My mind is confused, and I can’t sort out a clue for a while. Shake your head and throw away all kinds of distractions, just rushing on, in order to arrive at the door of practicing Qi as soon as possible and gain more power.

Although Wang Guang left by surprise, he did not take the lead in returning to Zongmen, but returned to that mountain to show his strength, and then spent dozens of days capturing a large number of Jianghu people and even ordinary people and throwing them into that mountain. After doing this, he intends to return to Zongmen.
After flying for three or five days, Wang Guang became more and more careful. Now he is in an endless mountain range. Wan Li is haunted by cloudy fog, and there is no tribal dynasty in Wan Li, Fiona Fang. Monsters here are everywhere, and if you are not careful, you may be countered by those monsters and lose your life. Or be their lunch.
A dark thunder blew over a monster beast hidden in the branch and ready to sneak attack him. Before the Taoist left, another poisonous snake emerged from under the rock and ejected into the air to pounce on Wang Guang. Fortunately, Wang Guangyou was protected by red copper sand. The poisonous snake hit the red copper sand and was polished into a paste in the blink of an eye.
"Infinite Buddha!" After killing three or five monsters that came from the wind in a row, Wang Guang hurriedly fell from the air according to the falling treasure light. He didn’t dare to stay in the sky any longer. In just one day, he entered the endless mountains. Hundreds of monster beasts hated flying in the sky, so they jumped out desperately to kill each other.
When Wang Guang descended, but behind the trees, all kinds of grumpy monsters didn’t want to jump out to stop him.
"In those days, thousands of people flew by surprises, and hundreds of monster beasts gathered together to stop them. You threw a Yin Lei, and I was still a magic weapon. Killing thousands of monster beasts like ants wouldn’t stay for half a minute. Now that I’m an original person passing by, it’s really boring for these not-so-powerful monsters to stop me from being original by the number. " After casually picking a boulder and arranging a ban around it to warn it, this fellow grumbled and carried the practice to restore the consumption just now.
Surprises flying in Wan Li, throwing hundreds of Yin Lei, a mana has already consumed more than half. To be on the safe side, he had to stay and restore his mana before talking about the rest.
"Infinite that Buddha!" This fellow has just recovered his mana for an hour, but he only feels a murderous look coming at him in the distance. Dare not delay, immediately jumped into the air from the boulder and looked at it in the distance.
I saw a yellow sword light coming at him, and some monster beasts jumped out to stop it, and were strangled into pieces in an instant by the sword light. Behind the sword light, there is also a practitioner. The practitioner rides a green cow, and the hooves of the green cow are full of smoke, and cold light flashes on two thick horns. The trainer riding a cow is dressed in a gray robe, carrying two mountain axes, and his face is fierce.
"It turned out to be this boy." I don’t know the sword light in front, but he knows the man riding an ox behind.
The man riding an ox is the Taoist green ox that the two armies met the other day when they were fighting in front of each other. At the beginning, the Taoist priest almost lost his life when he was defeated, but he was saved by a woman who lived in all kinds of animals. I didn’t expect to meet you here today.
"Isn’t it special to wait here for being original and looking for trouble?" Wang Guang was puzzled, but didn’t dare to stay. He opened his mouth and spouted red copper sand, rolled up his body and flew away in the direction of Yizong.
"Don’t go diabolical, you kill his royal highness, the third prince, and kill all the animals and practitioners, and do such a cruel thing, how can you escape? Don’t stop and let the friends of Ning Xue punish you? " Road flyover Qingniu was worried when he saw Wang Guang go away by surprise.
Originally, according to his idea, after Wang Guang, he should quietly move forward with the owner of the yellow sword light, Ning Xuedao, and stay at a sufficient distance, and each of them will kill Wang Guang. Prison-like boot Ningxuedao people’s hearts are high, and they are so powerful that they don’t care about Wang Guang at all, so they don’t hide their bodies. On the contrary, they release murderous look at Wang Guangjuan.
