"Actually … in fact, there are some misunderstandings!" The seventh-order ghost repair wiped the cold sweat from his face. Said trembling.

"Misunderstanding? I don’t know what it is? " Zhang Xiaotian sneer at 1, light asked.
"Is … is the upper bound of the magic xuan zong pang childe missing in hell. Bodhisattva asked me to invite Master Zhang to the underworld … to help with the investigation! " Seventh-order ghost repair said trembling.
"I’m busy, I don’t have time!" Zhang Xiaotian light glanced at him and said coldly.
"Since … in that case, I’ll go back to the Bodhisattva and report to me!" Seven order ghost repair to Zhang Xiaotian bent down for a gift, relieved and said.
"Since I’m here! Then you don’t have to go! " Zhang Xiaotian responded and said slowly.
Hearing Zhang Xiaotian’s words, everyone was frightened to disgrace!
"I said, no one can leave without our permission!" All of a sudden, Zhang Xiaotian facial expression, a sudden cold voice drink a way. More than a dozen purple psychic powers came out and struck one of them, the Seven-Order Magician, from all directions!
There is no time to hide, and there is no place to hide!
I saw that the black mountain on the magic repair body flashed and immediately went out under the purple light!
A black baby was rolled out of it, and Zhang Xiaotian said coldly, "Even if you can teleport, you can’t get rid of one today!" .
"poof!" With a loud sound, the black baby broke up! ——————————— There is no charge for the following words!
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Chapter three hundred and two Meet again
More than sixty masters of magic repair and ghost repair are about to cry, but this one is not the master of the seventh order, even the ordinary master of the eighth order is not as bad as him! How have they been treated like this when they are usually high above each other?
The seven-order ghost repair who spoke earlier breathed a sigh of relief and bent down. Usually, the higher the cultivation, the higher the status, the more afraid of death, and he is no exception. Adjust the agitation in the body, and the seventh-order ghost xiu said carefully: "Zhang’s adult! I don’t know what to tell me to do? " .
Zhang Xiaotian looked at the ghost repair with admiring eyes, and then said faintly: "In fact, there is not much matter for you to stay next time. I just want to treat you well after seeing you all the way here!" .
Hearing Zhang Xiaotian’s words, more than 60 masters couldn’t help cursing, damn it! Hospitality? Is there anyone who is so entertaining? However, they dare not show this emotion on their faces, nor dare they say anything to shirk it! Those dead companions just now have sounded the alarm for them! Stay, stay, stay!
"It’s said that the Lord of the Qin Clan of the Heavenly Ghost Gate was invited by your master, the King Earth Treasure, to sit in the underworld. I wonder if this is the case?" Zhang Xiaotian deadpan asked slowly.
"Heavenly Ghost Gate, Master of Qin Gate?" They look one leng!
"What adults are talking about is that guy Qin Wen?" Suddenly, a ghost emperor at the peak of the sixth order asked gruffly. Hell 18, the slowest exhibition! Master also corresponding hand, mostly from other hell! There are only five, which belong to Hell No.18! However, four of them were just killed by Zhang Xiaotian! Qin Wen is a new generation of masters, and this sixth-order ghost repair is also known by coincidence! As for other ghosts in hell, as long as they are not new seven-order masters or geniuses like Wang Mu. They don’t even care! Six-order peak period? There are too many such ghost practices around the earth treasure king! After all, it has accumulated for nearly one hundred thousand years …
"Exactly!" Zhang Xiaotian deep eyes suddenly a bright, slowly nodded and said.
"I don’t know if the Lord of Qin is in the underworld?" Zhang Xiaotian a face of insipid, could not say what expression.
"Yes … yes!" Sixth order ghost emperor said hesitantly! Qin Wen’s whereabouts, he heard some! See Zhang Xiaotian this attitude, seems to have anything to do with Qin Wen … This made his heart, very uneasy …
"Qin door Lord is a friend of mine, who once had a kindness to me! I am a grateful person. The grace of dripping water, the spring pays off! As soon as he comes back, I will let you go at once! You can tell this to your master! " Zhang Xiaotian coldly glanced at the six-order ghost repair, said slowly. Heart is holding up incomparably anger! Look at the expression of this ghost, the form of Qin Wen, obviously not so good! Zhang Xiaotian also don’t beat around the bush with them, directly point out the intention! Take your lives for Qin Wen’s! Qin Wenhuo, you live! Qin Wen died. You die! A group of experts look confused! However, a Qin Wen can cover the lives of more than 60 of their masters, which is obviously unusual! Good for Zhang Xiaotian? Is it an eighth-order master? The brains of a group of masters of magic repair and ghost repair immediately began to activate! The earth treasure king arrested an eighth-order monk? Now Zhang Xiaotian wants to trade them? Although they are confident of their nobility, compared with the masters of the eighth order … the difference is not a fragment!
