At this moment, not to mention Du Qi, a few people are full of confidence in Xia Qi. When the jade bell sees the powerful poor town, it melts into the high-temperature flame, and some drums are in my heart.

This is Xia Qishen’s only super magic weapon. If it fails to merge successfully, then the town’s military station will not increase its power, and I am afraid it will be a problem to maintain its present earth.
Maybe Xia Qi will have a game.
On the contrary, Xia Qi, who owns the town soldier station, is as calm as ever, and his face is calm, watching the town soldier station change slowly in the flame.
From the beginning to the end, Xia Qi is full of confidence!
Zhenbingtai is a natural formation of the flesh and blood of millions of immortals. Although its power is poor, it also has some defects. At this time, it is slowly melted, and the flesh and blood of millions of immortals become more pure in the fire as if they were separated.
Vaguely, it seems that you can see the flesh and blood wandering in the flame, and it seems that it has become a personal shape, and it is arranged in the flame to fight for the sky.
Xia Qi’s face was faintly excited.
He had already finished refining the town station. At this time, the town station has been transformed, but the alliance has not been interrupted. He can feel that the flesh and blood of millions of immortals in the town station has undergone earth-shaking changes through flame tempering.
An evil spirit came to my face
Is Du Qi several people feel this fierce eyes also can’t help but show a little bit of horror and joy.
Just a few of them didn’t hold much hope for Xia Qi refining device, but at first they underestimated Xia Qi’s ability.
Not to mention whether the town platform can integrate millions of immortal bones, it is now that the tempered town platform has reached a high level.
Xia Qi, of course, can’t just be satisfied with the slightly higher power of the town station.
This situation is not enough to make Xia Qi’s strength soar and make the town soldiers stand as Xia Qi’s killer weapon against the immortals.
In a moment, the flames rose and the bones of millions of immortals roared like mountains and landed in the crater.
Heaven and earth furnace refine millions of bones!
Rolling ShaQi in the instantaneous outbreak swept across the quartet impact Du Qi several people are uneasy almost method to keep the flame stability and strength.
Fortunately, the millions of immortal bones are rolling ShaQi, but after all, they are dead and Du Qi several people are ready, so there is no accident.
The fire burned the sky red, and the whole ancient mysterious world was dyed red, as if the afterglow of the setting sun spread all over the mysterious world. At first glance, the scenery was magnificent and amazing.
However, several people in Xia Qi, a crater, have no idea to enjoy the magnificent scenery around them at this time, but concentrate on the bones of millions of immortals in the crater.
These bones are immortal and crystal-bright. They look harder than in the fierce flame, but they have gradually changed.
Some impurities have been refined, and the bones of millions of immortals have been piled up like mountains, but with refining, these bones have shrunk by half.
But the volume has shrunk by half, and the kind of ShaQi emitted is even more violent.
What’s more, the rolling ShaQi in the crater has turned into a blood cloud, and the red mountain is soaring, which is more fierce than letting Du Qi have to be restless and calm to resist the impact of this ShaQi on his mind.
The bones of millions of immortals have been refined for a day and a night, and the volume has shrunk by more than half. Finally, Shaqi is rolling, and the blood and flesh of millions of immortals have been merged.
The bones and flesh of this million immortals are homologous, and it is not difficult to merge now.
Visible to the naked eye, at the beginning of the flesh and blood, bloodshot blood crawled over the bones, and after a while, the bones were wrapped in flesh and blood and gradually became lifelike people.
As if a million immortals were resurrected, they seemed to kill for nine days with Shaqi, complaining that they were unwilling!
"How powerful!"
"Millions of immortals are condensed and suffocating, and the power of the town is poor!"
"If this treasure is really cultivated, I’m afraid it’s not much worse than the Hall of Immortals, and it may even surpass the Hall of Immortals!"
"I’m looking forward to Xia Qi’s training of the town’s military platform to sweep the immortal world and soar!"
Du Qi five people don’t care about it from the beginning, but now they are full of expectations for Xia Qi’s refining device this time. Perhaps it is really like Xia Qi’s saying that this town station will be the key for him to reverse the situation of cultivating immortals.
Du Qi worked harder to keep the flame fierce and stable.
At this time, Xia Qi was so absorbed that the town platform slowly took shape.
Xia Qi doesn’t know much about the refiner, but fortunately, Zhenbingtai is different from ordinary magic weapons. It is very simple to refine it. It needs to be able to withstand the impact of Shaqi.
This is not a problem for Xia Qi at all.
Volcanic tremor erupts, and the flame is more fierce. Du Qi and several people quickly stabilize the flame, but Xia Qi takes this opportunity to let the town platform take shape slowly.
The original Xia Qi intends to let the town soldiers merge flesh and bones and then form the town soldiers, but just now I saw the arrangement formation when the flesh and bones merged, but Xia Qi changed his mind when it broke out.
He intends to integrate the millions of immortals into the town platform.
This has increased the difficulty for Xia Qi several times. At this time, the integration is extremely slow. Even Xia Qi feels that he is rich and has to swallow Dan medicine to maintain it.
Fortunately, although the integration is difficult, it is also very smooth.
It will take another day for the new town to take shape, and then the power will be comparable to the absolute horror of the evil fairy hall
And just like Xia Qi as an organic whole, the town soldier platform is more closely refined after this time. When the time comes, Xia Qi’s urging town soldier platform doesn’t need to consume a lot of fairy stones like Gu Yue.
Of course, Xia Qi Zhen Yuan is limited. Although it is not necessary to burn the fairy stone to drive the evil fairy hall, it is definitely not as good as Gu Yue’s burning fairy stone to drive the evil fairy hall.
The burning temperature of the fire is appalling, and the temperature of the refining furnace has risen a lot because of the summer break.
Fortunately, all this is coming to an end.
At this time, the town platform is about to take shape, and a million immortals are left, and several statues will be integrated into the town platform to form a new town platform.
But at this time, it is a sudden change.
The last immortal left is actually different from the millions of immortals, but more fierce and fierce. Shaqi is rolling and growing with a handle, and the gun is actually coming towards Xia Qi.
Under the influence of ShaQi, this immortal seems to have come back to life, and it’s fierce and scary. He is a burly man with a pike and stabbed Xia Qi with a gun.
If you don’t say that Xia Qi has worked hard for several days to refine the town’s military platform, it will collapse, that is, Xia Qishen’s life is in danger.
"I’m afraid this immortal was built in Jin Xian before his death!"
Zhu Xuan exclaimed that he would give up the stable flame refiner to save Xia Qi’s life.
"Don’t come and stabilize the flame town platform!"
At this time, Xia Qi had a drink and let Zhu Xuan stay where he was.
The town’s military platform is about to succeed. How can he let it all fall short?