"Boy riding a cow, are you a fool to be original? If you dare, come and fight against being original, don’t look for trouble being original with others? " Wang Guang held down Bao Guang and leaped under the tree. There are trees to stop the collision, rocks to drill in the past, stuffy head to escape, don’t stay. Because the practitioner’s mana in the yellow sword light behind him is too vigorous, plus his mana has not been restored, and he can’t fight for a long time, so he just wants to run.
"Boy, are you going to avenge your lover? That little girl was refined into a magic weapon by being original, and it is very powerful to display. It’s a pity that when the dark clouds topped, it was a low-grade thunder fire, and the soul blew itself up. Counting it, your lover was very generous. She was willing to let the original people cut down and kill, and she was willing to help the original people stop the thunder fire after death. Isn’t it because she disliked your lack of power and wanted to hook up with the original people? " Wang Guang is extremely shameless. Opening his mouth is just a burst of nonsense.
I thought this nonsense would make Taoist Qing Niu angry to death, but we thought Taoist Qing Niu was just a sneer and didn’t take Wang Guang’s words to heart at all. It’s like the death of a woman who lives in all animals has nothing to do with him.
Seeing that Taoist Qingniu ignored him, Wang Guang roared again, "Huh! You see, Taoist Ning Xue, the boy riding an ox was born with a cold heart, and the rescuer died for him. Not only was he not sad, but he also wanted to snatch the magic weapon book that the rescuer left here. Why should you help him? "
"Wang Guang, you are a demon. Don’t provoke me. If you kill the descendants of this common people, even if there is no one else, this seat will kill you." The light of the sword was separated from the left and right, and more than a dozen pieces of angry thunder hit Wang Guang around, only scaring Wang Guang to avoid and manipulate red copper sand to resist. At this time, he deeply missed the magical power of the golden claw. Although the magical power is small, it costs very little mana. It is much better than other methods to stop Yin Lei from getting close.

Chapter eighty-nine Love his diabolical ignorance
"Infinite Buddha! If you want to kill being original, why find such a low-level excuse? There are countless murders in front of the ranks of the two armies. You can’t help but say that a small soldier is your son’s being poor. If you want to kill the poor, come up and fight. " Wang Guang sneered repeatedly, rubbed his hands, threw a piece of first-order Yin Lei around, and flew high into the air to attract monsters lurking everywhere.
The female trainer Ning Xuedao giggled at Wang Guang’s words: "Who do you think is as shameful as you are? Look at what kind of magic weapon this is. "
After that, the woman patted her waist and drilled a silver light from the inside to wrap it around Wang Guang.
Three or five pieces of silver thunder were cut up, only the silver light was blown apart, revealing a silver chain. "Ancient magic weapon." Seeing that the silver chain was familiar, Wang Guang suddenly remembered the magic weapon that flew from the third prince just after he lost it.
"I didn’t expect you, a woman, to be so scheming that she slept with a common emperor and gave birth to a son to control the dynasty. It’s really a good plan. It seems that being original will try it in the future."
While speaking, this fellow threw Yin Lei around crazily, and the calm mountains suddenly got up because of countless Yin Lei explosions.
Some monsters are angry that humanoid creatures fly too high and jump out to stop them, and some monsters are angry that they push themselves to the same kind of good things and jump out to stop them when they are disturbed. At that time, dozens of monster beasts stepped on smoke or rolled up the wind, and all of them were in trouble to find Wang Guang, Ning Xuedao and Niu Daodao.
Wang Guang was so happy when he saw this that he didn’t dare to entangle with two road flyovers. He found a chance to reduce Bao Guang’s crazy flight in the distance.
Where are the Ningxue Taoist and the Qingniu Taoist willing to follow? Running all the way, with a stuffy head, only wants to kill Wang Guang. Any monster beast that stops him is either blown up by the thunder or entangled in chains. Road flyover Qingniu pulled out a handful of white bones and shook them, and a series of white bones and thunder condensed from the long banners, like raindrops hitting Wang Guang.
Running for hundreds of miles, Wang Guang was suddenly angry when he saw that two people behind him were still coming after him.
