"Depend, don’t you think I am a big beauty like Lin Keer?" Lin Keer and the pie mouth said.

"No, even if there is no one, there is …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….
In fact, Li Yi is still * good. Although he always bullies me and me, he comforts himself when he cries. Maybe he will be a good partner, too.
Lin Keer was startled by his own ideas. Did he really like Li Yi?
"Don’t be angry. I’ll pretend this never happened and I won’t tell anyone." Li Yi looked at Lin Keer and said nothing, then said.
Lin Keer slowed down and put those ideas behind him for a while.
"Well, a word from a gentleman is a promise." Lin Keer said.
"Lin Keer, I suddenly found something. Why is there no student in this place?" Li Yi asked.
Lin Keer looked left and right. Indeed, there was no one there.
I don’t know. Lin Keer shook his head and said.
"Did you see any students when we came down?" Li Yi asked.
"I didn’t see it." Lin Keer shook his head and said.
"I grass!" Li Yi directly exploded a swearing sentence.
"What’s the matter?" Lin Keer asked.
"It’s already in class." Li Yiping said flatly.
"Oh, class, what? Class is on, pit, I didn’t even hear the bell. " Lin Keer said.
"You can go back to class now." Li Yi said faintly.
"Then what are you going to do?" Lin Keer asked.
"Me? I continue to go to the little girl. " Say that finish Li Yi * * Lin Keer’s little face.
"Don’t * my face." Lin Keer said.
"Then I will kiss." Li Yi smile happily of say.
"Well, you’d better *!" Lin Keer said helplessly.
Chapter 51 Office Scenery
In this way, Lin Keer went back to class, and Li Yi came to the head teacher’s office door.
This Liu Reying, how to let her find out, it seems that she will have to talk about it later.
"Old man, you have to help me later." Li Yi said.
"Look at it." Wuji said.
Li Yi pushed open the door and went in directly.
Holy shit, this is simply a great landscape!
I saw Liu ruoying wearing only a small one.
Li Yi’s eyes are falling on Liu Ruoying’s body. It’s so white and big. It must feel very gray.
Not only that pair of papaya is white as hell, but even the body is quite white!
Liu Reying covered up the beautiful scenery in front of her * with her hands, and her little face was red, plus a little sexy on her lips, which made Li Yi couldn’t help kissing.
"You … you … don’t you know you have to knock at the door?" Liu Reying’s tone is a little surprised, a little angry and a lot of dissatisfaction.
Li Yi reluctantly took away her eyes on Liu Ruoying and said, "It’s nothing, I’ll leave."
"You wait for me outside, and I’ll talk to you later." Liu Ruoying said angrily.
Li Yi whispered, "It would be better if we talked about life."
Li Yi reluctantly walked out of the office.
"Boy, that little girl has a really good figure." The old man Wuji ran out again.
"Yeah, yeah, just know when haven’t found, now just found. The two papayas in front of that * are as big as death and as white as death! " Li Yi said.
"Good, then you can go in and have a taste of the oversized papaya!" Wuji said.
"Dead old man, you old goat, do you think I will be fooled?" Li Yi said.
"What about that white papaya, super good figure and white skin?" Wuji is like a strange corn that seduces a little girl.
"It’s really good, but you can’t taste it now. Let’s talk about it later!" Li Yi said.
"Forget it, don’t * * you!" Wuji said.
"Shit, don’t be so ambiguous, like I like you." Li Yi said.
"Li Yi, come in." Liu Reying’s sweet voice spread to come out from the office.
Why didn’t I find her voice so nice when I was listening to the class before?
Li Yi walked into the office.
How beautiful! At the moment, Liu ruoying is wearing a pair of jeans, which perfectly outlines her figure, protruding forward and becoming warped back.