"Is Lyu3 bu4 really dead?" Although Yan Yan is still calm, anyone can hear the surprise and excitement in his tone. "Are you sure? What is the situation of Dong thief camp now? "

"The army hangs filial piety and cries loudly" and goes to inquire about the news, panting and saying, "Dong thief hangs up white cloth in every camp and village, and there are evocation banners and sorrows in front of the main business."
"Great!" Lieutenant Yan Yan cheered. "As soon as Lyu3 bu4 dies, the thief Dong will retreat to the rising tone, and the lost county will be recovered smoothly. And the main force of the thief Dong will also lose morale. It is a matter of time before it is serious. General, you can make outstanding achievements."
Yan Yan, though excited, was steady by nature, but he still dared not forget that he didn’t see Lyu3 bu4′ s body with his own eyes. Yan Yan dared not easily take risks and ponder for a long time. Yan Yan decided to be cautious. "You take a few people and I will take the mountain road to explore before Dong thief camp to see if Lyu3 bu4 is really dead."
Although the lieutenant felt that Yan Yan was a little too cautious, he still followed the order. After two hours, Yan Yan and others took the path around Dong Zhuo’s barracks. As detailed, Dong Zhuojun’s camp had already cried loudly, and more than 50 feet high was erected in front of the main account. Every camp was dressed in mourning and looked very eye-catching.
Yan Yan observed for a long time in the hiding place at the top of the mountain, paying special attention to the movement in front of the camp. Although you can’t see their faces, you can see that those people are stumbling and obviously very sad, and all camps are closed. It is forbidden for soldiers to leave the camp. Martial law should have been imposed in the military camp.
"General Yan, look at this situation." The lieutenant quietly gathered around Yan Yan and whispered, "Lu Bu must be dead. At the end, he will suggest that our army come to rob Dong thief camp at night. If we can grab Lu Bu’s body and send it to the front of Jia Meng, we can make Dong thief’s main force retreat without a fight."
Yan Yan didn’t speak, didn’t say yes or didn’t sayno. It took a long time before he said, "Wait, we should guard the rising tone or be careful." Suddenly Yan Yan saw several soldiers in Dong Zhuojun’s right camp turning over the village fence and sneaking out of the camp along the path to the rising tone. Yan Yan immediately ordered, "Grasp your tongue with them."
Those soldiers who escaped from Dong Zhuojun also seem to be used to taking mountain roads and picking up trees and rocks to hide their bodies, but after all, they are not familiar with the terrain near the rising tone, and they are easily surrounded by Yan Yan people before they get there, and suddenly rush out and take them all into the rising tone.
"Who are you? What escaped from Dong thief camp? " Yan Yan hewen those Dong Zhuojun deserters way
Those deserters said that they were all in Yizhou dialect, and one of them replied, "Report back to the general, we are all Yizhou people who were captured by Dong Zhuojun because of defeat. They surrendered their troops yesterday, and Lu Bu was shot dead in the battlefield. Zhang Xiu children will take the blame and take it out on us to kill our troops. We overheard Lu Bu and fled Dong Zhuojun’s camp to take refuge in Yangping."
"Lyu3 bu4 really dead? Have you seen his body? " Yan Yan asked
Those deserters nodded together. "Yes, we all saw his body and his heart was shot through. Last night, Lu Bu’s wife The Story Of Diu Sim cried herself out several times."
"Going out with a wife" Yan Yan scornfully said, "No wonder there is no such thing in the battlefield."
Lieutenant Yan Yan was overjoyed. "Old General, let’s seize the opportunity to start work."
Yan Yan hesitated for a moment and said, "Although the enemy commander is dead, we can still wait and see." Yan Yan paused and said, "If Dong thief withdraws his troops and the narrow mountain road method retreats once, we will take advantage of the virtual situation to attack them and eat them bite by bite."