"Don’t want to kill, being original killed your son’s friend that day and can’t blame me. Are there any casualties in the ranks of the two armies? You can’t resent the ruthless means of being original, but you should resent your son and friends for their low skills. If they are powerful and skillful, they will die being original. "
After some sophistry, Wang Guang gritted his teeth to deal with the two men behind him. I saw this fellow’s nails skyrocket, and a little bit of smoke went down the fingertips into the nails of the village head. This nail is soaring, and it rises to more than a foot in a few breaths. Filar silk green light flow flashing on it, Wang Guang worried that the nail power is too small, a cruel spray mouth JingXie attachment.
"Look at the magic weapon of being original." Wang Guangmeng twist a head, gnashing a face of ferocious roar. I saw that he threw his hand at the dust, then rubbed his hands, and three or five three-layer yin thunder rubbed out and hit the two. Then the fingers flicked, and ten nails with a length of more than a foot broke down and stabbed two people in the past.
Some means of display, but also between breathing. After doing this, this fellow lowered his body and ran away. A small number of monsters came after him, and most of them still attacked Ningxue and Qingniu crazily.
The two Taoist priests smashed the dust, and saw three or five pieces of Yin Lei coming. Before the thrown Yin Lei resisted, the thunder fire thrown by Wang Guang burst open, and a group of fireworks of more than ten feet in Fiona Fang blocked their sight.
Road flyover Qing Niu grimaced, shaking the bones and blowing out a stream of white gas, which tore the fireworks so that they could not get close. "Run there!"
Just after this, I saw ten green lights flying out of the fireworks. The green lights were as fast as lightning, five of them went to the Ningxue Road flyover and five of them stabbed the Qingniu Road flyover.
Ning Xuedao people’s face changed slightly, their feet stamped, and their flying swords shot out, conjuring up a beast that swallowed the sky in front of them. I saw the beast swallowing the sky with a big mouth and swallowed five green lights in one gulp.
Ning Xuedao people haven’t used their means to attack Wang Guang in the escape, only to see the flying sword’s unreal swallowing beast fiercely burst open, and five green lights emerged from its belly and continued to stab themselves. "What a tough attack." Ning Xuedao people’s facial expression changed slightly. She didn’t expect her inferior flying sword to display the sword tactic without stopping the counter-attack. Too late to wonder, the female Taoist patted her head and a puff of smoke emerged from behind her head.
A flying sword rose and fell in the smoke, and the woman grabbed the flying sword and shook it, turning into countless swords. A tinkling sound, five green light were stopped by the sword shadow. She looked down and saw that the green light had dispersed, and five nails more than a foot long fell into the air.
"good means." People in Ningxue Road frowned slightly and intended to pursue them. However, when they saw more and more monsters gathering around them, the head monsters felt that they had challenged their low profile and decided to unite to show a high profile to kill them.
Ning Xuedao people hate monster beast, patted the waist chain, which turned into silver light and strangled all the Warcraft running around, where they still care that their low-key appearance would be such a mess?
There’s nothing wrong with Ningxue Road flyover, but there’s something wrong with Qingniu Road flyover.
It turned out that after Wang Guang finally put the magic trick of finger sand into practice, the power of nails soared, and with his mouthful of JingXie spray, each nail was equivalent to a flying sword with no quality.
The white bones in the hands of Taoist Qingniu are just hastily refined, and the quality is not good. This was hit by five green lights, only to hear a click, and the long banners were broken, barely blocking the four green lights, but the other green light was wrapped around the root of his thigh, and one thigh was abruptly cut off.
"Wang Guang, you are a demon. You used to cut my leg, but now you cut my leg. If you catch you one day, you will be chopped into a paste." Road flyover Green Bull bared his teeth with a face of pain. Fortunately, the ox demon entrusted him under his body, so that the pain would not be unbearable to fall. I can’t see the trace of Wang Guang, so I hate him to curse in a low voice.
