"Ha-ha, a gentleman can’t walk in the world, he can’t be happy, he can’t drink, and he can’t live. Why don’t you roll in the world of mortals and experience the beauty of people?" On whether to abandon the heavy mountains or not to destroy the angry people.

"The benefactor is possessed. It seems that the poor monk is supposed to slaughter the demon to prove the truth." Destroy the anger and get ready to go.
"Don’t attract achievements turned against you this broken Buddha don’t believe it or come to just you admire grandpa just exercise let me tear down you this hypocrite Buddha! !” After saying his word, I longed for the mountains and fit me, and the long knife in my hand rushed to destroy the angry people and went away.
Although angry people grow fat, they are more flexible than the unique Buddhist posture of transporting their spirits, that is, the golden Buddha keeps hiding from the mountains and long knives.
Seeing an opportunity, Mu Chongshan’s long knife swept across his chest to destroy the anger. A recruit "Sleeping Lohan" hid in the past and ran to Mu Chongshan’s chest with his right hand. In his view, this recruit will definitely kill Mu Chongshan, because he has not yet moved. This gesture will definitely not dodge.
Which mu mountains don’t hide, don’t flash, and suddenly stand up to the palm of your hand, and one mouthful blood gushes out. Just when the anger is destroyed, Mu mountains loosen their right hand and shoot out with a long knife and insert it into the stone stage in front of them.
Just when Muchongshan’s skill was poor, Muchongshan put his fist in his right hand, and it was really shot at Muchongshan’s heart.
It is said that most of Xuanjiamen’s martial arts moves are shielded by Mu Chongshan. Therefore, most of the moves taught by Zhan Yunyi are not except this move, which is "not well rolled up". You should know that in fairy tales, the pillar of heaven and earth was knocked off by Gong Gong, which led to the tilt of heaven and earth. Before this move is issued, you should transport your whole body to the place where you are going to be hit, and take advantage of the enemy’s strength and anger to attack the enemy unprepared. This move is generally not easy to die. After this move, it is a great flaw to hurt your body, let alone shield yourself in your
Mu Chongshan looks careless, but he is really unambiguous in martial arts. He just figured out that his strength is almost the same as his own after he killed the angry person "Great Buddha and Small Witch", so he deliberately sold a flaw to lure the angry person to attack and plan to fight him. He was prepared for his "anger"
This move does have a miraculous effect. The strength of the department of destroying anger lies in his previous move. Where did you want to get the backhand shot of Mu Chongshan in the heart? As a result, Chen was killed by breaking his heart and dying.
"The second game mu Chongshan wins! !” Seeing that the angry referee announced the end of the second game.
"Mu Dage, are you okay?" Snow lotus son saw mu mountains coming wobbly and went to ask. After all, not everyone can carry out the palm of Chen’s hand.
"I didn’t expect that bald donkey’s martial arts were so high that it was almost planted in his hands. Fortunately, it was better to divide the mountains, otherwise it would be troublesome. I’ll see what they teach!" Mu mountains don’t care about their injuries.
"Now it’s up to amuer’s third game to win another Golden Knife Khan." For Mu Chongshan’s help, Xuelian is naturally grateful.
Mu Qingfeng next to him doesn’t think so. Although the Qinglang clan and Temur lost the second game, they didn’t feel a little uneasy.
w w w
Snow Lotus soon discovered Mu Qingfeng’s abnormality, so she asked, "Why are you still frowning when Brother Mu won the game? We are at the same starting line with them now. What are you worried about? You know, amuer will have no problem stepping on the stars like a monkey when he was a child."
"No" Mu Qingfeng said slowly, "Looking at the first two games alone, we have lost and lost completely."
Looking at the opposite crowd, people dressed like lamas are staring at their side. Mu Qingfeng finally knows what the problem is.
"What do you mean? What do you mean, we have lost, don’t disturb our morale? "Snow Lotus is still joking with Muqingfeng.
"In the first race, they have calculated that we will send the highest riding skill to Tumen, so they deliberately tampered with the horses. They not only want to win the race, but also want to waste Tumen! ! Tumon is a bull clan patriarch and loyal to you. What do you think will happen if he is poisoned and chased by the wind in the galloping horse race? " Mu Qingfeng revealed the deadly trap of the Green Wolf clan.
