At the moment, the family members who stayed in the cemetery also rushed in from the outside, so that those people became trapped on both sides and were in a weak position.

Pain, cursing, shooting mixed together and snow wrapped in heaven and earth are dark.
"Give me a gun and I can defend myself." Warmth is both touching and resistant to the physical protection of the two people. She can actually protect herself. She also has martial arts, can shoot and wears bulletproof vests before she dares to be afraid of bullets.
But they don’t give her a chance at all, just treat her like a weak woman.
"Warm son, you hide behind me. I can protect you." Wen Lin said that there was room for discussion after the gun put down another person.
I’m not gentle now. I’m uncompromising
Wu also refused to listen to her directly. "No, Miss, I promised Fu Shao that I would never let you do it."
Warmth can sigh and obey her, but she is afraid of hurting their self-esteem and blowing their minds. Well, just be a delicate and weak girl once.
Sometimes it’s happiness to be someone else’s heart.
Wu is loyal to her, Lin Wenyan has compensated and cared for her, and A Dai is kind to her, except this bear child. He is somewhat protective of her, but it’s still fun to see him jumping more now, right?
Second, it will be a little later.
☆, two more passive hands and feet.
A gun battle didn’t last long for more than ten minutes, and after the dust settled, more than 20 people were solved. One shot was killed and the other lay on the ground groaning in pain.
The snow is still there, but it can’t hide the bright red blood.
"Ah, I haven’t had enough yet. Is that it?" In the cold and cold atmosphere, everyone’s face doesn’t look very good, and A Dai can still regret it. He walked up to those attackers who were still alive with a small crossbow and kicked "Can you get up and continue to fight?" I haven’t had enough fun yet. I’ll give you another chance. I promise I’ll let you die this time, okay? "
The man stared at A Dai as if watching a demon pass out without a breath.
A Dai interest turned supercilious look "this promise also when the killer? It’s a disgrace to the killer world. "Say that finish, you will solve the problem, but you will be stopped by warmth."
A Dai paused. "It’s a disaster to keep this kind of waste, Mrs. Shao."
Warm came out from behind Wu Helin’s warm words, and his face was cold and his voice was indifferent. "Ask questions first and force them to explain the people behind them and leave a evidence before solving it."
A Dai’s eyes lit up. "Ah, I’m good at this. No matter how hard their mouths are, I can pry it open. Madam, just wait." As soon as the words fell, the faint man flew away in the distance
Lin Wenyan was stunned. "How did you run away?"
Wu Bai explained, "Presumably, the means of coercion is a bit … or don’t let the young lady look good."
Lin Wenyan suddenly looked at the warmth. "Warm, are you okay?"
Warm shook his head softly. "It’s good to have you to protect me, but you two …" Her voice suddenly froze in Wen Lin’s arm. "What’s going on here? Are you hit? "
Her voice was so anxious that she couldn’t conceal it. Wen Lin said that her heart was warm and smiled and shook her head. "No, I hid, but I was cut by a bullet. It looked exaggerated, but it didn’t hurt anything."
"really?" If you don’t believe me, you have to pull his clothes.
Lin Wenyan didn’t want her to worry about dodging and then moved her arm. "Look, it’s really okay."
Staring at him warmly without saying a word, the sleeves are broken like that and you say nothing?
A minute later, Lin Wenyan was defeated. "Well, I scraped my skin and probably bled, but I really didn’t hurt much. If I don’t deal with it, I will be a surgeon."
Give him a warm stare. "Just be brave. Come with me to the car and I’ll show you." Turn around and ask Wu, "Does the car have a medicine box?"
Wu nodded. "It’s okay to have a simple wound dressing."
"Don’t come with me?" Warm and urging, still motionless, Wen Lin’s tone is fierce, but it makes him feel happy. He smiled and held her arm with his hand that was not forgotten. "Let’s go together. Snowy Road is the most slippery. Be careful."
"You are a wounded man, still come to me? A little bit when the patient is conscious? " Warm and angry, pulling his hand and holding his arm by yourself.