Road flyover Ning Xuedao sees that Road flyover Qing Niu is injured, and he is afraid to pursue it, for fear that he will be torn and swallowed by the monster beast swarming around him. However, Wang Guang was unwilling to flee, so he shouted in the direction of Wang Guang’s departure: "Wang Guang, don’t think that you will be fine if you flee back to Zongmen. The owner of this seat will never let you go. “
Wang Guang heard this voice in the distance, and immediately cried out. "Road flyover disorderly love, it’s no wonder that so rampant, originally have the disorderly love when the backer. It’s a pity that you are stupid and have to shout it out, otherwise, when you get back to being original, how happy it will be for you to secretly kill being original? Hey hey! Since you have a backer in Zongmen, being original won’t go back to Zongmen. "
Poor Wang Guangchun is an idiot. He meditates all day long in Zongmen, or fights with bald donkeys to hone his skills. After becoming a core disciple, some clan rules were not thoroughly understood, so such a brain-dead decision was made.
In fact, he didn’t know that the inner door and outer door disciples of the patriarchal clan killed and fought with each other, but even if the core disciples fought against each other, they needed the approval of Master Dan. Otherwise, if they fought privately, they would be reprimanded or closed. If there are core disciples killing each other, no matter which side is right or wrong, they must extract their souls to suppress the underground abyss for a hundred years and let the inner earth burn.
It is precisely because of this rule that when a crack tunnel person fights with a disorderly Taoist, he only hurts and doesn’t kill at most, unless he thinks he can escape the joint pursuit of three or five Dan divisions in Zongmen. It is also the case that the number of core disciples of Yizong is relatively large, so that their strength will not be greatly damaged because of excessive infighting.
If Wang Guang knows these rules, as long as he can return to Zongmen safely, even if he is angry again, he can only bring him some flesh wounds at most, and he will have to be closed for three to five years before he can come out.
Said Wang Guang didn’t pay attention to these rules, I’m afraid I’ll be blindsided by Taoist priests who love me, and I suddenly gave up the idea of returning to Zongmen. "Infinite that Buddha! When you are being original, you should return to Zongmen, but you just don’t return to Zongmen today. As long as you calm down in the secular world, you can concentrate on practicing. I’ll see how you can clean up being poor when you’re poor and hiding in the world of mortals. " Wang Guang turned his mind and soon made a decision. Therefore, after minimizing the fluctuation of mana, I ran into the distance along the mountains.
Roland dynasty is located at the edge of the endless mountains. On the border of Roland dynasty, there are hundreds of permanent fortresses scattered at random to stop the riots of various monsters in the endless mountains. A large number of businessmen and Jianghu people are entrenched in the towns around the fortress. They transport all kinds of hides and herbs, food and wine to earn a lot of money. There are also Jianghu people who go into the mountains to hunt wild animals or monsters, or use the treasures of monsters to enhance their internal strength, or to make a name for themselves.
Just in the early autumn, a Taoist priest suddenly came to a town. The Taoist priest had a ferocious face, long hair and tattered robes. The Taoist asked everyone if there were any unattended old people in the town.
Someone asked why people are looking for that kind of old man. The man saluted and said, "Infinite Buddha! Since I debuted, I have traveled around and done good deeds everywhere. Everywhere I go, I will look for such old people to take care of them, so that they can rely on them. "
At this time, some people were suspicious and shouted: "There is a hut under the old tree in the southeast, and there is no one to take care of the old Zhao family in it. If the Taoist priest has the heart, I will take you there to take care of him."
The Taoist priest was tempted to follow, but someone interrupted: "Speaking of no one to take care of, the old Zhao family is not ahead. There is a madman in the northwest corner. The boy joined the army and got a head injury. He doesn’t know the southeast and northwest, men, women and children. All day long, the gangsters sat there muttering, and now they are about to die. They have been neglected for more than 50 years. "
When the Taoist priest heard this, he was overjoyed and called himself lucky. "I didn’t expect that there were no gains in the first few towns. It seems that luck has made two gains in this town."
This fellow was happy, so he took a piece of money from his pocket and threw it to the two informants, asking them to lead the way to find someone.

Chapter ninety Dirty hair and shabby Chinese-style chest covering
Chapter 90
The two men were glad to get the money, but they were afraid of the fierce face of the Taoist priest and dared not lead the way alone. Therefore, they called friends and friends, called some people who liked watching the fun, and led the people to the two unattended old people.