The jade emperor frowned and was unhappy. Others didn’t say anything, but the cast opposed it first.

"Give a seal things won’t be rejected, you go back first."
Three fairy twist a head looked at yuan yuan.
"The Jade Emperor is not a child’s play. The immortal mountain Lord is in charge of the qualification of all new officials."
The mood in Yuanyuan’s eyes has not been affected at all. She really can’t figure out that they are a mother and sister. She is also very sad because of her mother’s death, but her other sisters and brothers will sympathize with her and take care of her. The third sister and the older sister seem to be on guard against her.
Today, she understands that it is because she is blessed with a unique gift, and her spirit has soared after the robbery. There is always such a fear.
Now that the position of the Lord of Fairy Mountain is hers, no one will take away the robbery. She has long understood what it is to kiss these people and it is not worth being sad about.
The jade emperor is really angry this time. He knows that the old man is mindless at ordinary times, but he doesn’t think she is so mindless.
"Go, Gourmet, come back today, and the party is ready."
The god of food came to be an old god. Seeing that the royal family fight was suddenly named, it was a ceremony and respectfully agreed.
The Jade Emperor knows that this is not the time to chat with Xiao Lao at home. She will face more challenges when she takes the position of Xian Zun. He can protect her for a while and he can’t sit in this position forever.
"Okay, that’s it."
As soon as the voice fell, he was gone
The god of food breathed a sigh of relief and saw her former good friend standing in the hall, but looking at this tense atmosphere is really beyond the control of a little fairy like her.
Within a minute, everyone in the hall was gone.
How many immortals are left?
Daxian walked slowly to Yuanyuan with a smile on his face.
"Don’t blame your third sister. She has a good heart and feels that you are too young to win this position."
Yuanyuan smiled and waved one by one, which made thousands of auspicious signs appear outside the hall.
"Big sister, what do you think this is? The ability to summon thousands of auspicious things is that Yu Pei can make it recognize the Lord after recognizing the Lord. "
Although Daxian was surprised, his face didn’t show at all.
Is three fairy took two steps forward in the eyes is unbelievable.
"How is that possible? I have never seen Yu Pei in Xianshan confess the Lord so quickly, even when the Jade Emperor was a day later. "
The position of respecting the Lord in Fairy Mountain is not good. The first step is to get the approval of the Jade Emperor. The second step is that Yu Pei recognizes the Lord. It is extremely difficult for Yu Pei to recognize the Lord unless Yu Pei recognizes the master’s ability and mind.
"I don’t know if the big sister is still satisfied?"
Yuanyuan never disdained to fight with them. I heard them walking and rumors from the day before yesterday. If you are not firm in mind, it can really destroy a person. Some immortals have fallen to hell and become spectres.
But now that she has come back, she has grown up, and it has not been in vain for more than 60 years. She has experienced the warmth of family and seen many births, deaths and illnesses, and she has also sent away her relatives at home.
Similarly, she has saved many people and taught her a lot.
Daxian doesn’t know what the smiling face is, but he took a step back instead of holding on.
"Don’t be so stubborn, it’s not good for your mind."
Yuanyuan corners of the mouth smile with a wave of his hand makeup has changed a big red dress wearing a symbol of identity hairpin Youguiqi.
"Please don’t forget that the big sister is such a heavy gift. A person should not disobey it. Also, you should remove the people who planted the fairy mountain yourself first, otherwise don’t blame me for being merciless."
Sanxian still has a stupid expression. How can her big sister do anything out of line when she is so good?
"What are you talking about? You’ve been disobedient since you were a child, and you’ve never bullied anyone in this heaven. Why don’t you tell others?"
YuanYuanJiao is quite interesting. What’s the difference between a fairy and a human being? Isn’t it also used as a gun by others?
"Third sister, what do you think will happen if I start work on you?"
Three immortals took a step back and made a guard posture.
"You see what our good elder sister has done in private. I have evidence. Elder sister, you still don’t want any moths. I always mean to do it. If you dare to do it again, how about I personally end your life next time?"
Yuanyuan looked at Daxian word by word, and now she won’t be patient.
Daxian had sweated on his forehead and made a polite gesture.
"The lesson of Xianzun is that I will abide by it."