If you don’t look directly at the sun, you don’t even know how dazzling it is. There are so many gods in the world. It feels like we are missing a lot of things when we live in the third world.

Suluo is still a little well-known in the Bay Area, but everyone has never contacted this person. It was only once that he became popular on the Bay Area Network, or the Bay Area media went to a station to attend the China conference on the tip of the tongue and brought back live songs and singing videos.
Of course, it didn’t take a few days for the fire to break out. When a group of dishes cooked the media dishes and said it was speculation, it was crushed and became a joke. It was not until my savage girlfriend spread all over Asia that it became unstoppable again.
But what’s the situation? suluo and Yuxuan Leng come to Bay Bay for entertainment headlines. Yes, but.
I didn’t see any entertainment programs, nor did I see anything coming up. Where did the media and netizens say that it was so horrible that he was a nuclear bomb, and the result was that the mud cow rushed into the sea and scattered.
The mainstream media in the Bay Area are still happy. I hope you don’t have news. It’s better not to create a situation at all.
Penghu Islands
At this point in the off-season, adding Penghu in the off-season is not too famous here, and tourists are scarce.
According to suluo’s experience, all islands are suitable for going to Penghu in the off-season. The off-season is winter. Although there will be a strong northeast monsoon from time to time, the temperature in winter is very suitable and will not be too sunny, and most of the time it is sunny with few people and delicious seafood.
Authentic Bay snacks, such as fried chicken chops with large intestine, small intestine, local fish soup and soup, can be shaken by any store, and freshly salvaged by hand-cranked tea-sea pasture to eat fully roasted oysters. There are also people with sea feet who like to eat small tube noodles best. suluo has no resistance to seafood.
"How much do you like oysters?" Yuxuan Leng doesn’t understand. It’s really shelled. It seems that suluo loves shellfish, lobsters, crabs, lunch, seafood dinner, seafood midnight snack, even breakfast.
"I need a lot of tonic. I spit out the whole rainbow in the sea. Eat more seafood and absorb the essence of the ocean so that I can carry it back to the cruise ship."
Suluo never needs a draft to blow up cows.
"I’ve never seen such a weak cosette. It’s okay."
"That’s a child with strong adaptability. Of course, an old man like me can’t carry it. Ask someone else."
"Don’t ask about the boat. You’re the only one who gets seasick." Yuxuan Leng suppressed a smile.
"Slightly ashamed of Master’s face", Senior Martial Sister made another knife.
"Ha ha ha ha ha"
A hilarious laugh
Suluo sighed with a black face. You guys are awesome, okay
Mom, take a walk around Miyagi, where there is the oldest Tianhou Palace in Bay Bay.
"Is the Penghu Islands fun?"
"Not bad."
Many people don’t understand why suluo came here, because the famous scenic spot in Bay Bay is not far from the main island. suluo can’t bear to rest for two days, but he plays more seriously than anyone.
In fact, the island’s scenery is hard to compare with that of the mainland. Many times, tourists go to the bay, but the scenery is the bay.
I haven’t seen my feelings yet, just like water drowning them. I need to reach out to pick them up. If I don’t pick them up, some of them will actually be there, and some will never be there.
Suluo sighed lightly. "Come on, let’s go to Penghu Bay Beach. It’s just the sunset and the west evening breeze."
"Oh, is there a little crab, Master?" Tang Yike loves the beach best.
Suluo smiled and whispered, "There are white sand beaches and cacti, and some people lost a beautiful shell there. Let’s go and get it back."
This is the first time that a well-known cross-strait exchange forum, Bay Bay netizens, has made a big counterattack.
I have never won such a thing as mouth-slapping. How can there be more people than mouth-slapping? How can there be more people than people in the ground? Today is different. The friends across the street are so dumb that they can’t hold their heads up.
Of course, it is not other issues of principle, but
"Why hasn’t that nuclear bomb exploded yet?"
"This is not a drill. This is not a drill, that’s all."
The netizens’ faces are hanging up. I want to cry. What are you doing?
If you go out in such a high-profile way, it will be mud into the sea. Can you grind your teeth and stamp your feet? "Waiting is not the time to explode."
empty after the show
On the evening of the same day, a new video of the hottest "oil drum" video in Bay Bay was released.
There are a lot of videos in oil drums every day. It’s nothing strange to look at the title. Grandma Penghu Bay, er, is not interested in clicking in it, but the account is a bit arrogant
Account name China is the most coquettish
Account profile boasts of being the first crazy person in all ages.