It’s disgusting to see him look more furious than ferocious at the moment because they really didn’t expect those guys in the Holy City Department to be so mean to tie up his father and sister and threaten him to submit!

"Mix small! What are you doing here? Get out of here! Get as far away as possible! " By adolf hand Hans roar like this, the whole rough face is ferocious. He wants Leo to leave. Don’t fall into desperate danger because of them!
"Brother, go! These guys are not people. Go away and ignore them! " Anna is crying at the moment, but she still forces herself to calm down because she doesn’t want her brother to be in danger because of herself. Let’s go!
"Let’s go! You are quick to go … "This is the sound. As soon as she spoke, she was oppressed by a terrible momentum, stagnant, virtual tremor and divine power turbulence!
Seeing a white-haired old man dressed in a blue gold magic robe and holding a dragon-shaped terrible magic wand stepping on the surging waterfall gave several people a great shock and tremor, because it turned out to be a statue of the strong in the middle of the sanctuary, even in the whole Terran, which is the highest level, second only to the late of the sanctuary!
"Who are you? ?” Leo scanned his body with ferocious eyes and roared horribly, but he didn’t finish showing that he seemed to be planning something in the brewing!
"I am Pecheus!" The old man actually raised his head high and scanned Leo indifferently. "It turned out that you brought disaster to the whole holy city, you know? You are a sinner! "
"psst! It turned out to be the century-old strength and the most powerful guardian of his Paxeus aristocratic alliance. He had reached the peak of the early stage of the sanctuary in those years, but now there is at least a middle stage of the sanctuary! Terrible! " Several people are shocked!
"sinner! ? You tied up my father, my sister and my sister and called me a sinner. Are you all so mean? "
Leo’s eyes are extremely cold, scanning those people. Maybe they are in control of the overall situation, or maybe they seem to come out together to bully themselves. It’s annoying that there are less than three or four strong people in the sanctuary. Adolph and others have noble alliances and other top forces. The strong sword guards the Bauhinia Magic Guild and it’s cruel!
"Hugh nonsense! You are a sinner in the whole holy city. The whole holy city has come to fear disaster, and even your family are sinners. They are forgiven for being implicated by you! " A god of war in the early days of the Great Hu Sanqu is indifferent, but his eyes release a mocking sneer. He is a strong god of war in the early days of the Sanqu of the Sword Guard Association!
"Now your only chance to atone is to walk out of this city and dedicate yourself to the inferno, so that the rest of us will get peace. You must do this for the sake of the whole Terran! You have no choice! " This is another one with a meaning sound, which seems to be rejected. It comes from an ugly old fire magician. It is also an early-level dharma god of sanctuary from the Bauhinia Magic Association.
"You mean let me die into you shameless old guy! ?” Leo’s face has twitched all over, and he feels that his angry eyes are rippling, which is terrible and terrible.
"You you still have the choice? Remember that your father, sister and your friends are all in our hands. If you don’t want them to die, it’s easy to get out of here at once, otherwise everyone will burn you. Are we lying to you? " Adolf insidious smile so open his mouth as if already the shoo-in!
"despicable beast! People like you can even become the strong in the holy area. It’s simply a shame and scum in the strong in the holy area! " A hoarse voice sounded, and it turned out to be Fick from the Sword Warrior Association.
See him a face of anger out, pointing to all the people in the virtual denounced face than ridicule anger.
At the moment, his strength has reached the real fighting capacity of Samsung’s great care division. Generally, the comparison of the strong in the early days of sanctuary is also qualified to speak.
"Hum! You have no right to speak here. Get out! " But suddenly there was a cold hum in everyone’s ear, which turned out to be a strong man in the middle of the sanctuary. He came from the Bauhinia Magic Guild, and the strong man had terrible strength in the middle of the sanctuary. It was a cold hum that made Fick roll out of his throat like a lightning strike. Blood was so strong that it was like crossing the barrier in a realm!
"Azer, don’t go too far!" An extremely angry roar sounded, and it turned out that Lin Nasi appeared, releasing a terrible green light from his body, but it was that wood power that condensed into divine power and formed a terrible force around his body, causing the impact of the mountain call and tsunami to be shocking and terrible.
