Sure enough, after the wind less mental attack wave hit Zhang Xiaotian, Zhang Xiaotian didn’t respond.

"Why? Is this the result of your discussion? " Zhang Xiaotian a sneer at, toward the ghost called wind less glance. The long knife in his hand pressed down again for a few minutes. See "before", Qin Wan that just about to heal the wound was cut again, blood flowed out again.
"Well-"Qin Wan clenched his teeth and snorted this time, but he didn’t shout out loud, just tears in his eyes but involuntarily flowed out again.
"Ah!" The ghosts saw a heartbeat.
"agree! We agree! " Jiang Kun saw Zhang Xiaotian start work again, so he quickly shouted.
The wind is less flushed at this time, just heard Zhang Xiaotian count, he couldn’t help heart a nasty, can’t help but out of a mental attack. However, instead of hurting Zhang Xiaotian, that mental attack caused Qin Wan to get hurt again. At this time, after hearing Jiang Kun’s words again, I dare not say much now, but only acquiesce.
Just that mental attack, Zhang Xiaotian clearly can use Qin Wan to block, but Zhang Xiaotian did not do so. In order to increase the burden on the ghosts present, they are afraid to make moves easily. Otherwise, they really treat themselves like ordinary kids.
First, Jiang Kun slowly took off his cloak and threw it at Zhang Xiaotian.
Seeing that Jiang Kun had already started work, Feng Shao reluctantly took off his shoes and threw them at Zhang Xiaotian.
Fat boy jumped down, picked up his cloak and winged shoes and handed them to Zhang Xiaotian. Zhang Xiaotian glanced at them and then shot Blackstone at these two magic weapons respectively.
Jiang Kun is still prepared in his heart, but the wind is less, but it is a shock in his heart. Just now, he left some thoughts when he threw the wings shoes in the past, and did not take back the mind attached to them. Even if he wants to come here, the black kid can’t use the wings shoes for a while. Then, as long as he releases Miss Qin, he can catch up and kill him and recapture the wings shoes. But just now, he realized that the mind attached to it had disappeared, that is, the magic weapon had become an ownerless thing, and anyone could pick it up and use it. In this case, wouldn’t it be that as long as the black kid wears windward shoes, Du Shao and Jiang Shao, two ghost-shaped ghosts, may not catch up? At this moment, he couldn’t help being impatient. He didn’t know that Zhang Xiaotian could easily get rid of them even without any magic weapon.
Zhang Xiaotian saw these two magic weapons and smiled. They are all middle-class magic weapons! However, fortunately, it is in the middle order, otherwise it may be completely refined by them.
Zhang Xiaotian attached his mind and mind, and then put it on himself. He doesn’t know what these ghosts are and other magic weapons, so it’s safer to put them on now and run away later.
Sure enough, not the kui is a magic weapon in the middle order. After wearing them, Zhang Xiaotian immediately felt much lighter. The surrounding energy seems to become active, as if it can be changed at any time according to one’s own mind.
"Well, since the first request you finished. Then let’s talk about the second one! " Zhang Xiaotian light said with a smile. He feels this feeling of threatening others, which is really cool. Others are obviously very angry, but they have to listen to you.
After hearing Zhang Xiaotian’s words, the ghosts felt breathless, but they didn’t say anything. They know that as long as they say no, the long knife in the hands of the black kid will cut Qin Wan’s body. They don’t want to face Qin Wan’s hatred or revenge afterwards.
"The second thing is to let those two flurry bears go!" Zhang Xiaotian said flatly.
Besides Du Hai’s hesitation, several other ghosts were relieved, but fortunately they didn’t make any excessive demands. Just now, the experience of less wind, but they see clearly, in addition to a little Japanese, there is still a little worry, for fear that this black kid has a crush on something of his own.
The wind is less. This guy shows off his winged shoes in front of these ghosts. His winged shoes are going to Zhang Xiaotian. These ghosts only gloat.
After being deeply looked at by Jiang Kun, Du Hai had to take back the spirit beast from the two bears.
The two little bears, who were forbidden by the spirit beast, ran happily to Zhang Xiaotian and played with the fat boy who jumped off Zhang Xiaotian’s shoulder.
"The third thing, give me a magic weapon of some intermediate rank on you, and take out two pieces! Well, Du Hai and Master Jiang each have five pieces! " Zhang Xiaotian made a thoughtfully said. This was added temporarily by him, and he suddenly felt very comfortable to blackmail like this, and there will not be many opportunities for extortion like this in the future.
Middle-level magic weapon! You can’t extort money from ordinary ghosts. In the past few days, he has destroyed more than 300 ghosts, and only then did he meet a magic weapon that uses the middle rank, that is, the magic weapon of long Dao in his hand now! This is just a middle-class inferior product. Everything else is inferior, intermediate, and the highest is the top grade, but there are only a few pieces, but there is not even one of the best. The magic weapon of the seven or eight hundred soul stones sold in the shop is the magic weapon of some first-class inferior products, and the price of each high product will double, and each high level will double five times. This is just ordinary, if it is a special magic weapon, it will be calculated separately. However, most of the magic weapons above the intermediate level are valuable without market.
A few ghosts are so angry that they want to swear. At present, this black kid is really going too far. The magic weapon of the middle order, even if the family behind them is not small, there are many magic weapons of the middle order, but the average population is down, the magic weapon of the middle order is very rare in their hands. Now if you say yes, you will be left. But at this point, they have to give even if they don’t want to.
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Except for Jiang Kun and Du Hai, whose faces remained the same, one person took out five magic weapons, and several other ghost repairs were all painful. Especially the one named Feng Shao, who just lost a pair of wings shoes, now he has to take out two middle-class magic weapons, which can make him love dearly and make him regret this trip.
Zhang Xiaotian took the magic weapon that several ghost repairs threw at him, and was delighted. Except for three or four inferior ones, all the others were above the middle grade, and two were top grade. It seems that the value of these young masters is not weak, Zhang Xiaotian thought. Even those few inferior magic weapons are special. Zhang Xiaotian turned all these magic weapons into ownerless things, and put them into the space lock one by one.
Seeing Feng Shao’s sad expression, Zhang Xiao was moved in his heart and then said, "The third one is over. Now let’s talk about the fourth one!"
After hearing Zhang Xiaotian’s words, several ghosts’ faces "brushed" all changed. I thought, this is still endless!
Seeing their faces, Zhang Xiaotian smiled and didn’t care. He continued: "This fourth and last one. In view of Du Hai’s previous behavior, I will take out two middle-level magic weapons as compensation! "
After hearing Zhang Xiaotian say it was the last one, a few ghosts were relieved, and they were really afraid that this black kid would keep blackmailing. When that happens, they can’t help but turn their faces. When they heard that Du Hai was only asked to take out two magic weapons, they were even more relieved. Fortunately, they didn’t have their own business.
Du Hai’s face was livid, but he had to take out two pieces of intermediate magic weapon and throw it at Zhang Xiaotian.
Zhang Xiaotian is a wave of his left hand, and Blackstone flies out and hits the two magic weapons that are flying towards him. Suddenly, the two magic weapons changed direction and flew to the ghost repair named Feng Shao.
The wind rarely saw two magic weapons flying to him, and I thought I was frightened and was about to dodge, only to see that the two magic weapons that were originally very urgent slowly landed in front of me.
"I asked Brother Feng for a pair of wings shoes before, and now I use these two magic weapons as compensation!" Zhang Xiaotian light said.