Unexpectedly, after the death of Lu Bu, Dong Zhuojun did not withdraw his troops. On the second day, Zhang Xiu, dressed in white clothes and white armor, led the troops to the front to scold him. Seeing that Zhang Xiu Yan Yan was confused, the commander-in-chief was killed and his morale was greatly damaged. Did you continue to scold the front to invade the army?
The enemy’s actions don’t shoulder heavy Yan Yan’s caution, but he still can’t hold on to it. Fortunately, Zhang Xiu is not as impulsive as Lyu3 bu4. After a few hours, he retired and returned to camp. It didn’t storm the rising tone. But the next day, Zhang Xiu received the former scolding array. This time, Yan Yan’s taste was wrong, and an idea flashed in his heart …
Zhang Xiu retreated and returned to camp. Yan Yan called the lieutenant and ordered him, "You send a few people to Dong Zhuojun’s camp to count the number of their stoves every day and report back to me."
The lieutenant wondered, "The old general counted their military stoves? This is? "
Yan Yan said coldly, "Lyu3 bu4 is dead, Dong Zhuojun should withdraw, but Zhang Xiu scolded the array before it came. I’m worried that this is Zhang Xiu’s deception, but in fact, he quietly withdrew his troops and then came for us." The lieutenant suddenly realized that he had hurriedly arranged it.
On the third day, Zhang Xiu was still cursing at the front, but the number of stoves reported by the sergeant to Dong Zhuojun was more than a thousand. According to the calculation of 50 people in one stove, it was already inconsistent with Dong Zhuojun’s 50,000 troops. On the fourth day, the number of military stoves of Dong Zhuojun was only 7,000; On the fifth day, the number of military stoves of Dong Zhuojun decreased by 5,000; On the sixth day, Dong Zhuojun had only four thousand stoves …
"Dong Zhuojun indeed as expected in the withdrawal" Yan Yan ordered with a heavy punch "to prepare thatched sulfur and other kindling materials, and beat Dong Zhuojun off guard at 2 o’clock tonight"
Fair weather and beautiful Yan Yan decided to rob the camp. On the night of the robbery, there was only one round of moonlit night. The high black wind was not only a murder, arson and flower picking thief’s favorite weather, but also an ideal time for the army to rob the camp and rob the village. On the second watch, Yan Yan took thousands of elite soldiers and took many criminal tools such as firewood, sulfur and so on, and quietly touched Yangping Road. First, he killed a few unlucky patrol fighters and quietly touched Dong Zhuojun’s camp.
Yan Yan carefully concluded that there was no ambush and waved his hand to the rear. Two archers shot down the barracks almost at the same time. The sentry quietly moved to the front of the village and refused to horse. Suddenly, he shouted and rushed into the camp to set fire to the sky.
Yan Yan led an army straight to the main account, but when she first ran to the front of the main account, Yan Yan felt wrong-why didn’t there even be a wake? At this time, Dong Zhuojun’s back camp suddenly burst into flames, and several armed Dong Zhuojun soldiers came out from all corners like locusts, and Yan Yanjun was surrounded like an iron drum. The first member of the general, the red rabbit BMW, was in the hands of Fang Tian, who painted a golden crown on his head and approved a red robe. It was time to die. Wen Hou Lv Fengxian!
Yan Yan exclaimed, "You? You are not dead! "
Lyu3 bu4 laughed and patted Baojia and laughed. "Salt-cured old son saw clearly that this is Tang Xian’s armor, which is unique. Even Hou Yi’s father, Xuantie Baojia, is worse than Hou Yi’s armor. It’s really possible that he has been killed by you, but it’s better to wait for him to play along to lead you out of this salt-cured old son." Lyu3 bu4 boasted that he had a brainwave before playing dead, but it was Zhang Xiu’s idea that the body was also carefully selected from the soldiers killed that day. Deliberately made the bloody public to increase the number of troops, but also The Story Of Diu Sim and Zhang Xiu figured out the cheating together, and if it weren’t for The Story Of Diu Sim’s bitter pulling him to calm down these days, he was afraid that Lu Bu would not be able to bear it early.
