Frankfurt is the largest commercial city in Germany, but most fans in China know this city because Frankfurt once brought in a China player, and the China player spent three happy years here.

Yang Chen, the first batch of players sent by China to study abroad, became one of the most successful players. He once occupied the main position for a long time in Frankfurt Team Day, which was sought after by the majority of China fans. During that time, China fans were most keen on watching Bundesliga Day. Whenever there was a Frankfurt team game on Saturday, you can always find many fans waiting by the TV and cheering silently on the other side of the ocean.
Now that Frankfurt has just returned to Bundesliga from Bundesliga, it is their greatest pursuit to avoid relegation for one year. In the face of the powerful Dortmund team, Frankfurt has maintained an extremely cautious attitude. Although every player in Frankfurt hopes to create a big upset in the Bundesliga in the away game, they are all very aware that the reality is cruel. Since the late half of the league, Dortmund has maintained a strong momentum. No team can remain unbeaten in one season, and it will be more than ten consecutive unbeaten games. It’s time for Dortmund to lose, but not in his own body. No Frankfurt player dares to announce this idea in front of the camera. Hanover 96′ s crushing defeat to all players who are about to fight Dortmund has cast a shadow on his mind. This is the home of Dortmund, but the westfalen Stadium, Dortmund fan base. If you don’t make arrogant remarks, even a little arrogant attitude will lead to fatal hiss.
When the players entered the stadium, all the players in Frankfurt showed an embarrassed expression, which was not what they had always seen around them. The main teams including Adriano and Rosicky did not appear in the starting list in half of the main teams, and the Frankfurt players did not know whether they should feel lucky or sad.
Fortunately, because Dortmund didn’t send the strongest team, everyone didn’t lose too badly. Think about the strength of their team, which will never be much higher than Hanover 96. Look at the situation that they still lost four goals at home. Now it’s a terrible thing that they are in their own territory. Some teammates once chatted with friends of Hanover 96 after the game. Because of the upcoming match, teammates casually asked how you lost so badly that day, and the other side cried, "The Dortmund team are all crazy and hungry for a long time."
Such an image metaphor impressed his teammates very much. After the call, he immediately put his friend’s words in the ears of every teammate.
Fortunately, Yu Nan played in the second battle with a trace of sadness, showing that Dortmund did not pay attention to his team and his players.
Chapter one hundred and thirteen Boone Anger
Frankfurt players seem to be working very hard, and they will be despised, and the feeling department will be transformed into an offensive force. Even if they can beat their opponents at home, even if they can get a point to leave, it will be a booster for their own team, which will definitely help them to have a good mood in the later game and strictly implement the head coach’s plan. At the same time, Frankfurt always has four defenders in their own half, and it seems that there are not many means for Frankfurt to play Dortmund’s defense line. Obviously, the Frankfurt coach didn’t care about the team’s attack. He didn’t arrive on the sidelines until the defenders crossed the middle circle, calling for the players’ names to return quickly and honestly where they should be.
Dortmund’s defensive and counterattack skills were not demonstrated this season. This year, they were able to participate in the UEFA Cup competition. It was a season of defensive and counterattack. Although Dortmund had less luck in this tactic this year, it was definitely not that Dortmund changed its head coach and changed more than half of its main lineup. For example, if you look at the other team, there are few fast players in the main lineup. That is because Dortmund is in the whole Bundesliga. What’s more, all the opponents in the whole European arena regard them as a strong team, and there is no chance to make them play. If you have been following and watching Dortmund’s game, you will find that Dortmund has maintained a record of success rate of about 40% when these players have found a counterattack opportunity. This is really terrible data, and the head coach of Frankfurt team has deeply realized this terrible point after studying all the videos of Dortmund’s games this year. Before the game, he severely ordered his players to ensure that there are less than four defenders in the backcourt.
After getting the Dortmund team’s appearance list, the head coach deeply knows that he still can’t relax. Look at the current international team. The former international team is still the main theme of the whole array. Smolarek appeared in the avant-garde position, and Valdes and saviola formed an attack array. Dorasu, Lotan, Kyle, and Zaizhong often coordinated the whole main line of defense, saying that Manzini is still full of confidence in winning this game. Dortmund’s second line in the Bundesliga is enough to serve as the main line of the middle reaches of the Bundesliga.
