Prior to this, the negotiations between Barcelona and Lazio were very painful.

Lotito is a cruel man, and Barcelona’s money didn’t fall from the sky.
The two sides are so deadlocked.
Up to now, Barcelona can’t hold on.
The Italian media are crazy about Fa Erkao’s 30 goals in a single season, which has aroused the interest of other European giants.
The teams that were hesitant before are going to step up their pace this time.
Now that Barcelona is the only team negotiating with Lazio, it has the advantage.
If in the case of having the initiative, Fa Erkao was also robbed, it would be unforgivable!
Moreover, after Rosell left, Barcelona has been short of too many excellent transfers. There is a voice in the media that all the players who laid the foundation of Dream II were introduced by Rosell, such as Ronaldinho and Deco … This made laporta very angry. How can people forget Dani Alves? !
Now, laporta hopes to use Fa Erkao to prove that he is the one who really knows the pearl. He also has the ability to complete a sensational transfer for Barcelona.
Another reason that prompted Barcelona to make up its mind to agree to Lazio’s terms was the poor performance of the Barcelona team in the league.
After 33 rounds of La Liga, Barcelona scored 17 wins, 10 draws and 6 losses, and scored 61 points, ranking only third. And their arch-enemy Real Madrid now has 72 points, ranking first, leading them by as many as 11 points!
Barcelona wants to win the league championship this season, which can be said to be completely hopeless.
Even from the current trend, if Real Madrid wins the championship before the 36th round of the league, then Barcelona will queue up at the Bernabeu Stadium to welcome the league champion Real Madrid!
This is a great shame for Barcelona!
Today’s situation makes Barcelona’s morale low, and fans are also uneasy about the team’s performance.
After that, only winning a player with enough weight can keep people’s confidence in Barcelona.
Fa Erkao is obviously the best.
No one in European football can be hotter than Fa Erkao this season.
He scored 30 goals in Serie A, which emphasized defense, and held high the first place in the league’s top scorer list. In the Champions League, he also leads cristiano ronaldo with eight goals, and ranks first in the scorer list with his teammate Benzema.
And Romedahl Fa Erkao, who did all this, was only 22 years old!
He has a great future!
Such a young and capable center is exactly what Barcelona needs.
If Barcelona can beat Real Madrid and win this super "tiger", I believe it can not only enhance its own strength, but also attack Real Madrid in disguise and weaken their competitiveness.
In this case, Barcelona club agreed to Lazio’s transfer fee of 50 million euros!
Next, as long as Barcelona can negotiate a personal contract with Fa Erkao, from next season, this fierce "tiger" will be a Barcelona man, wearing Barcelona’s red and blue jerseys to attack the city for Barcelona …
It is naturally the dream of Claudio Mosio, Fa Erkao’s agent, to transfer Fa Erkao to a world-renowned team like Barcelona.
He even felt that after the first world war, he could already be among the top brokers …
When Chang Sheng locked himself in his study, staring at the TV screen, watching the video of Chelsea game one after another, and often pausing, then bowed his head and recorded it in his notebook.
Suddenly, the cell phone rings loudly!
He picked up the phone, there is Lotito excited to some incoherent voice.
"Done! Chang! We got it! Do you know how much it is? Guess what? Guess! "
Chang Sheng said, "Just tell me the result directly, Mr. Chairman."
"Fifty million! Euro! 50 million! And it’s a one-time payment! No installment payment, no compensation from players, only cash! We really did it! With this money, we can get rid of nearly half of our debts! "
Lotito on the phone looked very excited.
When he chose Changsheng as the head coach of Lazio, he took a fancy to Changsheng’s ability to make money. At that time, Valencia gave Changsheng a transfer budget of 25 million euros every year. As a result, every season, the money is not spent, and Changsheng can also sell players to make money for the club.
Combined with the situation of Lazio at that time, Changsheng was the most needed coach candidate.
But even so, I’m afraid he never thought that one day, the players in his team could sell for 50 million euros!
Lazio’s debt is only 140 million euros after the leniency of the national tax authorities. After these two seasons, they scraped together 19 million euros.
Now there is a debt of 120 million euros left.
I bought Fa Erkao, earned 50 million yuan, and used it to pay off debts, and all of a sudden there was only 70 million left.
Suddenly let Lotito have a feeling that "the suffering will get through" and "the good days will come" …
In recent years, we have scrimped and saved, and even the number of disposable paper cups and toilet paper in the club has been reduced. Isn’t this the day?