"You guys don’t go too far! What are you doing? Leo, he is the future of the whole holy city. I hope you want to cut off the human inheritance? " Rafael also appeared to look excited and incoherent!
However, Pecsius glanced at the crowd with a cold hum and sneered, "Lin Nasi, just because you are not qualified to remember that you are just an auxiliary dharma god. Our fighting capacity is very different. Don’t make mistakes!"
"Don’t worry about his nonsense. We don’t have time to delay here!"
Azriel cold eyes scanning the Leo cold way "you now have two choices! Go out and die by yourself, then I will give your father, sister and your friend a way out! If you and I stubbornly resist, then don’t blame us for being too weak with you people! "
"good! Ok! Good … "
Leo said three good words in a row, and his face was extremely crazy and ferocious. At the moment, his momentum suddenly erupted like a volcano, as if the ancient terrible gods woke up and shocked the whole holy city in an instant.
"Old things! You are really what are you? You are nothing in front of me. I kill you like a pig or a dog! " He crossed the virtual flashing in an instant and held a black axe in his hand. It was a terrible power. It was too imposing to oppress the axe at the other side, and a tearing virtual torrent was formed. It was terrible to make those strong people in the sanctuary tremble!
"no! How is it possible … Ah! " That Azriel old thing suddenly turned crazy and built several roads beside him. energy shield wanted to stop Leo’s terrible attack, but there was no root. Leo had enough power to rival the later period of sanctuary. It was terrible to crush him easily!
"Stop it! Stop it for me! "
And just at the moment, there was an extremely terrible force from the majestic sound of a horse, which belonged to the late period of the sanctuary. This level was super terrible. The divine power tried to stop Leo from killing Azriel, but he was already a little slow.
"Shameless old thing! Give me death! "
Leo frantically waved a black axe to cut it, which was like tearing the torrent of heaven and earth. The power of terror rushing to the sky instantly cut off Azil’s head and smashed all the defensive magic forces. The scene that his head and body were smashed and bloody made everyone stunned!
This is a statue of the mid-level super-dharma god of Sanctuary! How is it possible to be killed so easily? No way!
16 bloody revenge
How powerful is the strong in the middle of the sanctuary? After all, it’s simply that you can’t imagine that the high realm has reached the extreme of the whole plane, second only to the super-terror of the medieval high gods in the late period of the sanctuary!
In the middle of the sanctuary, the strong have finished, but the peak is a pinch, but it was easily beheaded by Leo. This scene made everyone tremble at the place, even the strong who finally came to the late sanctuary froze!
"You, you … actually killed Azil?"
That’s an old man who is out of shape and aging, and his eyes are bulging with dried pippi-wrapped bones. It’s like a toad with muddy eyes, which can’t attract the slightest attention when he still holds an inconspicuous dark magic wand in his hand. However, it is such an old man who looks like he is going to die, but his whole body is releasing a horrible breath, which is shocking and shocking through the sky!
"psst! It turned out to be him, Lord Weizi of Bauhinia Magic Association. He was already a strong man in the later period of the sanctuary 200 years ago. Now terror has reached the later period of the sanctuary! ?” Someone called out the identity of the newcomer and gasped in horror.
Two hundred years ago, the strong in the middle of the sanctuary, and now the strong in the late of the sanctuary, this is simply a myth. The patron saint of the Bauhinia Magic Guild now appears in this place, which shocked everyone.
"What can’t I kill him? He kidnapped my father, my sister and my friend and tried to intimidate me into going out to die. Can I just watch and do nothing? " Jiang Shang glanced at him indifferently, and his tone was extremely cold and frightening.
"Weizi adults please help us kill him! He’s a demon who killed Lord Azriel. He’s in the whole Terran. The enemy can’t let him go! Kill … Ah! "
Actually, there was such a crazy clamor on the side that Weizi frowned and was about to give a rebuke. However, Leo moved faster than him, and a terrible light directly penetrated the man. Although it was also a strong dharma god in the early days of the sanctuary from the Bauhinia Magic Association, he was so vulnerable in front of Leo that he was casually penetrated! It’s amazing!
"You …" Weitz’s look became ugly. Although he was the source of Bai Leo’s anger, it actually killed two strong people in the sanctuary level. Isn’t this a bit too much?