"Money is good" is the feeling expressed by the president of the Frankfurt Club when he accompanied himself to do the adaptation training and saw Dortmund players waiting for their team to leave after they arrived at the stadium. The high tax in the Bundesliga greatly restricted the excellent players to join the Bundesliga training. You know, the signing time of Dortmund players this year is all after-tax income, which means that for every penny the club gives to players, it has to pay 90% of the money from the fund account to the national tax department. This kind of expense is beyond Frankfurt’s ability to afford now. The president of Frankfurt has always lamented that the club is located in the richest city in Germany, but he is always distressed by
During the whole half-time, both sides attacked each other, but no one could grasp the goal opportunity. Comparatively speaking, Frankfurt team had more chances. The data made all Dortmund players feel ashamed, because Dortmund team had a total of seven shots in the door frame during the whole half-time, and that shot was pitifully shot in the goalkeeper’s arms. How can it not stop Manzini from roaring in the lounge at halftime and let the main players rest? It doesn’t mean that it doesn’t need to take the league title and still wave to himself for the double title.
"If you are not competent enough, I will arrange for you to retrain in the reserve team. If you don’t want to play, let me know. I will help you arrange your family. If you want to see my bad luck, I’m sorry. I’ll give you bad luck first." Manzini coldly looked at those half-court players and said that now the clubs are behind him. Li Ning Shang is behind him. There is no need to avoid anything he said.
Such a heavy remark reminded all the players that we can’t do this. After reprimanding, the players went crazy and forced them to play at home with the support of more than 70,000 fans (and thousands of away fans). After only one minute at half-time, Frankfurt coach Benay sat in the chair and let Dortmund take the lead, which means that he can accept the loss. It is still Dortmund’s home and he has no chance.
Saviola was gliding in the field with open arms, constantly changing his direction. Valdes Dorasu followed suit behind him. Just a minute ago, saviola Valdes made a wall-hitting two-one heel and wiped the football into the opponent’s restricted area. After swinging the goalkeeper away again, he easily pushed the ball into the goal.
After coming to Dortmund, saviola hasn’t had many opportunities to show himself in Manzini’s eyes. His teammate Kavinaji is more favored than himself. He once talked with his agent about the transfer again, but his agent suggested that he stay and see. Because of Dortmund’s strength, it is well known that his high annual salary is twice as high as that when he was in Barcelona. Another thing is that it is really illegal for him to leave immediately after completing the transfer. Others will think that he is afraid of competition or has to leave after losing in the competition. Now it is the only way for saviola to prove his ability to the head coach.
Although the Frankfurt players fought back, they were so fragile in front of the players who went to Dortmund. The strength was the key to winning or losing. The key was to counterattack Valdes. Dortmund scored a goal again and sealed the victory from then on.
With the referee’s whistle, Frankfurt head coach Nye went to the fourth referee position, and he barely squeezed out a smile. Manzini shook hands and turned to the lounge, hoping to get a point. He finally failed to achieve his goal.
On the other hand, Manzini’s victory has been washed away. He angrily patted the players who left the stadium. The players high-fived each other and it felt good to win.
Since the UEFA Cup started and the Bundesliga offseason was held in Europe, many teams took their teams abroad for training and vacation, which also created a good opportunity for the League Committee to issue a punishment decision. Because Werder Bremen unexpectedly qualified from the second place in the death group this year, the League Committee did not want this punishment to cause inconvenience to the team in the Champions League. Everything should be solved in a low-key manner. Indeed, if it is too high-profile, it will be not just Werder Bremen but all the Bundesliga teams.
The League Committee has been meeting for a whole week. What is the name of punishing Werder Bremen Club? It’s a matter of learning. It’s been punished for three consecutive years, and it’s as high as 15 points. It’s never happened in the Bundesliga. If the reason is not big enough, it’s bound to cause confusion, then it’s time to start a behind-the-scenes investigation, and then it’s time for a group of senior officials of the League Committee to give a speech in Taiwan.
