"Xuandu, how many years have you not been out of the gate of Jinggong since the first world war?" Asked the old man

"It’s been more than two thousand years since I returned to the teacher. I can’t remember the specific time!" Xuan all division replied
"Oh, then go out and walk to your second uncle’s place. By the way, give him a message for me and tell him that his monkey has become a climate. It’s time for him to walk around!" Daoist/Taoist priest
"I know!"
"Oh, then you can go!" Old nods
"It’s my brother excusing himself!" Say that finish XuanDu division and went out.
"This meeting between the two monkeys will be wonderful!" Xuan division after exit to the old slowly way
Besides, the success of Sun Wu and Tang Sanzang, several of them will rest in the same place as the post-mentoring, and after a few days, they will take a journey again.
Mentoring and a group of four people crossed the mountain and crossed the bridge. In a blink of an eye, it was another year since they went to Qiu Lai in spring.
On this day, the master and apprentice went to a mountain again in a few days. Looking at the steep and towering mountain, Sun Wuneng felt that there must be monsters in it.
"Master elder brother …"
It seems that pig ring, who has been with master elder brother for a long time, also has this intuition about the monster smell, which does not belong to human beings but is different from ordinary mountain birds. This mountain is particularly strong in front of him, and even Bai Longma, his master seat, made a ringing nose at this time, believing that it also felt an unusual smell.
Sun Wu silently looked at the pig ring, and the pig ring also nodded his head to show that he knew that there must be strength in this mountain, and the high-powered monster would carefully and warily protect the master.
I’ve been halfway up the mountain, but nothing unusual has happened. Everything is just like several ordinary hills I passed, but the more I do, the more I need to guard against the abnormal world, that is, the demon mountain is full of evil spirits, but it seems that there is nothing unusual, but there are some eccentricities.
Sure enough, suddenly, Sun Wu felt a huge momentum burst out from somewhere on the hill, as if he were demonstrating to his party of four people. He immediately couldn’t help but prepare to rush directly towards the source of this momentum and beat the monster out so as to pass this disaster as soon as possible.
"Stop you to protect the master here first! There need to source by my old to see "
Sun Wu hold aside the same itching pig ring shoulder said to him.
Looking at his big brother’s firm eyes, Zhu Jie knew that he wanted to have a good fight with the monster. Since the second big brother and the green cow monster had not had a serious fight with anyone after World War I, he had come to be that kind of good battlefield, and he had not fought for so many days, which made his hands itch. This time, when he saw this soaring monster, he knew that there must be a profound monster, and he couldn’t help it immediately.
"Don’t worry … the master elder brother you go first! I’m here to protect the master "pig ring nods.
As soon as the words sound just fell, Sun Wu excitedly disappeared in front of three people and a horse. It should be to exorcise demons.
There’s something in the mountains that disappears quickly before I feel a little strange. When I feel there’s something, it’s a powerful monster that can be released. Even the monster doesn’t have any powerful magic weapon and no other supernatural powers, but how to say it, it should also have a pick Jin Xian’s initial strength, which won’t and can’t be wiped out by his master elder brother so soon! Moreover, according to his brother’s frankness, I believe that he will not do that kind of sneak attack, so he will feel something is wrong.
Looking at the place where there was a previous evil spirit, I saw a cloud floating here and blinking. A person falling on the cloud was his own elder brother-Sun Wu, the Great Sage of Monkey.
"quit! The monster has been destroyed by me. Although the monster seems to be particularly scary, it is actually a big straw bag. When I go to the monster with a stick, it will immediately disappear. It’s really not challenging at all. I went to a "Sun Wu’s face of disappointment seems to be quite dissatisfied with the strength of the monster."
"Oh, but judging from the monster breath at least should have picked Jin Xian early repair! How can you kill me with a stick so easily? "
Pig ring still has some doubts. After all, it is impossible for a pair of big brothers to solve the monster with an "ordinary" stick.
"I don’t know what the reason is, but the monster is always a stick in front of me, and the monster is immediately annihilated."
Sun Wu touched his head, and he was a little confused. The mind said that the monster was weak in the outside! This powerful demon can’t be faked, but that’s the truth!
"Have the enlightenment monsters ever been eliminated?" This time Tang Sanzang also rode over and asked.
"Well, it’s gone!" Sun Wu nods a way
"In that case, don’t delay the departure again!" Tang Sanzang Road
So the four of them continued to go west, but this time they were always in the front, but Sun Wu was at the back.
It didn’t take long for Sun Wu to fall behind at the end. Suddenly lou showed an evil look. Suddenly, he shouted, raised his golden cudgel, jumped up and rode on Tang Sanzang.
Sha Wujing and pig quit hearing the sound and looking back, they were dumbfounded. Their brains couldn’t react.
Seeing that Tang Sanzang was about to die with a stick, but he didn’t want him to sit in Bai Longma, he suddenly jumped up and slammed to avoid the blow.
"Monkey, are you crazy?" Pig quit watching sun Wu angry way
"I’m not crazy. I’m more awake than ever. I have to kill this monk today!" Face lou hates Sun Wudao.
"Ask an old pig first if you want to kill the master!" Pig quit picking up the nine-tooth harrow road and one side missed the risk. When Tang Sanzang heard that Sun Wu was going to kill himself, he was also stunned at the moment! "
"Ha, ha, ha. Do you think you can do it with your fat pig?" Sun Wu unbridled laughed
"No, too! Lao Sha together! " Pig Jiehe Road
After saying this, Pig quit dancing with nine-toothed harrows and attacked Sun Wu, while Sha Wujing also attacked crescent shovel waving the demon.
See two people attack to Sun Wu face a little scared instead of weird smile hand great move to meet.
"Bang bang bang!" After a burst of gold and iron, pig ring and Sha Wujing were lying on the ground, and their mouths kept overflowing with blood.
"Ha, ha, ha!" Sun Wu laughed and said that his eye lou yoshimitsu pushed Tang Sanzang step by step.
"it’ s a shore to realize the hardships!" Tang Sanzang looked at Sun Wu heartache way
"Ha, ha, ha, I turned around long ago, but I didn’t see the shore. I saw the cliff!" Sun Wu unbridled laughed
"Master, he’s crazy. Read the spell!" One side can’t move pig quit hysterically shouting Tang Sanzang way
"Enlightenment teacher saw your hatred. Do you really want to kill the teacher? If killing me can eliminate your hatred, kill the teacher! " Tang Sanzang didn’t feel that a tear fell from the corner of his eye when he finished speaking, but it was not that he was afraid of death, but that his apprentice went astray again and was heartbroken.
"Go to hell!" Sun Wu stick refers to Tang Sanzang’s attack as soon as he drinks.
Stone firelight Bai Longma took the blow for Tang Sanzang in front of Tang Sanzang.
Seeing that his eyes didn’t reach Sun Wu’s injury again, the blow was to sweep Bai Longma and Tang Sanzang out together.
"Ha ha ha ha ha ha!" Sun Wu has absolute confidence in this blow to himself. He is confident that a mortal like Tang Sanzang will never survive this blow.