Yan Yan knew she was lucky, but she still struggled to kill Lu Bu, trying to break the larger foe. Yan Yan angrily opened her eyes and shouted, "The dog thief took a shot at me!" Take Lu Bu with a gun, but Lu Bu can be afraid that he will ride with a halberd, hold a halberd, drag the halberd and slide in the middle of Yan Yan’s left shoulder. Suddenly, Yan Yan will fall off his horse and wait for Yan Yan to get up. In wartime, Lu Bu’s painting halberd has resisted his throat. "Who is my opponent except Zhao Long who can play one or two hundred rounds?"
As soon as Lyu3 bu4 got together, he took the opportunity to shout, "Listen, Yizhou Army, release weapons and spare you from death, distribute money and food, and you will go home or you will be shot!"
In the firelight, Lyu3 bu4 stands tall and mighty like a god of war, intimidating and surrounded by Yizhou Army. Look at me, I will look at you. Although they are already the most elite in Yizhou Army, they can be in the same elite and the number of equipment is far in front of their Dong Zhuojun. Their hope of breaking through is almost equal to hesitation for a moment. Finally, someone takes the lead in laying down their weapons and surrenders on their knees, and then it is like a snowball. Almost all Yizhou Army chose to surrender. Although they tried to deus ex, they were immediately chopped into pieces by Dong Zhuojun soldiers who were dozens of times their size.
Solved the problem of robbing Yizhou Army. Lu Bu Zhang Xiu acted as planned, stripped the captives of Yi Shan, and led the troops to Yangping. By the time it was four o’clock, Lu Bu made Yizhou surrender, and Yizhou dialect shouted, "Old General Men Yan won, and old General Yan took the body of Lu Bu!"
"Long live!" In the dark firelight, the garrison saw that it was their sergeant’s clothes. There was no doubt that he cheered the door and beat Lu Bu to take the opportunity to shout and lead into the Chinese army. Followed by Zhang Xiu troops, they also took advantage of the situation and entered the Chinese garrison. They were not killed by Dong Zhuojun and were lucky to be alive. Most of the defenders chose to surrender. A small number of them fled over the mountains and fled to Sichuan. The second biggest risk after Jiange also fell into Dong Zhuojun’s hands.
Taking the rising tone may be an ordinary victory for Lu Bu and Zhang Xiu in my life, but it is a reversal of the stalemate for attempting to occupy Yizhou Dong Zhuojun. Because the rising tone is the main force of Yizhou Army, Jia Long’s troops are divided into Li Yan’s troops, and it is necessary to tightly control this road to strangle Jia Long’s troops alive.
"Cicada, sit down carefully and don’t throw our daughter." After taking the rising tone, Lyu3 bu4 immediately kicked the daughter out of the list and rectified the military to Zhang Xiu himself, but Pegasus went back to camp and personally received Diao Chan carefully, and nervously helped his wife and daughter to sit down. It didn’t look like a first military commander, but a loving husband and father.
"Cicada, are you thirsty? I’ll get you some water, cicada. Are you hungry? I’ll have someone arrange meals for you, cicada. Are you tired? I’ve arranged a room. Do you want to have a rest? "
When Zhang Xiu entered the hall, he saw the scene as usual. Lyu3 bu4 was like a nagging old man wandering around The Story Of Diu Sim to be caring and attentive. Zhang Xiu shook his head and gave a wry smile a while ago and reported, "Tell Wen Hou Anmin that the notice has been posted and the prisoners have been resettled. It’s the Yan Yan old son who doesn’t know what to do. Please show Wen Hou."
"Bring him here," said Lyu3 bu4, gnashing her teeth. "How dare you sneak up on Hou and make him hide in a tent for several days? I will personally chop him up and vent his hatred!"
"General Zhang, wait a minute." When Zhang Xiu was about to go to Yan Yan, The Story Of Diu Sim suddenly stopped him and said to Lu Bu, "I don’t know what to say."
Lu Bu was stunned, but the horse said, "If the cicada has something to do, just say that the husband must be all ears."