However, if the cap is too big, then UEFA will also pay attention to it. This year is the year when the Bundesliga turns over. The Bundesliga still needs to participate in the European war team to win points in the league. If UEFA is unhappy and cancels Werder Bremen’s qualification, it will not be worth the loss.
Think about it carefully. The League Committee thinks that it can punish the Werder Bremen Club from the administrative aspects, so that it will not cause a lot of trouble to everyone. Just a week ago, Werder Bremen Club carried out a large-scale cleaning of the department, and many management employees were unemployed. The whole club was full of noise. It was really convenient for some post personnel to hold a parade to report their real names.
So as many as a dozen reports appeared on the desk of the chairman of the League Committee, listing the chaotic management of Werder Bremen Club, and a large number of funds flowed to the management, which often affected the club workers and caused the team instability.
Immediately, the League Committee sent a League Committee investigation team to the club on the grounds that Werder Bremen was in arrears with the Committee, and the League Committee needed to thoroughly investigate the club’s accounts. As early as before the action, the League Committee and the Finance Department of Werder Bremen jointly made a book showing that Werder Bremen was interested in defaulting on the meeting.
In the process of re-checking, the investigation team kept coming up with the management violations of Werder Bremen Club Department. These reports all flowed to the news media league committee through special channels, and then they were punished for creating momentum. Especially when the investigation team revealed the illegal transfer of Werder Bremen Club, it caused some other clubs to pay attention to the fact that Li Ning, chairman of Dortmund Club, took the lead in accusing this bad phenomenon, and then the punishment of waving flags and shouting by Munich Club rummenigge became a certain result.
Just as Werder Bremen’s team started the battle for the top 16 away from home, the League Committee announced that it was in arrears with the League Committee’s funds due to various management and financial problems of its club department and illegal transfer of players. As a result, the League Committee decided to punish it. After the season, it will be fined 15 points and the penalty for arrears will be paid in the next two years before the season. The chairman of the League Committee thinks that it is enough for them to fabricate a more reasonable reason when preparing for one year.
When Born received the punishment notice letter from his assistant, he shook his head at the moment when he opened the envelope. The whole incident seemed so child’s play that it was difficult for you to doubt the punishment, but that was later.
Looking through all the punishments, Bonn was surprised to find that there was not a word aimed at worshipping the Munich club. The assistant felt that the room temperature was much higher. He looked at Bonn and his face looked so red at this time.
Chapter one hundred and fourteen Born choice
The office fell into silence, except for the slight rotation of the fish tank ventilation motor, and the breathing became the whole owner’s rotation. The new assistant watched Bonn’s eyes closed and stood motionless behind the desk. The chairman’s assistant, of course, did not dare to start holding a stack of papers. At this time, it was like a fateful moment. The assistant squeezed out a cut expression and stared at his boss for a long time. In her heart, the assistant kept praying that Bonn’s anger would die soon. She decided to open her eyes and put the papers in her hand. Put it in front of Born, and then follow Born’s thinking, all the relatives of the chairman of the League Committee, Li Ning Shang and rummenigge, the vice chairman of Munich Club, who is most annoyed by the chairman, will be turned out to greet him until the chairman is tired
Taking a deep breath, Born gently put the envelope in his hand in front of his desk. He waved to his assistant to leave his office first and then sit slowly. At this moment, Born was good at observing and sensing words. He didn’t realize that his assistant had opened his mouth and wanted to express something to himself.
Nai Fang’s file assistant Nai turned and left the office. There is always a big gap between reality and imagination.
Boone looked into the distant training ground through the huge landing glass. He liked to look at the green office. He liked to look at the players’ training ground. Boone set his daily office in the team training base. There were no high-rise buildings. There were small middle-level office buildings sitting in the fifth floor office. Boone could easily look into the base. There was a telescope quietly placed on the other side of the desk by one person and one line. That was Boone’s beloved baby. The authentic Russian army high-powered telescope made that thing. Boone could even give correction instructions to the players through words during player training, although he had never done it.
