"… fortunately, thousands of world emergencies were prepared early!"
Tianxin hey smiled.
In the following years, Tianxin failed to get away from the trapped orbital plane, but found a more unexpected secret. You know, the display of the "real eye" consumes his spiritual knowledge and the power of clearing away emptiness, without the supplement of heaven and earth. He had to tell the world to supply the spiritual world.
Reading a hundred times, its meaning is self-evident; The world is used more, and many visions can certainly be found. There are more than 7,700 worlds in Lingshengjia, which have been fully encapsulated, and it is a mysterious world with no growth phase. Therefore, in addition to the increase of the three regions in the world, Tianxin can’t find any changes in the whole world. The same is true of the 129 earthy green goblin world stones in the nine-day Hualien, except for the benign aspects of promotion and upgrading, others can’t see anything.
But the useless broken shell light green world and the dark green world of hunters are different. The reason why the world is the world. Is that it can ignore the big world outside the shell and die. The earth-green world has a growth phase, and the star fields and planets in the world will be annihilated, metaplasia and growth, thus causing the world to expand and shrink.
Although the growth of the world is inseparable from the big world outside the shell, the world with owners can completely ignore this. The world is not nourished by great vitality, and its "nutrition" can be obtained from the spiritual power of practitioners, and the spiritual power generated by the world can in turn support practitioners. This is a complementary pattern.
But at this moment, Tianxin knows that this kind of boundless common sense is wrong!
Tianxin has never given up on the cultivation of the world, especially the broken-shell light green world, even if it is to enter the large space magic array that wraps the emperor in the sky. This practice has not been broken for two days. Breaking the shell and turning the light green world into blue is the guarantee of rapidly improving the strength, so Tianxin found that it could not be separated from the big space for a while. It also strengthens the external repair of the broken shell light green world.
Variation gradually emerged in a year.
Because Tianxin has the spiritual boundary force of many worlds, he has hardly extracted the spiritual boundary force of the broken shell light green world and the hunter dark green world. However, gradually, the keen spiritual knowledge found that the thickness of the boundary shell of the broken light green world showed a trend of thinning, and the hunter dark green world, which was basically in its own state, had the same signs, but it could be ignored.
Comparing the two, Tianxin suddenly understood that the earth-green world, especially the broken-shell light green world, had lost its vitality. Although there is no trace of stars infiltrating, it is nourished by the power of clearing away emptiness and the spiritual boundary force has not been extracted, so the metaplasia speed of the star force field and the newborn star field in the world has not decreased. As a result, the broken-shell light green world is generally a long-term trend. However, this growth is unbalanced, and the shell of the world is broken. Because there is no vitality in the large space, and there is no other substitute to make up for the chaos, after the world grows, the boundary shell cannot maintain its original thickness or proportion.
"This should be a danger!"
Tianxin knows that there are actually three kinds of growth resources available for the growth of the terrestrial-green-cosmic world. One kind is the vitality of heaven and earth with mixed interest of chaos and stars in the boundless world, which is the most important resource for the growth of the world. After being filtered by the world’s crust, the chaos interest becomes a part of the crust, while the stars flood into the world to help the star field and the metaplastic star field. It can be said that the internal and external balance of the world is mainly maintained by the vitality of heaven and earth. The second growth resource in the world comes from the spiritual power of practitioners. Spiritual power can be regarded as a comprehensive resource, but it does not provide material things. Spiritual power is only used to construct growth rules and rationalize the distribution of stars entering the world. The third growth resource is the creatures in the world, which is the most dangerous resource and uncontrollable. It can be said that whether the world can really grow depends on this kind of resources, but it is also their success and their failure. The world may enter a new level because they are promoted to the sky and light blue and eventually merge with the practitioners of the world; But the world may also be because of them, and in a short period of time, the quality will be reduced, and the weight will become useless.
Based on this analysis, without the balance of great vitality, Tianxin can only assume that its broken shell and light green world are in danger, just like a balloon, which only grows up, but its shell is not thickened and toughened. If this continues, the inflated balloon will always burst.
But the problem is that Tianxin can’t give up repairing the broken-shell light green world now, and because the three systems have become a phase in the broken-shell light green world, the harmony of creatures is far from comparable to other worlds, so he just doesn’t practice, and the broken-shell light green world will also exert its own strength. It is in this way that he will find the growth of the broken-shell light green world.
How big is a green world? Although in the Sunday dharma circle of Tianxin, there is still less than half of the inventory of the chaotic world boundary shell, but this chaotic material may not be a drop in the bucket for the huge world.
"Extract a lot of spiritual boundary forces, break the shell and let it grow, or rob Peter to pay Paul, and use the boundary shells of other worlds to solve the crisis of thinning the boundary shells of the broken light green world?"

Chapter four hundred and seventy-four In people’s hands
His heart ached, and he clearly felt that with the supplement and suppression of boundless vitality in this large space, the broken shell light green world would show some crazy growth state because of the thinning of the boundary shell. If he is not careful, the broken-shell light green world on which he became a Yu-level Taoist will burst open and be scattered in this big space.
"I can’t believe that the most urgent problem is not to highlight the emperor’s arrival in the sky, but to lift the change of the broken shell and light green world!" As the sun laughed.
