Tian Zheng", Nagato went to the gate of knowledge and directly went out of God Luo Tian Zheng to press Kirby into the ground.
Yahiko fell from the sky and entered a huge chakra wind attribute into his broadsword. chakra made the broadsword sharper than the giant broadsword and directly cut off the four tails of Chilabi.
In pain, Chilabi screamed at him and quickly gathered his strength to shoot Bijyudama in his mouth at Nagato to offset the power of God Luo Tianzheng. This just escaped the combo of two people, but the tail was cut off, leaving only half of the tail power. Chilabi felt that chakra was madly decreasing.
Peony will Yahiko cut off four tails to seal it up. Facing the present situation, Kirby feels very bad, very bad.
At this time, a figure is coming to Quiraby quickly. When Quiraby saw that figure, he suddenly raised hopes. Nagato saw four generations of thunder shadows coming quickly and frowned. "Yunyin Village people have come to the tail. chakra has already got it. There is no need to pester us to withdraw."
So before the four generations of thunder shadow came, Xiao people retreated, and Kirby was greatly relieved. Although chakra was taken away a lot, at least he was not taken away.
Chapter six hundred and seventy-six
Yuguoxiao base captured chakra, but it also lost two new cadres, Kowloon Seal Printing. This is also the main reason why Nagato retreated when he got four tails.
After sealing the tail chakra into the heretical golem, Nagato left peony alone and Yahiko looked at each other, then Yahiko followed him slowly.
I came to the top floor of the base and watched Nagato Yahiko walk slowly through the window and laughed. "How do you feel confused?"
Nagato replied, "No, well, there are some people who can’t see the road ahead."
Yahiko went to the window, sat by the window and looked at the rain and said, "You know what? I hated this country before I met you and Xiao Nan, and I always wanted to escape from this country. "
Nagato was slightly stunned because in his impression, Yahiko likes his country best, but now Yahiko tells him that he actually hates this country, which makes Nagato a little confused.
Yahiko see Nagato that incredible expression laughed "how surprised? In fact, it’s not surprising at all, because before I met you, this country gave me the feeling that I was suffering, from constant war to constant death, and my relatives and friends left one after another because of the war. At that time, I often thought that if I didn’t live in this country but was a big country like Konoha, wouldn’t so many misfortunes happen to me? Isn’t it naive? "
Nagato didn’t answer Yahiko’s words, but looked at him quietly. After Yahiko laughed, he said again, "But I soon gave up this idea, because the reality is that the war is still going on and the dead are still going on. It’s like the rain is crying in this country."
Yahiko turned to look at the long doorway "you know what? I was almost desperate, but then I met Xiao Nan, who encouraged me and gave me the courage to live. Later I met you and Mr. Jiraiya, and Mr. Jiraiya gave me the strength to live. And you, Nagato, gave me a dream, and you gave me a goal, and then I realized this dream. This goal keeps moving forward and leads to a straight life. "
Yahiko stared at the long doorway closely. "Since you can give me a dream, don’t be confused. Believe in yourself and stick to your goal. Even if it is a point of no return in the end, I will definitely accompany you. Although it is wrong, we have tried hard, haven’t we?"
Nagato was deeply touched by Yahiko’s words. Nagato said slowly, "Yes, I’m afraid it will be a mistake in the end. So what? No one has walked this road. So who can be sure that my final road is a mistake? Thank you, Yahiko. I won’t be confused."
Looking at the firm reply again, Nagato Yahiko laughed. "Don’t be so polite. I’m really not used to it. You know, peony and I will always support you behind you. All you have to do is move in the right direction you think."
Nagato was moved to say, "I know."
Nagato Yahiko, who looked confident again, laughed. "That’s what I know about Nagato. Come on, peony is worried about you."
Yahiko suddenly asked, "Nagato, what do you think of peony?"
Nagato wondered, "What do you think?"