"Boy, now is the time for Terran to face the big enemy together, and everyone needs Qi Xin to work together to meet them! They are all strong in the sanctuary level, which is the hope of the whole Terran, but it is too much for you to kill them? " Weizi said this.
"That what just when I was oppressed didn’t see you so words righteousness is opening? Don’t you think it’s hypocritical to say that now? Old things! " Leo coldly swept his one eye sneered.
"You …"
"Shut up, Leo. Don’t talk nonsense!"
Weitz was furious when he heard this, but he was yelled at from a distance. Seeing that Siwei was stepping on a horrible grudge, he came to the center of Leo Weitz and said, "It’s hard for young people to be impetuous. Do you care if you are so old?"
"Lord Siwei!" Leo immediately spoke respectfully when he saw Siwei’s appearance, but he did not become disdainful and very modest because of his strength.
"But Siwei don’t Azriel they died in vain? That’s a strong man in the middle of the sanctuary plus a strong man in the early stage of the sanctuary, and they are also French gods who can play a key role in the post-battle! " Weitz said this with a frown. Although he knew it was Azil and the others who made a big mistake this time, it was too much to kill them directly. That’s the hope of the whole Terran!
"So what do you think is the two of them a little bit or this little bit? After all, their means are too despicable. His family threatened him to go out and die. In my opinion, they deserve to die! " Siwei’s faint opening made Weizi one leng! Then silence.
Yes, there is no need to say more about whether they are a little bit or that they can be easily killed.
Being able to easily slay the strong in the middle of the sanctuary is also close to them. This level can be said to be the culmination of the strong. It is to have the majesty of the strong and not to be trampled on!
Finally, he shook his head and sighed and slowly said to Siwei, "You can talk to him. Although this time it is really these pustules with short heads, I’m sorry for him, but after all, it’s better to fight less at a time of Terran crisis than to be taken advantage of by outsiders!"
As soon as he spoke, he slowly left. Although he lost a strong man in the middle and early days of the sanctuary, the Terran gained a strong man who went against the sky and could accept it!
"Si Siwei’s adult …"
And just after Weizi left, there were those adolf Pecsius and others left, and at the moment, they were frightened and their feet were cold!
Because Leo’s terrible murder has never been removed from them, but has been firmly locked in them. Obviously, it is a naked murder that makes people unable to bear the pallor, scalp numbness and trembling!
"Forget it. After all, you killed two. It’s a vent!" Siwei also felt the terrible dangers of Leo’s body, so he spoke with a frown.
"Si Wei’s adult, what should I forget? These people deserve to die. It’s simply a cancer in the holy city. It’s even a big problem after killing them all directly." Rafael roared at a side.
"Leo …" Lin Nasi looked at Jiang Shang with a frown and wanted to say something, but he couldn’t say it, because deep down in his heart, he still didn’t want Leo to make any more killings, but he still couldn’t say such words. After all, the other party really went too far and threatened Leo’s relatives and friends, which was simply asking for a dead end! There is no way to forgive!
"Lord Siwei, I’m sorry. I can’t spare these bastards!" However, Leo finally spoke, but his attitude was colder than that of resolute indifference.
"no! You can’t kill us! We are strong in the whole Terran sanctuary. You have no right to kill us! Lord Siwei, help me! Help me … "The god of war with a big Hu Shengyu was in chaos and opened his mouth to ask for help from Siwei, but he was killed by Leo’s instantaneous crossing to the front with an axe! The blood is raging and extremely horrified!
I have to say that Leo’s strength is really terrible now, even if he is better than the God of War in the early days of Sanctuary, it is difficult to raise any wind wolf in his hand, not to mention a wolf who has been killed by an axe after tourist trap people have finished fighting!
"The devil! You are a demon! Open your eyes and see if this is the real devil. If you don’t destroy it, none of you will have a good life! " Adolf was afraid to the extreme in his heart, but he forced himself to calm down and make such remarks, trying to encourage the strong in the dark to kill this damn demon together!
Because one thing is absolutely certain, that is, those old guys who are hiding in the dark must have many people who are still hostile to Leo. If you encourage them to come out, he will be saved!