Tianxin finally decided to rob Peter to pay Paul. The concrete way is to graft the world. There are five worlds with thousands of star fields and even more than ten thousand star fields in Tianxin’s hand. The first one is the light green world with broken shells, the second one is the dark green world with hunters, the third one is the shallow blood world with sunken boats embedded in the spiritual armor of the world, and the fourth one is the deep blood world with brontosaurus in the Sunday dharma world, which provides spiritual power for Sunday dharma circles at ordinary times and embeds purple iron to open heavenly sword in wartime. The fifth is an extension of the ancient yellow space, twice condensed in the abyss of interest, and has evolved into a small world of heaven, blood and blue.
Tianxin’s so-called grafting world is that after the long exam, the blood-blue little micro-world is broken and docked with the hunter’s dark green world, and then more than 1,000 star fields in the hunter’s dark green world are sucked into the little micro-world by using the huge suction of the blood-blue little micro-world. Then supply the broken light green world with the chaotic shell of the hunter’s dark green world.
This is undoubtedly a huge and time-consuming project. Tianxin will choose the inner star field of the dark green world for the hunters. On the one hand, the blood-blue world is big enough, and secondly, I want to see what changes will be brought to the blood-blue world after the star field of the dark green world of the hunters enters the blood-blue world, and whether it can give him an opportunity to repair the world outside. The third is probability. By casting the growth rules in the hunter’s dark green world, Tianxin is 60% sure that the star field in the dark green world can be transplanted into the blood-blue world.
Transplanting the world and acquiring the world shell is a helpless move and a test at the same time.
Looking at the expanding world of broken shells and light green, Tianxin knew that he could not hesitate any longer, so he offered a sacrifice to Hualien for nine days, and started the nine planets mixed array of Lotus Nutrilite, relying on the spiritual boundary force of the 129 green goblin world stones in the large array, and then operated in the body in the 33rd paragraph. The power of clearing away the emptiness was separated out, and the purple iron opened the heavenly sword, and began to cut the chaotic shell of the blood-blue micro-world or the hunter’s dark green world from a little point. The boundary shells drawn from the blood-blue world are temporarily included in the space prepared by the Sunday dharma circle, and these boundary shells will be used to bridge the blood-blue world after the transplantation task is completed. However, the boundary shell drawn from the hunter’s dark green world is turned into chaos by refining device during external repair and hit the broken shell light green world that has been sacrificed in the air.
The whole project is easier said than done.
Tianxin is just to open and open two worlds that are all unfolded in a big space, and it is almost collapsed every day. This makes Tianxin truly understand the difference between the high-quality world and the low-quality world. During the period when the Emperor descended from heaven to refine the spiritual armor, seven thousand seven hundred and seventy-six mysterious blood worlds were opened. Although the aperture of the opening was very small, only meters, it didn’t take much effort. Right now. Whether it’s a world with little blood blue or a world with dark green products, it’s particularly difficult to row it. The most abominable thing is that the next day, when I look at it, the cut place actually grows together.
This forced Tianxin to use the New Territories steel in the Sunday Dharma circle to refine the boundary steel pipe that can withstand the growth pressure of the world’s boundary shell for a certain period of time. Of course, he also had to give up the wonderful idea of opening two high-quality worlds at the same time and focus on the dark green world of hunters first.
It seems that the matter of hunting the dark green world has been solved, but in fact, with the progress of the project, the deep wisdom, quick wisdom and strength of Tianxin are all entangled in new problems that are constantly derived, and the first good intention eventually evolved into a lasting adventure.
The broken shell and light green world is growing healthily. And Tianxin is busier. There is not enough new territory steel in Sunday’s dharma circle, so. After completely opening up the dark green world of hunters, Tianxin began to prepare a large number of new territories steel to support the blood-blue world and the larger dark green world. Two main materials, the breath of chaos, are taken from the boundary shell of the dark green world of hunters. Xingyuan interest rate is extracted from the unmanned star field in the dark green world of hunters. Other trace elements are extracted from the earth and stone stored in dozens of star fields in the Sunday dharma circle.
These are all ready-made technologies. Is not a problem. However, when Tianxin opened the tunnel connecting the dark green world of the hunter with the tiny world of blood blue to a diameter of ten light years with his already-grown, very efficient method of opening heaven, the tunnel began to become violent, and the stars in the hunter’s world showed a sharp outward surge, and Tianxin had to temporarily seal the inner tunnel with the chaotic boundary shell, and the stars that flooded the tunnel could be absorbed by the internal energy. These stars are a great supplement to Tianxin’s capability. These days, the consumption of platform purple iron sword on his capability is great … It has reached an unimaginable level, and he even put on the spiritual world, taking advantage of the spiritual world of thousands of Xuan blood encapsulated in spiritual life armor!
But the real difficulty occurred when the hunting light green world was docked with the blood blue little micro-world, and at the moment when it was connected, two worlds with different time and space were in that one hundred light years in diameter and long.
There was a fierce collision in the tunnel light-years. When the ferocity and Tianxin looked at the escape from the breath in the tunnel and calmed down, none of the new steel quilts that Tianxin used to support the tunnel survived in the center. Fortunately, the tunnel seems to be glued by some other new substance and has not been bridged.
Carefully distribute spiritual knowledge, touch the heavenly heart and observe the firmness of the tunnel support.
In the end, when Tianxin decided to move the star field of the dark green world of hunters, twenty years had passed away in Ran Ran. Tianxin just spent a year considering and testing how to migrate the star domain, and the plan changed again and again. The original docking is a way, but the caliber of the channel is only a hundred light years. How can this caliber accommodate the star field? He can’t microfilm the unbounded star field.