Muqingfeng went on to say, "Although the leader of Tumen was not killed on the spot, he broke his leg after all and had to cultivate for a long time, so he definitely couldn’t take part in the second knife fighting competition. That’s why they asked Herbatu about the players before the game. If Tumen couldn’t, and our first defeat was no accident, we would definitely send the leader with the strongest martial arts."
"So what? Brother Mu is here. I don’t believe they can go against the sky. Look at us. Isn’t this a city?" Snow lotus asks.
"Then let me ask you, was the person who was killed by Mu commander a Gothic Muer or a blue wolf?" Muqingfeng rhetorical question finally made Xuelian realize the problem.
"Although I am not a prairie person, living in the grassland this year has also let me know the position of spiritual Buddhism among ordinary herders." Mu Qingfeng pointed to those people who cried and cried around the body of the angry people.
Snow Lotus turned white and murmured, "They are so vicious."
"Yes, you’re right." Mu Qingfeng didn’t say anything to Xue Lianer. "The Green Wolf clan fought with us in the south Lincheng, so they knew that Mu and Gao Jiangbi sent someone out to estimate that they couldn’t win. They simply gave up the game, but let the most powerful spiritual Buddhism in the grassland come forward and didn’t know what price they paid. As a result, it was not surprising that the angry people were killed on the spot. Although we won the game, we deeply offended the spiritual Buddhism. It is estimated that we would be in big trouble after the game was completed."
"Even if you want to make an enemy with Buddhism, you can’t wait so much. We must win this game or we won’t even have a chance to participate in the third game! !” Although this is a dangerous situation, there is no choice for Xuelian now
"The first game we lost just longed for and at the head of the back to a city if amuer can’t pick the arrow branches to golden knife khan position have to surrender? So I’m worried that their real fight is in the third competition. "Mu Qingfeng expressed his concern.
"Now there is nothing I can do. I hope amuer can finish it." Snow Lotus is also worried by Mu Qingfeng’s rhetoric.
That night, Xuelian called amuer to her room and carefully told her about the next day.
"Know the elder sister are you tired? Mu Dage just won the game today and I have to learn those high moves." amuer was impatient.
"amuer, you have to know that if you can’t get that arrow, our Golden Wolf clan will be in danger. Temur will be in cahoots with the Green Wolf clan and start a war again. Then our grassland will be devastated."
"Peace of mind, sister," said amuer, unconcerned. "You are not ignorant. I didn’t take our totem pole as a trainer to prepare for this wolf capture conference. If he shoots an arrow in the front position, I won’t even be able to smell half a column. I’m not a brother. I brag that I can go anywhere I want except my brother at the top of the blade! !”
See amuer do snow lotus some nervous, but there is always a faint uneasiness in her heart.
The next morning, when Xuelianer and them came to the totem place, they found that the Blue Wolf clan and Temur had arrived, and Temur’s Gherardini face came into view.
"Now that everyone is here, just step on the stars in the most important game of the Wolf Capture Conference. All right, please leave the venue before the contestants from both sides." An old shaman said to the crowd after the worship ceremony.
Temur and amuer stepped into the venue, waiting for Temur to shoot an arrow in front of a wick with fire in their hands, and the time would be lit.
"Don’t worry, everything has been arranged," said Herbatu quietly as Temur passed by.
"Cousin, I advise you to be dead or it’s no small matter to lose face in front of so many people." Temur did not forget to hit amuer.
"You still think about where to stay after being expelled from the Golden Wolf clan after your failure! !” Amuer is not to be outdone.
"Good I will see when you can mouth shut! ! !” Say that finish, wood bow and arrow, although others are not so good, but how can people from the Golden Wolf not have a superb skill?
Just as everyone held their breath and waited for this arrow, an accident happened. Temur shot an arrow at the sky instead of the totem pole! ! !
Looking at the arrows flying to the sky, everyone thinks that Temur has lost his mind. How can he shoot like this? Listen to a loud eagle. A black eagle rises from the blue wolf crowd, catches the flying arrows in the air, and then falls firmly on the top of the totem.
"Cousin let elder brother have a good look at you if you can climb. No one has ever climbed to the top! ! ! Ha ha ha ha ",wood unbridled laughter let livid amuer more uncomfortable.
Not to mention the top, even part of it can’t be reached by manpower, because the middle part is densely packed with blades rooted from the hands.
"You this is my objection! !” See this situation snow lotus son couldn’t help but say.
