Cai Yong thought that although her daughter lived in her husband’s family before the door, her name was not good, but it was better than letting her daughter go to Dong Zhuo’s house every day! Cai Yong had to give up the heavy weight and grind his teeth when he could do anything. "Good depends on my good nephew’s plan."

The next day, I was so angry that I fell asleep in the middle of the night. Cai Wenji woke up in a daze and called to her maid as usual, "What time is it in Xiaocui, Xiaocui?" Xiaocui, who is about her age, replied, "Miss is old."
"Oh, it’s time …" Cai Wenji suddenly reacted. Isn’t it the old ugly ghost who is going to die early? "Xiaocui, get water and wash your face quickly. I’m going out."
Xiaocui bitter face "miss master has locked the door and won’t let you go out".
Cai Wenji jumped out of bed to push the door and it was locked from the outside. "What’s going on? Why don’t you let me out? " Cai Wenji smashed and shouted at the door, "Father, father, tell me clearly!"
It wasn’t long before Cai Yong outside the door began to sound "Moon Hee’s father, this is your good father. He has sent someone to report that you are ill and can’t go to listen and learn. You will stay at home for a few days and Zhongdao will take you to Hedong."
Cai Wenji was so angry that she burst into tears and cried, "I’m not going to Hedong, I’m going to learn Chinese! I don’t go to Hedong … "But no matter Cai Wenji is crying, Cai Yong has already gone back to her room.
Kang Peng had already left for home at this time. Today morning, I looked forward to how wonderful it was to be in the same room with Cai Wenji. Kang Peng smiled like a gold ingot. Even Emperor Xiandi, who was afraid that he was scared to death, dared to say a few words to him. Who knows, Kang Peng just entered the house, and the Cai family told me that Cai Wenji’s illness and Kang Peng’s dream was suddenly shattered. It is conceivable that his heart was sad and he still didn’t believe me. I have tried very hard to be a good person, but believe me, there are still few people. Oh, my God, you are so unfair to me!
Kang Peng endured not to let his tears flow out and forced a smile to the Cai family. He said, "Well, tell Miss Cai that she is equal to recovery." Unfortunately, Kang Peng tried hard and made it white. His fake smile was even more terrible than when he was angry. The Cai family’s pants were barely scared and wet. He stumbled and ran out the door after kowtowing to Kang Peng.
Seeing that even a domestic servant is afraid that he is afraid of being so depressed in Kang Peng’s chest, he doesn’t want to eat more heavily, so he goes back to his room and sulks. Dong Zhuo’s family also dare not disturb him.
Sad for a while, Kang Peng suddenly thought that he had to send someone to see Cai Wenji. Anyway, she also gave me a gift from a master. The student was ill-although the base was pretending, the teacher’s heart was also a matter of course. Kang Peng pulled him to break his voice and shouted "Dragon Dragon"
Zhaoyun has been standing at the door of Kang Peng’s house and heard it. He pushed the door and came in. "Is there a command from the Taishi?"
"You go to Cai Shizhong’s house for me and get some nourishing things for Miss Cai. Just tell her that she can rest for a few more days if she is unwell."
Zhaoyun hesitated. "Aren’t you going, Master?" Kang Peng knows all about Cai Wenji’s unrequited love, Dong Zhuojun, and all the civil servants are more aware of it.
Kang Peng shook his head self-effacing language zhaoyun also no longer say what the door recedes arranged guards to the counting room to receive some ginseng bird’s nest nourishing out of the house.
Who knows that Zhao Yungang just left Dong Zhuofu, and Lu Bu came head-on with a group of Qinbing. Lu Bu was still careless. "Dragon, don’t you protect my adoptive father from going there?" Lyu3 bu4 although you’re welcome, but few people can make him take the initiative to say hello.
"I was ordered by a surname to visit Miss Cai in Shizhong’s home." Zhao Yun said it again, especially that Kang Peng was in a bad mood and asked Lu Bu to be careful not to make trouble for him again.
Lu Bu didn’t want to go to stroke of bad luck when he heard that his adoptive father was in a bad mood. "Dragon, otherwise, I will go to Cai Shizhong’s house for you. It’s important for you to protect my adoptive father." Say that finish, Lu Bu doesn’t care whether Zhao Yun is willing to go with Qinbing.
It’s still a rampage in the street. Pedestrians don’t avoid Lu Bu rushing to Cai Yong’s door to jump on the red hare and don’t knock on the door. Instead, they shout, "Break the door for Wen Hou!" Follow lyu3 bu4 QinBing also used to bullying together before waving a sword and stick is a disorderly hit.
Zhongwei Zhongdao in Caijia Courtyard has decided to borrow 20 servants from my uncle first, and take Cai Wenji away today. At this moment, Weizhongdao and Cai Yong are persuading Cai Wenji to go back to Hedong with him, but Cai Wenji refuses to go anyway, so he has to learn from Dong Zhuo.
Hearing the door-smashing Wei Zhongdao couldn’t help but fly into a rage and shouted to my uncle who took charge, "Go and see who dares to smash the door of Cai’s adult?" Go and break his dog leg! "
Wei Zhongdao’s uncle Wang Yun is exquisite in all directions in the imperial court. Naturally, he likes to bully others. In Luoyang, in addition to Dong Zhuo’s family, even the servants of San Gong Jiu Qing have to let Wang Yun’s family take three points. But recently, Dong Zhuo’s family suddenly became wussy, and Wang Yun’s family naturally upgraded to Luoyang’s first bully. When they heard his nephew’s words, they screamed and rushed to the door to teach those guys who didn’t have eyes! As a result … it’s nothing. It’s just that the owner of Luoyang coffin shop and the doctor have increased their business.
