JiLan frowned and looked around, but there was still no other biological movement. Seeing that the doubt in Xiaofulang’s eyes should turn into worry, she couldn’t help asking, "Xiao Fang, did you hear any strange sounds?"

"Strange sound? No. "Although I don’t know what happened to my husband, Su Fang listened carefully before shaking his head. He really didn’t hear anything.
"Strange how?" JiLan frowned, and he was sure that the sound just now was definitely not his auditory hallucination. It was definitely someone talking at his side, but what little party didn’t hear anything?
"It’s me! Didn’t you just look for me? " The sound rang in Jilan’s ear again. This time Jilan didn’t react so much, but quickly looked around and still didn’t see the speaker. At the same time, he was thinking about the meaning of this sentence in his mind.
He’s been looking for it? Is it the red carp?
"Oh how is a fool master don’t say is that you have been looking for me?
The carp, the red carp, I’m here in the pond! "
The sound saw JiLan incredibly still looking for him around.
Immediately nasty hurriedly directly refers to his place.
JiLan slightly surprised is really the red carp?
Immediately JiLan without much thought to pull still confused about what happened, Soviet mind move to the front of the new room.
Strangely, the two characters on the room surface surprised two people at the same time-Jifu.
"JiFu? Is this the meaning of "xianggong mansion"? " Su Fang is very curious. Does this man know his husband’s name and even name his house Qifu directly?
JiLan shook his head. "I don’t know what’s going on. Let’s go and have a look first."
Said JiLan took Sudan to step forward before he stretched out his hand and pushed open the door and opened it himself. At the same time, the sound was still chattering. "This mansion is, of course, a fool master. Your name is Qi. Naturally, it is Jifu."
But this room was actually here a long time ago, stupid master. You just picked up a big bargain. "
JiLan ignored the sound and intuitively found the red carp that was spitting bubbles in a pond somewhere in the yard at the moment.
"Were you talking just now?" JiLan stared at the fish in the pond with Xiao Fulang’s expression as if he saw madness.
Su Fang still couldn’t resist reaching out and touching her husband’s forehead and carefully asked, "Husband, are you all right?"
JiLan in distress situation holds XiaoFulang’s finger in his hand. "It’s okay. This fish has been talking to me just now, but it seems that I am the only one who can hear it."
Sudan immediately DengYuan eyes see husband and see big carp spitting bubbles in the pond "really? Can this fish talk? "
I don’t know if I’ve been shocked by this fairyland, even my ability to resist shock is much higher. Even if I hear my husband say that this fish can talk, I’m surprised, but I won’t be scared.
"Hum, stupid master, if you want your wife to hear my voice, it’s not impossible to give this to you."
Carp sound rings in JiLan ear again.
At the same time, JiLan and Sudan saw a transparent crystal flying out of the pool and then landed in front of them. "Idiot master, don’t blame me for not waking you up. This is the control center. You can control it by dropping blood on the surface.
If your wife drops blood on her face with you, she also has the ability to use it.
Although it’s certainly not as big as your stupid master’s limit
But it is free to go in and out and put things, but you have to think about it. "
The crystal stopped at an arm’s length from two people, and the red carp also woke Jilan when the Soviet side could not hear it now. After all, if it really recognized the Lord, there would be no room for regret.
However, after listening to it, Qi Lan did not change her look. When she stretched out her hand, she took the crystal and smiled at Xiao Fulang, who looked shocked beside her. "Red carp said that she would let Xiao Fang drop this blood on this side and then she could freely enter and leave Xiao Fang. Would you like to try?"
Said JiLan force biting his fingertips dripping on the crystal surface, red blood was quickly absorbed, and then he handed the crystal to the Soviet side.
"ah! Idiot master, do you really want to … "
Chapter 164 History
A mass of information poured into Jilan’s mind and suddenly made him have a splitting headache, just like when he first got it, which made him fall into a coma in an instant. In the past, he didn’t find that the crystal instantly turned into a mass of energy, and 90% of it poured into his eyebrows.
