Jack nodded and said, "The team is improving every day now, and we will become stronger and stronger."

Li Chengxiao nodded his head. At this point, the nerve knife Terry fired from outside the three-point line, and he hit a three-point shot forced by Rush, and the Mavericks led the Pacers 21-17.
Terry held out three fingers with two hands. And put his hands under his arm, and then he waddled like a penguin and walked to the other half.
Nervous Knife Terry’s celebration is always so personal, and team owner Cuban seems to like him. He is in the middle of the die-hard stand, waving his hands wildly and yelling loudly. At this moment, Cuban is not a rich man who always ranks in the top 400 of Forbes Rich List, but an avid Mavericks fan.
The gain of the boss’s visit to the stadium is undoubtedly huge, and the crazy shouts of the fans at the scene seem to be shaking even with the ground of the arena. The fans here are crazy, and everything here seems to be bigger than other home courts.
Their home screen is big. The sound of the live speakers is also loud, and even the seats seem to be one size bigger than those in other cities.
"Cowboy City is really distinctive." Li Cheng sighed.
At this time, Granger, who had just been replaced, made a butt down next to Li Cheng and said, "I wonder how the women here are?" If it is also a bigger size, you will be tragic. "
Li Cheng looked at Granger with disdain and said, "Do you know my length and thickness well?"
Granger didn’t know how to speak for a moment, but Li Cheng continued: "I feel inferior! Don’t envy me, I’ll keep your secret. "
Li Cheng’s rubbish has reached a certain level, even Granger. It is also far from being lost. Jack laughed forward and leaned back, while Li Cheng continued to turn his head to pay attention to the game on the field.
Before the end of the first quarter, Li Cheng didn’t get the chance to play again. Now Li Cheng plays for about 6 minutes in each quarter. Very evenly distributed.
At the end of the first quarter, the Pacers were 6 points behind the Mavericks 23-29. This is not a particularly big gap, but we can still see the dependence of pedestrians on Li Cheng. If Li Cheng hadn’t continued his fiery touch after the opening, he would have made 4 of 6 shots. And also scored a 2+1, maybe the Pacers are not only behind these 6 points.
There is absolutely no way for a team to win the championship if it is always carried on the shoulders of one or two people, so the pacers need to cultivate the ability of those rookies now. Let them be the best layout for the championship.
Now, in the whole nba, the Pacers are the only team that dares to openly exercise the team at the beginning of the regular season. Many people don’t understand the Pacers’ practice, because their drastic reduction of Li Cheng’s playing time is likely to affect Li Cheng’s state, and the Pacers are like a toothless tiger without Li Cheng.
Those who question the Pacers obviously don’t know enough about Li Cheng. Li Cheng’s genius is not only his performance without solution on the court, but also his ability to maintain and adjust his state.
The reason why Li Cheng can play efficient games continuously is inseparable from his adjustment of his own state. He can always give his best form at the moment he plays, and he will get better and better after that. The more tense the game is, the more Li Chenggong can play some crazy performances.
Therefore, the nickname "God of War" is more appropriate for Li Cheng, who seems to be born for the competition. The more difficult the competition, the crazier he behaves. If the war is crazy, the god of war will become more and more brave.
Therefore, Li Cheng’s state can always be maintained at a very high level. And his state will get better and better as the game goes on, which is something that people who don’t know him well don’t know.
Obviously, no one in this league knows Li Cheng better than O ‘Brien and Stegen, who have analyzed Li Cheng’s characteristics in great detail.
However, Li Cheng can do this. The physical recovery ability given to him by the "Basketball Top System" is on the one hand, and on the other hand, it is his own talent. There are many things on the basketball court that can’t be expressed by data, or so many scouts will lose their jobs. Just pull people over for a physical examination and choose players based on the data.
Li Cheng’s mentality and his ability to adjust his state are very valuable.
In the second quarter, the main players of the two teams didn’t play, but in the second quarter, the Pacers’ substitutes still lost to the Mavericks. They had fallen behind their opponents by double digits in the fifth minute of the second quarter.
And this time, Li Cheng and Nowitzki stood up almost at the same time … (To be continued. . )
Chapter DiErJiuQi efficiency of the war, the ares outbreak.
At the Olympic Games, the German team was defeated by China, and it was Li Cheng who directed the game. After that game, Nowitzki always wanted to find a place here in Li Cheng. In the nba, it is the best place for them to settle their grievances.
Nowitzki has made sufficient preparations for this competition, and he really wants to win a victory in Li Cheng’s hands.
In fact, it is normal for Nowitzki to have such an idea. His idea is the common idea of all players who lost to Li Cheng in the Olympic Games. Only those players who are in the nba with Li Cheng can get such an opportunity in the new season’s league, while those who are not in the nba can only silently wait for the next encounter with China.
"Let me see the best walker now." Nowitzki said to Li Cheng as soon as he played.
Li Cheng shrugged and said, "This is my arrangement by the coach, but I am not the coach of the Pacers."
Nowitzki gritted his teeth. He didn’t speak again. Now the Mavericks are 10 points ahead of the Pacers, but this lead is based on Li Cheng’s failure to use all his strength. Nowitzki wants to beat Li Cheng, not the pacers like this.
"Then when you play, show all your strength!" Nowitzki said.
Li Cheng said flatly, "I am a professional player."
The meaning of this sentence by Li Cheng is obvious. He is a professional player, and he will show all his strength when he comes out. Please ask Nowitzki not to doubt his professionalism.
Nowitzki nodded, and then the pacers kicked off. Jack controlled the ball and Li Cheng started running without the ball.
From the rise of Li Cheng to the present, his running without the ball has always been the biggest headache for all teams. And now stech House, who is defending him, has already suffered a lot from it.
Stackhouse this year is one year older than last year. His speed is slower than last year. Under such circumstances, he was even more vulnerable to Li Cheng.
Li Cheng staggered with stech House in one slip. At this time, Jack controlled the ball at the top of the arc. His eyes looked to the left, but he passed the ball to the right.
Sung Jae Lee took the ball on the right flank, and stech House was thrown away by Li Cheng, but Nowitzki’s defense was in place at the first time.
The Mavericks have worked hard on this game. They didn’t pack Li Cheng mindlessly, but chose a quick way to make up the defense. In this way, Li Cheng was prevented from running the ball into the hands of open players, but Li Cheng was allowed to hold the ball on the flank. It seems that it is not a very good choice.
Nowitzki clung to Li Cheng and wouldn’t let him take off and shoot, so Li Cheng really couldn’t guarantee his hit rate, but his methods were not limited to shooting. During this period of training, Li Cheng’s low-post skills have been able to take the stage.
Li cheng shook. Then dribble to the bottom line. Nowitzki followed Li Cheng closely. Nowitzki’s footsteps move very fast among power forwards.
Li Cheng turned to the right with a feint, and at this time, stech House also sealed up. He and Nowitzki put Li Cheng in a corner. In this position, Li Cheng has only one choice to step back. His left side is the bottom line, while the front and right sides are Nowitzki’s and stech House’s double-bags.
"Hum!" Li Cheng snorted in his heart, and then he suddenly turned to the left. Nowitzki and stackhouse thought he was going to pass the ball, so they both opened their hands to maximize their defensive area. In order to defend Li Cheng’s pass. However, Li Cheng’s choice is not to pass the ball, and his body leans back. The upper body has flown out of the bottom line, and at this position, he shot.
The basketball jumped over the upper edge of the backboard, then bounced twice on the basket and finally fell into the basket.