Wei Zhongdao suddenly heard my uncle’s family scream and couldn’t help but be surprised. He turned his head and looked at it, but the urine almost didn’t scare him. Lyu3 bu4 walked into the hospital.
As soon as Lu Bu entered the gate, he saw Cai Wenji being pulled by two women. He didn’t know that the two women were Cai Wenji’s mother and his personal girl. "Miss Cai, aren’t you sick?" Lyu3 bu4 gift package in his hand "My adoptive father asked me to send you some nourishment and put it here. Wen Hou and Gong left in advance."
Cai Wenji was worried that he didn’t have a chance to get away. He saw that it was an old ugly ghost who shouted with joy, "Wen Hou, I’m not sick. They lied to your adoptive father. Take me to see your adoptive father!"
Lu Bu has turned his head and is ready to go. Hearing this, of course, he is furious. "Bastard, who dares to lie to my adoptive father?" Lu Bu walked up to Wei Zhongdao in three steps and two steps and gave him a heavy slap in the face first. "Did you lie to my adoptive father?"
Wei Zhongdao’s teeth were blown away on the spot, and two tears and snot flowed together, pointing to Cai Yong and saying, "It’s not me, it’s Cai’s adult." Cai Yong’s angry heart said that you or my future son-in-law betrayed me?
Lu Bu looked at Cai Yong and still dared not fight Cai Yong, who might be two generations taller than himself in the future. At this moment, Cai Wenji shouted, "Wen Hou, my father, just take me to see a surname."
Think about it, Lyu3 bu4. Why don’t you bring him a long-awaited beauty for his adoptive father? In the past, Cai Wenji people pushed and held Cai Wenji and left, while Wei Zhongdao watched his fiancee being taken away, but he didn’t have the courage to say anything.
Today, the store was really busy, and the wolf was hungry until now. Please forgive me for missing these.
Chapter 16 Wang Yunji
Recommend Good Student Plan and Battle of Searle.
How many good things have I done in Kang Peng since I came to the Three Kingdoms? Pay attention to the old and weak soldiers and don’t let them die less on the battlefield; Be kind to prisoners. I didn’t kill any of them. All the ten-route princes tried to kill me and caught them, but I didn’t kill them; Beating local tyrants, distributing grain to warehouses and relieving refugees, what have I done, and they still don’t believe me? What are you still so afraid of me? Is it that no matter who is attached to Lao Dong, he is doomed to be a bad person?
Kang Peng felt sorry for himself in the room more and more sad. Suddenly, the door was pushed before Kang Peng opened his eyes. A soft body had rushed into his arms with a sweet wind. A familiar voice cried, "Oooo … Teacher, I’m late. They bullied me …"
Kang Peng heard Cai Wenji’s melancholy in her heart and immediately swept away, and she hugged her tightly and sobbed, "It’s good to be here. Who bullied you and told the teacher to avenge you …" Holding so tightly is like a pair of lovers in where will you go, but …
Lyu3 bu4 and zhaoyun gaped at the two people at the same time, giving birth to an awkward feeling in their hearts. Seeing an old man who is as fat as a pig and ugly than an old man hugging a petite, pretty and beautiful girl, everyone has this feeling. Lyu3 bu4 and zhaoyun said in their hearts at the same time, beautiful beast!
Kang Peng felt that he was the happiest person in the world at the moment, and he was so excited that his eyes were full of tears. He was about to confide his love to Cai Wenji, but he wanted to see that his face in the bronze mirror beside the table was so ugly, so old, young and beautiful. Compared with Cai Wenji, it was a far cry from Kang Peng’s painful eyes closed. Cai Wenji was only sixteen years old and Dong Zhuo was fifty-one years old. In this era, he could simply be Grandpa Cai. Let’s not say for a moment that even if he really married Cai Wenji, wouldn’t he want her to be widowed at a young age?
Thought of here, Kang Peng gently pushed Cai Wenji "Don’t cry, good boy, aren’t you here to learn Chinese? We should. "
Cai Wenji also found himself gaffes, wiped away tears and whispered, "Thank you, teacher."
Seeing Cai Wenji’s appearance, Kang Peng lamented that she didn’t feel anything for me. In her mind, I was at best a kind old man and a gentle elder who didn’t have any feelings for me.
Lost in Kang Peng, a Wei Zhongdao stumbled back to stay at Yun3′ s house. As soon as he saw Yun3, he held his thigh and wept bitterly. "Uncle, I want to break off an engagement with that bitch. I want to break off an engagement …"
Yun3 wondered how his nephew’s face was swollen so high that Yun3 gasped in a gasp after hearing his nephew crying, "Zhong Er, you can’t break off an engagement with her."
Wei Zhongdao jumped three feet tall and shouted, "What? That bitch volunteered to go to Dongyan Wang’s house. Why can’t I break off my engagement with her? Do you want me to wear a green hat? "
Wang Yun quickly covered his mouth and waved away the servant "Zhong Er, you come with my uncle". Wang Yun took Wei Zhongdao into the backyard and made a narrow passage behind the secret door hidden behind the wardrobe.
Wei Zhongdao was surprised that he had not been to his uncle’s house once or twice, but he had never heard that his uncle’s house actually had a secret room, but Wang Yun didn’t give him a chance to speak, so he went inside and walked a long way, so that the dark road suddenly dawned on Wei Zhongdao. When he took a closer look, it turned out that they had already arrived at Wang Yun’s back garden, surrounded by dense forests, and the roots could not be seen from the outside.
"Uncle Zhong ‘er will take you to meet some people," Yun3 said, pointing to a house surrounded by trees.