"Then find a chance, find a way to kill him in public by the people of Beiyan Wangfu, and then spread the news to the grassland. I think the grassland people who have just eased up with the summer will definitely attack again, and the first thing to do is the Beiyan army guarding the frontier." Mr. Zhan finished Liu Liangchen’s unfinished words.

"Ha ha! What a thoughtful man, but it’s a pity that I hit it off with my brothers, and I’m embarrassed to ask him for help. Otherwise, our army is short of a general’s position. It’s a pity how to command martial arts and courage … "On purpose, Nangong Jinyu made a look of regret.
"Everything has a turn for the better, Prince, so flattering me, I …" Liu Liangchen intended to go down the slope, but a lieutenant dressed behind him interrupted Liu Liangchen’s words.
"I also hope that the commander will not forget his identity. The prince is still waiting for you to go back."
"This is …" The Nangong Jinyu is somewhat embarrassed about digging someone’s corner.
"I’m the deputy bodyguard in charge of the mausoleum palace, and I’m highly valued by Princess Mengling, who stole the post of deputy commander. I’m not as fickle as some people!" This man named Zhan Qing has no face left for Liu Liangchen.
Liuliangchen shrugged helplessly. Since that day, when his conversation with his teacher younger brother Muqingfeng was suspected, Zhan Yu did not trust him very much. This time, lust and lust agreed to the request of the Nangong Jinyu to borrow people, but he still left a mind’s eye, and let his most trusted person Zhan Qing go with him, because this Zhan Qing is the most trusted person of his mother’s princess. It is said that this Zhan Qing is also a bad life, and it should be his superior according to merits. I don’t know that Liu Liangchen has never been a traitor to the mountains.
"Well, well, we are a family, so let’s not argue any more. Let’s deal with what’s in front of us first. As for how to lead the change to the facade, let’s take a long-term view." Mr. Zhan came out to beat around the bush, and this time is really not the time to fight.
The demented master did not resist, but followed them very obediently. If you don’t observe carefully, you really think you are going to be a guest. However, the master seems to be in no hurry, and he doesn’t mind being caught in the jaws of death at all. He seems to be waiting for someone.
Where did Mu Qingfeng and his party go at this time? They didn’t stand up or let the Nangong Jinyu commit murder, but the information Liu Liangchen gave them at that time was really too little. Except for the reliable time, Lu Qishan’s address was the same as that he didn’t give it. After all, Lu Qishan was big. Finally, Muqingfeng, who has lived in the mountains for many years, recognized the road, and they barely felt the position. But when they felt it, they were frightened by the appearance of Nangong Jinyu and others. There were so many people on the other side, and it was inevitable that they would die if they rushed down. Thanks to Liu Liangchen’s wit, they saved the life of the idiot master, so that they had an opportunity.
There is no way, the four of them have to hang from a distance, waiting for the next opportunity.
The Nangong Jinyu walked to Yecheng and found a problem. His own people didn’t bring a carriage, so it was obviously unrealistic to walk around and tie a person to the city. Finally, Mr. Zhan suggested that they spend the night in the Woods until the next day when they found civilians to buy a carriage on the trail. Anyway, there are not many people going to Yecheng these two days.
Everyone camped in the wild according to Mr. Zhan’s arrangement. I didn’t expect Zhan Qing, who was in charge, to quit early at dinner. He mercilessly tore off a piece of roasted golden meat, ate it in three bites, and said to Nangong Jinyu, "Your Highness, I am a rough man in the old war. I just want to ask questions. We risked offending the grassland to help you get this vote. How are you going to thank our prince?"
"I thought I said, as long as you help me do this, that woman from Xuelian will make your son happy for a few days." Nangong Jinyu didn’t understand why Zhan Qing asked. Didn’t we discuss it in advance?
"It’s just a woman, even if it’s made of gold, it’s not worth so much money. I think it’s better to let the old monk tell the secret directly and let our prince handle the grassland well. How about giving you that woman to play for two days?" Zhan Qing doesn’t want to be a deputy commander in chief.
"What are you, dare to bargain with our prince, believe it or not, I’ll let you go to die now? !” Zhou Huo is a quick temper. He directly kicked a piece of red-hot firewood. With his deep internal force, if he hit it, Zhan Qing would definitely be hopeless.
Didn’t avoid war green, he knew behind LiuLiangChen won’t let yourself die. Sure enough, Liu Liangchen directly pulled out his sword and cut the firewood into several sections with one sword.
"At the head of the good kung fu, don’t know what do you mean? Want to declare war on our prince? " Zhou Huo’s hand has been placed on the handle.
"No, my deputy drank too much and said a few strange words. Never mind, never mind." Although Liu Liangchen wished that Zhan Qing would die, Zhan Qing was sent by Zhan Yu to monitor himself. If he died, his position at the head would be over, and the task assigned to him by Shi Shu Li Daoling could not be completed.
Zhan Qing didn’t even drink a drop of wine, but he didn’t fall out with Ling Wangfu now. Nangong Jinyu actually held his nose and endured it, as long as he was still in his own hands, he could say anything.
"If you want to kill the secret of infatuation, just listen to me, whether you like it or not!" Liu Liangchen pull war green quietly said 1 when he sat down.
