The two forces collided in an instant and melted away from each other, but it was obvious that the dark breath of evil spirits was finally left with a trace, and when they arrived, they could not bear the chaotic force and dissipated on their own.

There is anger and another blow in MengMeng Snake. Once again, it collides with the dark energy emitted by evil spirits in the laughter of evil spirits, and the situation is the same as before.
In Tianchen Seal, helping the two can be said to be evenly matched.
= = Chapter 315 It’s for your benefit.
Pei warm stare at the present situation also don’t know whether it is a surprise or worry. MengMeng has really become so strong after absorbing the serpent’s five thousand-year capability. But she didn’t forget to say that the serpent is just the evil spirit pet. The strength of the owner of the evil spirit will obviously be one hundred times and one thousand times higher than that of the pet. If it is sealed, it will suppress the energy of the evil spirit. Is it really the peak strength that the evil spirit can control the energy to reach this strength now?
Pei Wennuan doesn’t know that MengMeng’s awakening is a mysterious force. Naturally, MengMeng’s capability is attributed to the energy absorbed from the serpent body. However, although MengMeng is powerful, I don’t know that there are still some concerns. I always feel that the evil spirit attack is a bit weird.
"Jie Jie … it seems that you also have such ability and can endure me!" The evil spirit smiled grimly.
MengMeng attached himself to Tianchen Seal, absorbed Tianchen Seal’s power crazily, and transformed its chaotic power into its own power. The golden scale rune is looming, and it seems that every rune has a stronger power.
Once again, the white and gold attacks are crazy and the dark gas collides with each other.
Three collisions in a row are the same, and evil spirits occupy a little wind every time.
"Warm up and let MengMeng come and stop staying in Tianchenyin!" Na LanYunHua suddenly out of the tone at this moment some anxious.
Pei Wennuan’s double pupil shrinkage has obviously found that something is wrong.
MengMeng actually absorbed the chaotic force in Tianchen Seal. However, at this time, the chaotic force in Tianchen Seal has stopped moving. If there is not enough time to absorb light, it is difficult to restore MengMeng. This absorption method is obviously to make Tianchen Seal shine more quickly, and the chaotic force is so bad that the evil spirit can break the seal before.
The evil spirit actually goaded MengMeng to attack it, so as to achieve the goal of making Tianchen Seal consume light and energy as soon as possible, so as to break the seal before himself.
"MengMeng, come back!" Pei Wennuan shouted to stop MengMeng from going like this again.
But at this time, MengMeng has reached the point of anger, and that inviolable pride and dignity have been occupying its ideological roots. I don’t want to stop attacking it. I must defeat the evil spirit in front of me, obviously ignoring the main purpose of the evil spirit
The evil spirit is in the power of Li Meng Meng.
Pei’s warm shouting is not good. It is not good to flicker directly and want to get close to MengMeng. The light emitted by the seal on that day is getting dimmer and dimmer. Obviously, MengMeng has not realized the seriousness of the matter.
But at the moment when Pei Wennuan just started, a figure stood in front of her and went directly towards her.
"Damn it!" Pei Nuan Nuan denounced a clear ink ring when this bastard dared to stop her from waving her.
At this time, NaLanYunHua also flicker and directly blocked the attack of MoQing ring for Pei Nuan. When the followers saw that they wanted to help stop Pei Nuan, then a few people directly surrounded him. At this time, it is best to look at more people and bully less people.
Pei Nuannuan bypassed Mo Qinghuan. When she was about to arrive in MengMeng, Zhao Qinyao suddenly appeared from the weak water. The clothes and hair that were soaked were still slowly overflowing, and the black blood had not healed, which made her whole person look weird and horrible.
"Mark, do you want to help!" Grey Cu frowned. Obviously now he is worried about Pei Nuan.
Is in just a moment of hesitation, a scream, a lonely trace, and my thoughts suddenly pulled back.
See the weak water Zhao Qinyao has lost his right arm, and then black blood suddenly soared out and fell into the weak water.
Zhao Qinyao’s pale face showed horror and anger.
Pei Wennuan actually always pays attention to Zhao Qinyao’s disappearance in weak water. According to Zhao Qinyao’s personality, he will definitely hinder her at the most critical moment. When Zhao Qinyao appears from the water, Pei Wennuan decides to wave his hand directly. soft sword wants to kill Zhao Qinyao without a reaction pot, but Zhao Qinyao’s reaction speed is also fast. He tries his best to stand up and hide as fast as possible, but soft sword, who originally wanted to cut off her head, still cut off her right arm.
The original Pei Wennuan wanted to give her a sword. Zhao Qinyao has lived long enough, perhaps because of her excellent luck, she escaped death again and again.
See dugu mark appeared beside Zhao Qinyao at this time and directly blocked Pei’s warmth to Zhao Qinyao’s attack to pull Zhao Qinyao to the shore.
Pei warm by dugu mark that a force directly back quickly approaching in the direction of MengMeng.
It was that last look at Dugu Mark that made it hard for Dugu Mark’s generation to forget.
That kind of break with disdain and irony in his eyes is even more distressing. It is so cold that the bone marrow is almost frozen and painful.
He knew Pei Wennuan would ease his chances again.
But for Zhao Qinyao, he had to save what he thought in his heart and didn’t owe Zhao Qinyao. Perhaps it was just a consolation in his heart. Reality will never allow him to abandon Zhao Qinyao.
"cousin!" Zhao Qinyao pleasantly surprised and shouted, but Dugu Mark took her to the shore and controlled her. She stopped her acupuncture points and sealed several big holes, and stopped Zhao Qinyao’s arm from flowing black blood and never spoke again.
"Cousin, let me go!" The original surprise was occupied by anger, but it didn’t get dugu mark’s response
Pei Nuan approached MengMeng with a capability to attack the evil spirits in the opposite direction and went to MengMeng to attack Pei Nuan, which instantly suppressed the dark breath of the evil spirits. Pei Nuan wanted to stop MengMeng from absorbing Tianchen Seal.
The gloomy smile of evil spirits rings again. Where will Pei Wennuan stop the opportunity?
The scene was chaotic and the fighting was everywhere.