"Zhang Xiaotian! Do you know the consequences of this? You do this. Will get our whole magic Xuanzong hostility! Our patriarch and the earth treasure king together … "A sixth-order peak magic repair with a snort of cold. Said coldly.
"Before-"before he finished. Several purple lights flashed. Directly annihilate his whole body clean!
"I don’t like others to threats! You demon Xuanzong sent such a big battle. Is it like no hostility? " Zhang Xiaotian said coldly.
"Zhang’s adult misunderstood! The reason why we magic Xuanzong are like this. Real is to find our big childe! The eldest son hasn’t returned for a long time. The patriarch was afraid that something would happen to him. This just sent me to wait! " A seventh-order magic repair accompanied by a smiling face. Said respectfully.
"PangShen has been killed by me. You all know it in your hearts! You say. My relationship with the demon Xuanzong. Can it be eased? " Zhang Xiaotian stared at the magic repair. Asked slowly.
"Uh …" Hear Zhang Xiaotian so bluntly. Seven order magic repair immediately remained! Who killed Ponshin? The two sides thought that Zhang Xiaotian should speak so frankly! In this way. He is nothing to say.
"You let the earth treasure king hurry to send Qin door Lord! Otherwise. Every two minutes, I will kill one of you! After killing you, the earth treasure king won’t come. Then I will personally call the door! " Zhang Xiaotian eyes coldly scanned the rest of the ghost repair master, said slowly.
Just now, the magic monk reminded him that a king of earth treasure would make him difficult to deal with! If we give the earth treasure king time, let the earth treasure king get Pang Tianyou, the patriarch of Xuanzong, or find an eighth-order master again, it will be in trouble! Therefore, Zhang Xiaotian can’t give the earth treasure king too much time!
Hell is not far from the back capital, and it has a transmission array! It takes less than two minutes to get here from hell, if you hurry!
"yes! Yes! Yes! " Listen to Zhang Xiaotian, every two minutes to kill one, a seven-order ghost repair immediately got a fright! Nodding in a hurry, I took out a communication stone from my pocket and linked it with the earth treasure king! After they showed their extraordinary talents, they were gathered up by the king of earth treasure, and they have been growing up around the king of earth treasure, eating and drinking Lazarus, and they have special personnel to serve them, and they have not made more contact with the outside world! Therefore, Zhang Xiaotian a threat, immediately afraid!
Seeing the performance of this seventh-order ghost repair, Zhang Xiao, as a heavenly heart, felt sad! What the earth treasure king has done is still not comprehensive enough! Cultivate such a group of masters … No wonder we have to choose official positions from those low-ranking monks! Empty has a strong strength, but ability! Compared with the calm state of the sixth and seventh order magic repair next to it, it is really far from it!
Now the enemy’s powerful imagination, unable to deal with, immediately fled! People who often kill on the edge of life and death basically do this! However, among those who just escaped, there are three seventh-order magic repairs and two sixth-order magic repairs! There are only two sixth-order ghosts!
Now that the consequences of running away are a dead end, we should stop this kind of action immediately! However, a group of magic repair masters did not move. Look calm! The master of ghost repair is in a panic, and some even want to run again! If it weren’t for Zhang Xiaotian’s mercy, I’m afraid some ghosts will be added in the ghost repair!
From this little thing, we can see the gap between the two! In the secular world, because of a series of reasons for the country’s exhibition, it has high scores and low energy, and that’s it!
However, this can’t blame the Tibetan king, who has the eye of Lingshan. He also had to be careful! As far as possible, let these "talents" escape from the world, and it is best for a monk to disappear! Otherwise, one thousand is Lingshan now, then his forbearance will be immediately shown! You know, Lingshan has a large number of Buddha and Bodhisattva Lohan who are uncomfortable and staring at him all the time.
It is these ghosts who want to stand up against Lingshan! Zhang Xiaotian really couldn’t bear to hurt them if it wasn’t for the king of earth treasure’s excesses!
But now, their relationship can’t be eased!
The earth treasure king tried to kill him for the first time. Zhang Xiaotian is very depressed! Now he has sent so many masters to wipe him out with the magic Xuanzong! No matter how compelling the reason is, Zhang Xiaotian can’t let it go!