For the punishment of the League Committee, Born has already made psychological preparations. Before the punishment decision is reached, Born has been in the hands of strong players and friends, and his opponents have cleaned up everything that will be detrimental to him, quietly waiting for the League Committee to issue a punishment announcement.
At noon that day, when Bonn saw that rummenigge was also on the detention list, he felt a little schadenfreude. People always do this. When he was unlucky, it was a great thing to suddenly find that he had a he is my brother. Besides, rummenigge was culpable of punishment. If he said he was the executor, rummenigge was the planner and instigator. In the whole incident, Munich Club should bear more responsibility than himself. When the chairman of the League Committee let him go, Bonn once gave rummenigge a very affectionate look.
However, things didn’t go according to Born’s prediction, and the League Committee was punished for Byzantine Munich Club.
Is it because Li Ning did not find the evidence of worshipping Munich Club? Born shook his head. This possibility is very low. Born knows his own family very well. Since he can sell himself so cleanly, he can alleviate his anger. The family will definitely pull rummenigge to give Born a cushion.
Or has the League Committee not decided on a plan such as punishing worshippers at Munich Club? After all, Bayern is the leader of the Bundesliga, but it doesn’t mean that you can move if you want to. Carefully study and carefully consider the plan that won’t harm the interests of the League. It will be announced later. This is the style that the members of the five major leagues should show. But Bohn shook his head again and rejected his idea. Think about his club. Bayern Club has made rectification at the same time, but Bayern Club seems to be so well-prepared. Only two senior executives are said to be rummenigge’s "thorn in the side". Looking back, the gap between the staff who rushed to their club and the special investigation team of the
It must be that the three parties reached some special agreement after they left. Born frowned and his right index finger unconsciously knocked on the desktop. What prompted Li Ning to let go of the worship Munich club? Li Ning’s business should be very hostile to each other’s league committee. What kind of foot color is it in this matter? What benefits did rummenigge give Dortmund Club to make the other side give up such a good chance to take down the other side? One by one, the questions were instantly filled with Boone’s head.
Raise your hands and rub many questions on your face, which bothers your thinking. Born feels that he will be buried by anger. He needs to wake up. At this time, anger is nothing to him. He needs to think clearly about various festivals, find a way to reduce his punishment, or bring water to worship Munich Club. At this time, Born suddenly found that he didn’t hate Li Ning Shang very much. rummenigge replaced Li Ning Shang as the person he most wanted to kick the other’s ass.
It has become the only thing Bonn can do now that his friends in the league Committee send detectives to buy off the employees of various clubs who know each other. Only when he knows the truth can he formulate countermeasures.
But born was disappointed. He suddenly found that he could not grasp the context of the incident. His friend regretted telling himself about it. It was clear to the chairman and vice chairman of the League Committee that the chairman invited all the staff departments out of the meeting room when the three parties were negotiating. No third party knew what had happened in the meeting room, but the representatives of the three parties chose silence.
Born really wanted to ask the other party to inquire for himself, but he wisely chose to hang up. Now he is a landing phoenix. It is already very embarrassing for him to tell himself these facts by going to the other party. If he asks the other party to find out what he has in his hands, it will definitely harm the interests of the other party. Although his club has just undergone major surgery, he is still in the position of chairman, but he is also restricted by some forces. It is impossible to give back to the other party accordingly.
Three days later, the detectives hired by Born regretted returning the deposit to Born. Although they made great efforts to get in touch with the staff of the Bayern Munich Club in Dortmund on the same day, these people were obviously true cronies. They said that they wanted money to knock on each other’s mouth and put it into practice. But think about it, they also think it is normal. One is the oldest club with the most honors in the Bundesliga, and the other is the richest and most promising club in the Bundesliga. It is definitely a kind of luck for a club worker to be able to do this. If he betrayed his boss for a little money.
Born is very painful. When a person’s heart is beating again and his heart is tightly pinched, the feeling of severe pain is definitely much stronger than angina pectoris. He has accepted the reality. After discovering that the worship club evaded punishment through the transaction, an impulse to see the sun made him desperately try to dig out the truth and find a way to avoid or mitigate punishment, but the cruelty of reality had to make him accept another disappointment.