The Story Of Diu Sim Judo "It’s hateful that Wen Hou’s stern face is harmful to you, but the two armies can’t completely blame him. He can stop our army for many days. Wen Hou also praised him for his disciplined offense and defense. He is a general. Wen Hou’s adoptive father wants to unify the sky and return it to peace and prosperity. It’s just a plan that General Wen Hou Zhang doesn’t try to get a boost from his teacher?"
The Story Of Diu Sim dialect Lyu3 bu4 has always been obedient, and The Story Of Diu Sim does have a point. Lyu3 bu4 doesn’t even want to immediately put Yan Yan’s hatred behind him and nodded and agreed to Zhang Xiu’s approval.
In a moment, I was tied up and Yan Yan was taken to the lobby. Lu Bu sat in the hall, and the knife and axe hands stood on both sides, but Yan Yan did not kneel. Lu Bu shouted, "Yan Yan, the old son of Heaven, how dare you lead the army to resist and try to assassinate Hou?"
Yan Yan did not change his face and shouted back, "General Lu Bu’s child Xichuan has a decapitated head, but it’s a pity that my arrow didn’t kill you!"
Lu Bu was furious. "The old thing is still stubborn when he is dying!" When Lu Bu ignored Zhang Xiu’s killing chickens and wiping his neck, he winked and ordered the hatchet man to say, "Pull this old thing and cut it down!"
Knife and axe hand rushed up with Yan Yan and went away. Yan Yan still looked scared and drank heavily. The knife and axe hand said, "If you want to kill, you can’t kill you." Yan Yan turned his head and walked on the spot.
"Wait" Lyu3 bu4 suddenly changed a smiling face, pushed the knife and axe hand to untie Yan Yan personally, and Zhang Xiu sat in the hall with the misty eyes and Yan Yan, and bowed to Zhang Xiu’s head. "The young general Yan has long heard of the general’s fame, but I hope the old general will forgive me for offending in the temptation just now."
Yan Yan got a fright. The winner bowed to the loser and hurried to help Lu Bu. Zhang Xiu and Zhang Xiu also took the opportunity to fill Yan Yan with ecstasy. "The old general’s name spread far and wide, and the west cool army didn’t admire the old general enough to offend him. The old general must be buried."
Yan Yan is a man of great loyalty. When Lu Bu and Zhang Xiu treat him like this, they no longer say anything, but kowtow and say, "General Wen Hou Zhang Yan Yan, who was defeated by the army, will not dare to be the gift of the two generals. If the two generals don’t abandon Yan Yan, I hope the two generals will render their services."
"That’s great." After all, Lyu3 bu4′ s simple-minded problem has not been completely cured. After Yan Yan said this, the horse cheered. "I heard that Yangping whitewater is also in the hands of the old general, so please ask the old general to persuade them to surrender."
Zhang Xiu gave Lyu3 bu4 a hard stare and said that you are really welcome. You assigned him to do things as soon as others surrendered, but Yan Yan immediately replied, "Follow Wen Hou’s orders and Yan Yan must have said nothing."
Yan Yan didn’t lie. In front of the closed door of Baishui, Yan Yan said, "I have surrendered. Are you sure you can stop the first military commander in heaven?" Baishui closed the door and slowly hit it, followed by the Shoujiang’s self-restraint and surrender. The last line of defense of Jia Long Li Yan’s army supply line fell into the hands of Dong Zhuojun, and Guangyuan, the supply transit site, was completely exposed before Dong Zhuojun’s fighters.
Chapter 17 Kill you and save you
Lyu3 bu4 army exceeded all expectations, breaking the rising tone, referring to Yizhou’s commissary route, transporting Guangyuan, and cutting off Yizhou’s military alliance. Kang Peng was helpless with Jia Long. Of course, he was so excited that Yizhou’s soldiers and civilians went to Zhoumu Liu Yan, and ordinary people didn’t panic. People prayed day and night for their loved ones to come back safely.