And the remaining eleven went to Su Fangshen.
Su Fang also fell into a coma in an instant, but it was not as painful as Qi Lan, but like sleeping, but still swimming in the water. The red carp was less lively at first, as if it sighed and left its tail and swam away.
Also in an instant, it seems to be still, and there is generally no click, except that Jilan is still lying on the ground and rolling painfully, and from time to time, the pain Jilan finally quieted down, just like Xiaofulang beside him. Two people lay quietly on the ground.
I don’t know how long it was before JiLan woke up, but there was too much information coming from the crystal. But fortunately, now that the information has been sorted out, JiLan couldn’t help but sigh.
It is said that this is a man who is a big boss in the field of self-cultivation. The cultivation of big bosses is a law, and he can evolve into a world of his own. But when he hoped to share this decision with his big boss and manage this time with his big boss, he was betrayed by his big boss.
It’s just that the lover is close to the boss. This power evokes the greedy heart of the lover, and then makes a decisive move after the boss gives the lover a limit.
Well, of course, at this time, there must be a mistress
It turns out that big bosses come with lovers.
However, I can’t say that I have been pretending to be pure in front of the bosses. At this moment, when the bosses have just refined and their strength has not recovered, I will join hands with my lover to decisively abolish the bosses.
Bosses are naturally unwilling after knowing the truth. Spelling their last breath, they actually blew themselves up and cut off the "Heart Man" and then broke it and threw it in a random place. What a coincidence! Unfortunately, it happened to hit Jilan’s head and smashed the skin with blood, thus recognizing the Lord again.
"I really didn’t expect this to have such a big position."
JiLan touches the mouth will still be in a coma XiaoFuLang half up two people just sitting next to the pool JiLan thought of these bad things at that time the mood is very complicated.
He naturally won’t be so simple to accept information, otherwise it won’t make him so miserable. These are just historical facts. Just now, the crystal still embodies the law of cultivation of bosses.
Although it is a little bit, it is not that Jilan, an ordinary person, can easily digest it, so he will be so painful.
But even so, he just knew that there was such a thing, and he didn’t know anything about the law.
"Yes, it’s a pity that the world you are in now has no aura. This generation may all practice hope and be destined to be a mortal."
I don’t know when the red carp swam from the bottom again and successfully started the mocking mode.
"What’s the matter if you don’t fix the truth? I’m a mortal. It’s very lucky to get this magic."
Qi Lan doesn’t care about shrugging his shoulders. For him who died once, there is nothing better than being alive and living so comfortably. "It’s a pity that this is so powerful. A baby has been reduced to farming with me as a mortal."
After all, according to the boss’s idea, this place should be full of rare plants and exotic animals everywhere, not like this.
There is nothing but all kinds of food to raise fish.
Red carp wagged its tail and spat a bubble. "You’d rather get over it. If ordinary people got such a baby, they would have been crazy. Don’t say that even the immortals can’t be vulgar;
I feel lucky to recognize your Lord.
After all, it just took shape without its owner, and now it probably doesn’t want to go through that bloody stormy world again. "
Red carp here
"By the way, what’s your name and what is this? Are you this spirit? " JiLan put on his arms haven’t wake up little husband lang in a more comfortable position curious to see red carp.
Jilan knew that Xiaofulang was different from him and didn’t receive this information. The force that poured into his body was transforming his body and making him healthier. This is what Jilan just received and told him.
"My name is red carp. It’s not a spirit. It’s refining this. The man casually put in a small carp that just has a spirit. It just accidentally fell out of it when crossing, but the fruit was separated.
And I have sealed my sanity because there is no aura in this world.
Chapter 165 The tacit understanding
Despite such an episode, the two still got up early the next morning.
"Husband, do you want to fight? I’m going to make breakfast. "Su Fang got dressed and saw JiLan’s eyes dodged, especially when he thought that things were steaming last night. He didn’t even think that it was just a bowel movement. What could be so stinky that he even took a shower and changed clothes in the middle of the night to continue sleeping?