"Excuse me, where did I violate the rules? I shot this arrow myself and no one helped me. What’s against the rules? " Early even to snow lotus son reaction, wood, insidious smile asks.
"You let the green Wolf falcon sent the arrow to how to return a responsibility? Don’t say you didn’t, "said Xuelian, pointing to the falcon that fell back to Herbatu’s shoulder."
"Golden knife Khan said where words this beast do how should I know the rules are that don’t let others help Khan will never argue irrationally that this flat-haired beast is a person? Besides, this column of incense is about to burn out! " Temur pointed out that he had burned half the incense.
"The elders! ! How to calculate this? ! ! Is this also possible! ! !” Snow Lotus turned back and asked about the fair shaman next to her.
"We have never seen this situation before, but Temur really didn’t ask others for help. Although there was falcon help, it was really not illegal. There was no rule that animals should not be allowed to help." After thinking for a long time, the elder still couldn’t convict Temur of violating the rules.
"You! ! ! !” Xuelianer was speechless with anger.
"Cousin, don’t worry. If you find a big eagle to catch you and then get an arrow, I will leave Telmu. The Golden Wolf clan will no longer live in the grassland in this life. I just don’t know if there is such a big eagle. Hahahaha." In Telmu’s view, I will win.
"What should I do? ! So we will lose "snow lotus son was sweating.
"I’m not going to do it if I come. After all, this is the best time for your brother to establish his prestige, but they actually play dirty tricks. Then don’t blame us for not playing according to the rules." Mu Qingfeng said to Mu Chongshan.
A string knife strength from mu mountains fingers cut off the burning incense head.
"According to the rules, outsiders can’t go in except Temur and amuer, right? We’ll throw in the towel when the incense burns out! !” Muqingfeng fights poison with poison. Anyway, one of our own didn’t appear in the competition venue. Since the beast is not helping, it’s even more difficult to forget it.
"You! ! ! !” Temur didn’t expect them to come back, but it would be embarrassing. If the incense is extinguished, we can’t go like this again. Do you want to wait here until we die of old age?
"Anyway, even if you delayed, there was no arrow. After all, it was not brought! !” It’s always an advantage for Telmu to calm himself down.
"Don’t worry, I want you to lose your heart today! ! !” Mu Qingfeng said with answers
become enamoured
"Well, I’ll see what you can do to bring the arrow! ! I don’t believe your master can shoot him to the top of the totem pole! !” Say that finish, wood angrily sit back to your seat.
After all, it’s the Green Wolf clan and Telmu who don’t play according to the routine first, so it’s not good for the elder to pursue it too much for Mu Chongshan to shoot out the incense head.
"What can you do? You know, we are not so obedient falcon, and finally the arrow branch must be obtained by amuer, otherwise it doesn’t count. "Although Muqingfeng’s calmness makes Xue Lianer somewhat stable, she still has no way to step on the star.
"You get all the girls in your tribe who are good at sewing clothes, and then get enough parchment. I will give you a surprise in a moment." Mu Qingfeng once thought of his childhood when he was looking at the stars. His father brought his own dog eggs and three girls released the hole lights. At that time, when he saw the light flying into the hole, Mu Qingfeng dreamed that one day he could travel in the sky. I didn’t expect to realize his childhood fantasy here.
A group of women quickly made the exterior of the hole lamp under the command of Mu Qingfeng. When the bonfire was lit, this oversized hole lamp slowly left the ground. Seeing that this behemoth actually left the ground, many people of the grassland tribe were so scared that they quickly fell to their knees and kept worshiping.
Telmu thought about 1000 kinds of 10,000 possible situations, but he had never seen a hole lamp. How could he have expected that even if he wanted to do something, there would be no chance? Knowing that she wouldn’t play according to the routine, Xuelian had already made her guards protect her around. Xiao Langzhong and Mu Chongshan had just finished treatment. If Telmu and Herbatu had any bad ideas, they were afraid that they would fight on the spot. Therefore, if they didn’t bring too many men to fight, they estimated that they wouldn’t even have a slag left.
It’s almost time to watch Mu Qingfeng tie the hole lamp rope to amuer’s waist. "Remember not to rise too fast. This rope is connected to the ground. When you catch the arrow, you will descend to the middle of the totem and then do your own thing to save people from gossiping." Mu Qingfeng told him.
"Thank you for your brother-in-law." Almu knew that he would lose his arm with Golden Knife Khan today without Muqingfeng’s help.