He succeeded in attracting the attention of two people. Yu Heng looked up and glanced at him. Gu Huaijing cried and felt a chill breeze blowing in his back.

At the age of 18, Eucalyptus also heard the movement and body shaking. It was supposed to be trying to turn around, but Yu Heng held her head with one hand and wouldn’t let her turn around. Then Gu Huaijing heard the cool sound not far away.
"Don’t go out casually and don’t play with these no three no four people."
Gu Huaijing …
You’re no three no four. Your family is no three no four, huh? Your home?
Gu Huaijing stared at Yu-year-old Eucalyptus to react. He was her best friend for many years, and Eucalyptus was sure to defend herself. Gu Huaijing was secretly pleased.
Then I heard the crisp sound of eucalyptus in danger. "Good!"
He who knows the time has always been an expert in this field. Seeing that Yu Heng gave a step, he quickly climbed down.
Her simple obedience made Yu Heng’s eyebrows bend and she looked very happy.
He directly picked people up "Let’s go"
Yu-year-old eucalyptus nodded cleverly and then Yu Heng seemed to think of something tilting his head to the humanity behind him. "Double tonight" and then he took Yu-year-old eucalyptus and roared off.
Yu Sui Eucalyptus silently lamented to Gu Huai’s little candle at the scenic spot, saying sorry, sorry is forced by the situation …
And stay where you are, blowing a cool breeze, Gu Huaijing …
You have something to say.
When I wrote this chapter, it was definitely a bad suspicion in the early stage of Ling Wan ‘er, but in the later stage, I couldn’t help being soft on her. However, past events can’t be abolished, that is, past lives can’t be hurt, and this generation can’t be compared. We can’t forgive her just because she saved eucalyptus.
In the past life, Eucalyptus can make decisions by herself, which only represents the past life and forgives her. Ling Waner does not represent her father, Zhao Yi, and the people in the frenzy.
Chapter 14 Chapter 14
Yu Heng returned to her room with Yu Sui Eucalyptus in her arms. The house has already set up dinner today or a few light side dishes as in the previous days. The whole table looks green. Her kitchen is personally selected by Yu Heng, even if it is vegetarian, it is delicious, but it is hard to get bored if you eat too much.
Yuheng bent down and just wanted to put people on the bench, but he didn’t give up his arms around his neck.
She knew all about that little thought in her heart.
She didn’t want to do it, and he didn’t insist, so he held her and sat on the stool.
Yu Heng clasped one hand on the back neck of Yu Sui Eucalyptus and gently pinched the soft meat on her back neck with several fingers. "Don’t want to eat?"
Yu Sui Eucalyptus was silent and then nodded his head and buried it on his shoulder for a long time before there was a muffled sound to "not hungry and don’t want to eat"
Yu Heng raised his eyebrows and pulled people out of his arms.
The man who just came out of his arms had red lips and white teeth, and his skin was white with snow. His hair was loose because he was arching in his arms, and his round eyes were full of measures because of his sudden move.
Look at the finals clever a pair of very easy to bully.
Danger years old eucalyptus was suddenly pulled out some stupid, she looked up at the front of people, found that the man moment is staring at her, eyes light heavy, the line of sight is a little too hot.
Although getting along with Yu Heng these days, Yu Sui Eucalyptus has been tempered with a thick face, but it is still difficult to look directly at her consciousness and want to turn her head.
But soon the jaw was buckled and the man turned back with her face. This eucalyptus tree was even more stupid.
I want to break the hand that is buckled in my jaw, but I haven’t twisted it for a few times. Yu Hang’s hand is so strong that it buckles her jaw strength. She feels that it doesn’t hurt much, but she just can’t earn it.
Seeing that you can’t earn money, you can let him look at it with two eyes, and you won’t lose a piece of meat. He won’t hurt himself.
Yu-year-old Eucalyptus is in a daze with this Yuheng hand, and it is also labor-saving to put the whole head strength on Yuheng hand.
Just sitting for a while, Yu Sui Eucalyptus felt a little sleepy. In front of her, Yu Heng suddenly smiled, and her face was covered with three characters: "I don’t understand".
She doesn’t know what Yu Heng’s sudden smile is.
However, Yu Heng’s smile is really sincere, not the usual crocodile tears or a cold smile that makes people’s spine chill, but a very light and relaxed smile.
Before she woke up these days, Yu Heng pulled a lot of business, so she went all out to find the door one by one, and many things were waiting for him to make a decision.
Even she doesn’t see him much in a day, and she can meet him in a hurry when she has a meal and at night.
However, Yu Heng came back very late, and every time he waited, he was always sleepy and bored. When Yu Heng came back, he fell asleep without saying a few words, because in the past few days, he could see Yu Heng at the daily meal, but he couldn’t see Yu Sui eucalyptus at other times.
She has been worried that Yu Heng’s busy and busy mood will be bad. At this moment, seeing Yu Heng’s smile on display will dissipate with the depression of eucalyptus.
This is the first time she has seen him smile in these days.
Yu Sui Eucalyptus was thinking that she would be lifted up in a posture of holding a child as soon as she was lighter. She consciously reached out and encircled her predecessor’s neck and then heard the door sound.
At the age of danger, Eucalyptus was puzzled for a moment, and the scene in front of her turned back to be slightly painful.
Yuheng pressed her against the door panel and stretched out his hand to put his leg around his waist.
After all, eucalyptus is a unmarried girl. It’s just that they hang out with each other on weekdays, but she has never been so bold. Her face is as hot as burning, and she can’t hold herself.
But the person who caused all this is looking at his embarrassment with a look of leisure, and some people want to enjoy it greatly.
Yu Sui Eucalyptus earned a few times and wanted to leave this place, but Yu Heng found an opportunity to further press her whole person tighter.
The distance between two people is close to the danger age eucalyptus, and you can clearly feel the hot rolling from Yuheng to your heart.
Yuheng leaned against her ear, and the breath was hot and fell on the white ear of eucalyptus at the age of danger, and a shudder started.
"I let go and you clip it."
Clip it in? Clip in what?
The back door is cool and the eucalyptus in danger is hot, which forms a fresh contrast. At one time, eucalyptus in danger can’t tell exactly where ice and fire are. I feel that my brain is in a mess and I can’t think of anything.
But soon Yu Heng actually told the answer to the question of Yu Sui Eucalyptus.
To ring in her body, dragging her hand suddenly loosen the pendant to stimulate Yu Sui eucalyptus to wake up instantly, and then her arm consciousness will tighten Yu Heng’s ring, and her legs can be forced to tightly clamp his waist to keep her from falling immediately.
At the same time, eucalyptus at the age of danger was blacked out by someone and kissed her on the lips.
The fanatical fire rolled across with the momentum of conan the destroyer, and it did not stop, eating away at the delicate first snow one after another, absorbing the cool fragrance of the first snow and then greedy the whole package.
When the first snow is tender, I can stand the fire burning there. Every time I go one inch deep, I feel that the chest fire is even more unbearable. Finally, I can’t stand it. I tremble and am assimilated by the fire and turned into a hot fog surrounded by the fire.
Eucalyptus in danger was kissed a little, struggling to breathe, and all her senses were taken away. Finally, the two of them clung to each other and burned into her heart.
Burning her whole body is tender, and the whole person can’t help losing strength, and his waist is falling a little bit.