Lin Wenyan nai and longitudinal way "well I listen to you …"
Warm and confessed to Wu, "Let people clean this place and don’t let their blood stain it. Do you know what else to do?"
Wu mind understand should be "yes" and then turned to belong to low commanded a few words of others to carry out, he followed closely behind the warmth to protect her from the cemetery all the way to meet someone again.
Three cars parked there quietly outside the cemetery. Wu Xian walked over and turned to check it again. After making sure, he opened the door and let Warm and Lin Wenyan sit in. Then he sat in the driver’s seat and found out carefully.
If you are warm, take out the medicine box and see that Lin Wenyan has not moved. "Don’t undress?"
Wen Lin spoke like an obedient baby. He took off his coat and wore a shirt inside. At the moment, it was very bloody. As soon as he pulled it, he took a deep breath. When he saw the warmth, he took out scissors and simply cut off the exposed flesh and valgus wound. "Is this called nothing?"
Listen, she’s angry with Wen Lin, laughing and coaxing. "It’s just a skin injury caused by elastic scratch. Even stitching is a piece of cake? Sterilization with gauze is up to three days. Psst … "
Just as he was saying this, Warm has picked up a sterile cotton ball and wiped it in anger. He is very cooperative, exaggerating and taking a deep breath. He asks softly, "Warm, be gentle …"
Warmly stare at him manually. "Now you know it hurts?"
Lin Wenyan nodded "It hurts."
Warmly grunted, gently disinfected, then carefully sprinkled some medicine, and finally applied bacteria gauze to wrap the board carefully, and did not forget to help him put on his coat.
Section 479
Lin Wenyan enjoys this kind of lip angle unconsciously and sincerely feels that this injury is really worthwhile and very happy. Well, if it is more serious, she will feel more sorry for him, right?
"Don’t think about it." Suddenly, a warm sentence popped up.
Lin Wenyan bowed his head and mumbled, "Where am I?"
Warm and hum don’t expose him. After cleaning up neatly, see that Wu is still checking and ask, "If? What’s wrong with it? "
Wu’s expression is not very good. "In my opinion, I really didn’t find it."
"What do you mean?"
Wu Yuyu explained, "Didn’t you say that you should try to be unfair to the people over there? I just wanted to see for myself first. I didn’t find any traces of passive tampering with the car, but I didn’t dare to get lucky and sent a message to the people over there to ask for the results …"
"Is it really moving?"
Wu defeated and nodded. "Well, the public was hiding very secretly. Before we all rushed into the cemetery, someone sneaked in, so it was impossible to do nothing."
"Then what?"
"The man has been controlled by the public, and he is pressing the young lady to be safe. You’d better change another car."
Warm meditation "wait a little longer"
Wu knew that she was not going to be good enough to persuade her to continue checking all parts of the car.
Wen Lin’s face is also dignified. "Warm son, do you have to do this?"
Warm sighed, "If you don’t do this, you can’t do it. Ge Wenliang is very cunning and suspicious. If I change my car, I’m sure he won’t do it again."
"But if they know that Wu has checked the car, they will think that they have been caught by us, so they will not make moves …" Lin Wenyan was puzzled.
Warm sneer "This means that they are very confident in their own tampering, and they are not worried about being seen through by Wu, and it is quite reasonable for them to check the car in front of us. Wu is a special soldier and is the most cautious. It is normal to act like this. If you don’t look at anything, it will make them suspicious."
Lin Wenyan still has some not white "before that in the cemetery attack? Not one of them? "
"Yeah, but those people are part of the plan. A Dai and Wu are here, and my cousin arranged people. They didn’t think that they would kill both of us in one attack, and then they tampered with the car. This is double insurance. No, there will be a third. If I’m not mistaken, there will be an ambush on the way back. That’s the most deadly."
Wen Lin said his face changed slightly. "So that’s the real killer?"
Warm nodded. "Well, at that time, there was something wrong with waiting for the bus. Wu Qian took medicine and reacted. How can we hide in the past if we ambush again? Even if other people can protect us, they can’t take care of us in this car. "