Being an emperor wants his daughter to choose a good son-in-law, but only those who really have it can think of a good future for themselves. In fact, no one wants to be a husband-in-law, which is really frustrating, but no one who wants to be a husband-in-law can see it.

When the Liang Empire was still in existence, there was a scholar named Jiang Hui who was a handsome man. At that time, the emperor saw others outstanding and wanted to call him to be a husband and wife. As a result, Jiang Huining never died from hunger strike at home and died. There were also officials who fled with their families to the wind without being a husband and wife.
In Tianfeng Empire, there was once a son-in-law named Yuan Jin, who was a romantic and peerless figure. She lingered in the brothel every day because of her cowardice at home. As a result, the princess was a jealous altar at that time. Once, she just took a group of women to the brothel and beat her up in front of everyone. Then all the women who were good with Yuan Jin were clubbed and killed, and no women were allowed to approach Yuan Jin again.
Yuan Jin was humiliated by this and thought that it was really interesting to hang himself that night to live in such a state.
These are all ordinary. If you touch the coquettish and slutty princess, and the man doesn’t like to put a husband aside every day, then you are really wearing a big green hat.
Therefore, in history, there are never a few royal nobles who commit suicide after not being a husband or a husband. In fact, it is extremely difficult to find a good family.
At this moment, Yun Ni said that regardless of whether it is true or not, Cang Min really panicked.
She asked herself that she would never be a husband abuser in the future, but this was explained by the fact that her lively personality often caused gossip in the palace, which made men more afraid of unjust imprisonment. Now her father wants her to find such a creature. She just wants to treat it well in the future, and it is difficult to be afraid. She anxiously grabbed Yun Ni’s hand and asked, "Good sister, please teach me what to do! I don’t want to marry someone like that! "
Yun Ni sighed, "I’m afraid there’s nothing I can do about it."
Cang Min was anxious to cry. "Good sister, you must ask me to think of a way."
Yun Ni glanced at her gently, which was only slow. "The mountain male was always the first person except the position in the DPRK. He often listened to what he said. Although Nanjing Yuan was weak, there was still a mountain male in the position after all, even if he would agree to this marriage. Maybe if he didn’t marry the wrong mountain male, he would no longer be a mountain male and would no longer listen to him."
At this time, the two men are getting farther and farther away from Mammy’s maid-in-waiting, guessing that they can’t hear themselves
Cangmin Trail: "I’m a princess, and I don’t care about these things."
Yun Ni laughed. "That doesn’t necessarily mean that I have a way to make you no longer be old-fashioned by Nan Shanyue, but only if you are willing to make moves."
"What way?"
"You can’t do this alone. You have to join hands with some princesses in the palace to do it. There is hope for success."
As soon as Cang Min stayed in Yun Ni, he said, "Haven’t you heard that many things are bad in the hands of women?"
The fifth chapter everywhere fighting (1)
The war is not in shallow water
With the disappearance of Hongyan, Yun Ni made suggestions in the palace, and a series of conspiracy contests gradually came to a close.
Qingye city, Cangtian city is like two forces in the opposition;
Shallow water and clear mountains and mountains are like two classes of people, new and old;
One of them is big noble, a big bureaucrat with an intricate network of influence, and the old ruling class has a position of one person and ten thousand people. The other one represents the civilian class, who is a hero who works hard and is looking forward to the day.
They are two extremes of civil and military, with two completely different ideologies and cultures. One is wily, good at using the knife to kill people, and the other is old and strong in the mountains. One is young and energetic, with absolute prestige, and the other is the young man who makes public the leopard.
One of them is experienced, the other is wise, the other is powerful, the other is inclined to the sky, but the goal is obvious, and the position is humble but the potential is poor.
In this contest of profit and wisdom, we can’t simply say who will win and who will lose, but the one who is prepared will definitely win a lot.
The difference between Nanshanyue and Yun Ni is that it was clear before the invasion stopped. If you want to marry, you have to face not a South wound but the whole Nanshi family. It is not a Nanshanyue that he wants to defeat, and the number behind him depends on him.
But he was awed.
How can soldiers be afraid of you as an imperial prime minister if they can destroy a country with 10 thousand people at the expense of life and death?
The military style is that if you don’t move, if you move, if you thunder, the military can have a feat of snake swallowing elephants, and so can the officialdom.
Nan Shanyue is an old politician and a veteran of the two dynasties, but she is a rising star in shallow water. Newborn calves are not afraid of tigers.
To everyone’s surprise, Shallow Water Clear not only wants to move Nanshan Yue, but also moves, which will make the world pay attention to the earth-shattering, passionate and bold.
People who have experienced the battlefield of life and death once they want to play a conspiracy will regard life and death, fear the hardships of the future, strive for victory with one heart and never give up!
This time, Shallow Water Clear wants everyone to have a big vision, and see how a five-year-old boy brought down the giant tree of Nanshan Yue.
Gongsunshi sat in the small pavilion in the mountain and looked at the misty rain in the distant mountains with melancholy in his heart.
Once the most prominent figure in the DPRK, he is now down and out, guarding the mountain forest and being an old man in a pastoral garden.
He should feel glad that the struggle for the DPRK has always been cruel, and it is difficult to have a good chance for all failures.