Liang Pingwen was surprised. "Will there be a teacher in this place?"

Mengmei laughed and replied, "Don’t worry about coming with me. Are you afraid that I will harm you?"
Liang Ping’s mind is sure that such thoughts are few and they don’t agree with their actions.
In my heart, I am still struggling with what the King of God suddenly disappeared. Is it blaming myself for being lonely?
But no matter what, I always feel that this matter can be followed by them, and there will always be gains.
In mushroom public speaking, it is fate that when we meet, there will be something worthy of our attention. Whether it is good or bad, we should accept it with pleasure.
This kind of self-consolation is to follow the footsteps of Meng Mei silently.
They quickly walked out of the dense forest.
However, Meng Mei’s footsteps suddenly stopped.
"Bad people!"
Liang Pingwen was surprised.
At the same time, three people hid in a hay pile that was higher than people.
Soon I saw a pair of men in black rushing through the haystack path with long knives.
Their right arms were faintly tattooed with red crescent badges.
Liang Ping noticed that these were suddenly familiar.
Seeing that they quickly ran into the dense forest, everyone’s face looked extremely solemn.
Has been silent devoted to dust finally said "that’s green Luo Zhuang assassin what are they doing here".
"Green Luo Zhuang assassin? See? " Liang Ping asked in surprise.
"Did you see the red crescent badge tattooed on their shoulders? That’s the green Luo Zhuang assassin’s logo."
"oh? So Qing Luo Zhuang has action? "
"Ordinary action, they are usually sent to a one-week killer, and only when there is a very secret action will the crescent assassin be dispatched." Mo Chen said with a dignified face
And Liang Ping suddenly gives birth to a curious idea, "So what are their actions?"
"I think it must have something to do with this beauty contest"
"Oh?" Liang Ping looked surprised.
Mo Chen, however, continued with a calm face. "Green Luo Zhuang always does things only by herself. They never do anything that they are not sure about. They must win a championship in this beauty contest, even if they hold that person is an extremely ugly woman."
If Liang Ping realized something, he nodded frequently. "So you mean that they are really rooting out those foreign parties that have the strength to win the championship now."
Strange dust smells beautiful eyes shining with light surprise color.
Shenyi smiled and said, "You really are a smart person, but you don’t know that there are still many things. If you want to live more comfortably in this world, you’d better get along with me. Although I have nothing now, I will have the whole day soon."
Liang Ping saw a trace of wildness in her expression, and there was a faint heart. This woman was really not a good bird. Alas, such a beautiful woman, how could her heart be so diabolical?
I can’t help feeling a little sorry but a little sad and sighing to myself. What does this have to do with myself?
Suddenly, I feel that I really think too much, that is, I gently asked, "Where are these crescent assassins going?"
"Look at them running all the way to the southwest. It should be the direction of Maple City."
"What maple city?"
Liang Ping immediately associated with Shen Jianing.
Is it that Shen Jianing suffered a heart attack and has fled back to Maple City, and now the object that Qing Luo Zhuang wants to eradicate is Shen Jianing?
If that’s the case, then I’m afraid this matter will be very interesting.
Just like this, Mengmei suddenly woke up and said, "Let’s not worry about so many things. It’s better to go to Death Valley as planned and try to avoid the sight of Luo Zhuang."
Liang Pingwen’s deep sense of rationality means no more words.
Continue eastward
Sure enough, I found a wretched old man in the dense haystack.
Look at his appearance. He’s just like nanhu town’s teacher.
Mengmei threw him 3 gold coins without saying anything.
A geographical option pops up in front of a strange sound.
To find the words Death Valley is to press it without hesitation.
"howls ~ ~"
The strange wind is blowing in their ears and they have come to the valley of death.
Chapter 123 EP elves
Death valley
On both sides of the valley are unattainable cliffs, only five meters wide. The cold wind in the valley is so cold that people can’t help shivering secretly.
The mountain breeze growls strangely and can’t stop waking up. People who come here must always stay awake.
Looking around, I can’t see half a monster shadow, but the sand on the ground is blown all over the sky by the cold wind
Liang Pingsha was sent to the wrong place, but suddenly a blue light array similar to the door was found in the hidden place of the valley.
Is the mouth asked "cute sister is that place"
Meng Mei seems to have come to this place for the first time and approached the blue light array with great caution.
A strange sound appeared in front of Meng Mei’s selection interface.
Calling ep Elf Note: It costs 1 gold coin per ep Elf.
Seeing this price, Liang Ping was shocked. What does this M cost so much?
However, Meng Mei did not hesitate to choose to summon.
Immediately see a monster like a tiger looming from the virtual.
Liang Pingwen’s heart is tight and quickly takes out the cloud sword, which is a defensive consciousness to block the stranger dust and cute sister behind him.
However, when you look intently at the monster, it is motionless in the valley and makes a rough voice from its mouth, saying, "Come and chop me, and I will have experience."
Liang Pingwen Zheng seems to have perfected the opinions of the players before the test.
Is not hesitate to swing a sword to the monster.