War green hear LiuLiangChen words directly is one leng, oneself to superior everywhere against this person, how could he say such a thing?
"The Nangong Prince, let’s discuss how to frame the prince. After all, the old monk is still alive. If you throw the dead body at the door directly, it seems to be useless." LiuLiangChen want to change quickly, save hands on again.
Zhou Huo knew this one couldn’t be fought when he saw Nangong Jinyu thoughtfully, but to be honest, he really wanted to play against this master. Last time he broke an eye in Fang Qing’s hand, Nangong Jinyu didn’t trust his martial arts so much. In Zhou Huo’s view, the best way to regain trust is to find a few masters to practice and show Nangong Jinyu his strength.
"The idea was put forward by the commander-in-chief. Don’t you have a complete plan?" Mr. Zhan elegantly put a piece of roasted meat in his mouth, savoring it carefully. Although he is a bit contemptuous, Yuan Xu still pays great attention to the small section. At the very least, his eating is much more elegant than Mu Qingfeng and Mu Chongshan.
"I just had a brainwave and didn’t think about it carefully. Otherwise, let’s see what this old monk knows first?" Liu Liangchen scratched his head.
However, Chien-chih Master is just like a Woodenhead, motionless. Even if Zhou Huo, who has a bad temper, whips him directly, Chien-chih Master still looks like the wind is light and the clouds are light, and he is not worried about his situation at all.
In order to frame Bai Qiaoming and further know how many plagues the idiot master really knows, Nangong Jinyu couldn’t wait to cut him to pieces, but she had to hold back before there was no comprehensive countermeasure.
After eating, Nangong Jinyu left a few people to watch the vigil and went to the temporary tent to rest. At this time, Zhan Qing found Liu Liangchen.
"Commander He, what do you mean by what you said to me tonight?" Zhan Qing is puzzled by Liu Liangchen’s kindness. In his view, without this, he would have been a bodyguard.
"Brother, I know that you are unhappy that I suddenly robbed you of your position, but I really didn’t know the situation beforehand. Besides, I am valued by the Prince. Although the Prince doesn’t believe me, I have to prove my value. You are too impulsive this afternoon, and you don’t want to think about it. The other party is outnumbered. What should they do directly? If there is a conflict, don’t you and I both have to die in this place? " Liu Liangchen’s face became particularly serious.
Zhan Qing is not a counterparts, just thinking about it will know that he was too impulsive.
"I didn’t expect me to be a gentleman’s belly. I’ll apologize to He Tongling first, but this idiot has obviously found something about Nangong Jinyu. If we can send this person back, maybe it’s us who are married to the grassland." Zhan Qing still won’t give up.
"That’s why I stopped you just now, in order not to make them suspicious. Now most of them are resting. The guards at the door are no match for me. When the time comes, I’ll find a chance to kill them. You take the old monk back by the path. If something happens, my brother can hold on as long as I can." Liu Liangchen looked serious.
"How to lead …" When Zhan Qing saw Liu Liangchen’s sense of honor, he couldn’t help blushing and feeling guilty for his previous behavior.
"Brothers, don’t say, for the sake of our ling king to be the head of the four kings, we must let them dog eat dog, remember to tell the prince afterwards that I am not a half-hearted person. Ok, I’ll go to explore the surrounding situation first, and I’ll greet you if I succeed. By the way, lend me your broadsword. My sword is too conspicuous and will attract the attention of those soldiers. " Say that finish, Liu Liangchen stared at war green.
Zhan Qing untied his broadsword and said word for word, "I hope my eldest brother can escape, and my younger brother is waiting for Huiling Wangfu to give you a compliment!" " What a affectionate look.
Out of the door after Liu Liangchen mercilessly vomitted an one mouthful saliva to the ground. "As far as your brain is concerned, wait to take the fall for Lao Tzu!"
The reason why Liu Liangchen wants to find an excuse is because he has to contact his younger brother Mu Qingfeng. Although they haven’t shown up yet, Liu Liangchen firmly believes that they must have arrived, waiting for an opportunity to get in touch with themselves.
"Why don’t you sleep so late?"
Liu Liangchen just lit a fire and prepared to go out, just happened to meet Nangong Jinyu who got up at night.
"Be careful to sail for thousands of years. I’ll go around and see if there are any wild animals, so as to avoid accidents." Liu Liangchen’s nonsense. That’s coming casually.
"So careful and alert, can’t be used by me, it’s a pity …" The expression of regret of Nangong Jinyu is beyond words.
Pretending not to hear, Liu Liangchen gave a military-like salute to the Nangong Jinyu and plunged into the dark night, hoping that Muqingfeng would find himself soon.
"This fool, teacher younger brother, where have you been? You should have seen my big torch, right? If you don’t come again, something will really happen! " Liu Liangchen muttered while searching, and suddenly he kept his hand on his shoulder.
Liu Liangchen subconsciously wanted to turn back a knife, but Mu Qingfeng’s familiar voice sounded in his ear: "Brother, it’s me!"
"Where the hell have you been, you son of a bitch? In order to help you protect the monk, I have finished telling all the lies in my life. Now listen to me quickly. My plan is like this …" Liu Liangchen pulled Muqingfeng to his front and said his plan.