In fact, the happiest thing is not dancing with Kang Peng, but Li Jue, commander-in-chief of Dong Zhuojun’s third army in Sichuan. Li Jue, a witch around him, is a clown with no culture and the most superstitious. However, at ordinary times, not only when he goes out to break ground, but even when he marches and fights, he has to ask the witchcraft party to dare to act first. Although Kang Peng has scolded him many times, he promised to turn his back to his face and go his own way. This time, Li Jue quietly brought the witch to the army. Before meeting the enemy, he had to turn to witchcraft and pray for blessings before he dared
Li Jue’s superstition about witchcraft is not ungodly. Unfortunately, witchcraft didn’t bless him. Compared with Kang Peng’s leading army to attack the city and seize the land and Lu Bu’s leading a partial division to reverse the war, Li Jue’s achievements were indeed somewhat uncertain. In January, Li Jue’s army was still deadlocked in Qishan Yizhou, Li Yanjun, and his fighter plane was delayed several times because of superstition about witchcraft, which made Guo Si, Fan Chou and Zhang Ji complain that Li Jue unanimously demanded that the witch be driven away and play a few victories to revive morale.
The rice bowl is going to be smashed. Li Jue, a witch specially designed for Li Jue, had to finally gamble with tears, hoping to give her another chance to pray that the heavenly soldiers would send the enemy into the tenth floor of hell. Li Jue could not bear to let her go, so he nodded and agreed. As a result, when Li Jue was doing something, Li Yan took the initiative to withdraw his troops. The news came that Li Jue was so happy that he jumped three feet tall, called the fairy to appear, and did not get up like a fairy.
Because Lyu3 bu4 was the first flying pigeon to inform Zhao Cen, who stayed in Hanzhong, and Zhao Cen transferred it to Kang Peng, there was a lot of delay on the way. When the news was sent to Jia Meng Kang Peng, Jia Long also received a letter from Guangyuan Shoujiang Lei Tong for help at about the same time. After reading the letter, Jia Long ordered, "Let the people go to Jia Meng and insert flags, fake swords and guns, organize the old and weak soldiers to go first, and then evacuate Jia Meng to Jiange in turn."
When Jia Long’s words came out, Yizhou people were all surprised and asked, "What happened to the old general? What to evacuate? "
"Yan Yan surrendered to the enemy" Jia Long sighed and looked at the distant light way "Yan Yan was captured by Lu Bu on the battlefield and surrendered. Dong Zhuojun Yangping Baishui lost one after another. Our route for providing foodstuff may be cut off at any time. Not only do we have to retreat, but also Li Yan’s troops have withdrawn from the stack, otherwise they will be in danger of being cut off."
"Yan Yan’s children are greedy and afraid of death!" Zhang flew angrily and kicked several cases far away. "The teacher gave me three thousand horses to get the traitor’s head."
"Rebellion is naturally to be punished, but not in a hurry now," Jia Long said coldly. "The first thing to do is to take advantage of Dong thief’s ignorance that Lu Bu has threatened us to provide foodstuff and bring more than 200,000 people back to Jiange and be surrounded by Dong thief."
Jia Long’s voice did not fall outside the hall, and the soldiers told him, "I told General Dong that the thief had personally led the army and asked General Jia Lao to talk about saving the lives of our people."
"It’s so fast," Jia Long said in surprise. "How can it be so fast for Dong thief Lu Bu to send a message to take the Dingjun Mountain bypass?" However, Jia Long was no longer able to wonder that Dong Zhuojun quickly handed over the secret. Jia Long immediately decided, "What tricks does Dong thief have?"
Before Jia Meng, Dong Zhuojun lined up Kang Peng, surrounded by a group of shield hands, and rode to Jia Meng. Jia Long stood in Jia Meng and looked coldly at this comrade-in-arms and contemporary demon king who had resisted the Qiang invasion side by side. This was the first time that Kang Peng met Jia Long. Although he could not see Jia Long’s face clearly from a distance, Jia Long stood upright like a pine tree and still broke his heart.
Kang Peng fuels in Mayi. "Old General Jia hasn’t seen his style for years."