"Now everyone stands up!" The general ordered Hua to be neat, and no one was still sitting in sound stage.

"I declare that in view of Major Zhao Li’s outstanding record, the military region specially awarded Major Zhao Li the Second Class Red Star Medal and awarded the title of combat hero!" As soon as the general’s voice fell, someone came up with a tray with a red medal lying flat.
The general personally pinned Zhao Li’s medal on his chest and then gave him a salute. Zhao Li was straight and respectful, and the officers were like a flood. In front of so many people, the general supported and praised Zhao Li, which Zhao Li did not expect.
Second-class Red Star Medal This is the golden five-star war, and Zhao Lizhi won’t be awarded to Zhao Li until now because there is no way to send it to the institute.
Just as everyone’s medal was over, the general went on to announce that "in view of Major Zhao Li’s excellent record, the theater command specially awarded Major Zhao Li the Hero Cross!"
The military region can decide that the highest-level medal is the second-class Red Star Medal. I didn’t expect that besides the military region, the theater headquarters also gave Zhao Li such a high honor, and the Hero Cross was enough for those school officials to be jealous.
Everyone warmly palms Zhao Li’s chest with another hero’s cross. To tell the truth, two medals of this order of magnitude will have been smooth all the way if there is no principled mistake in the army. Zhao Li is still so young, so it seems that winning the fuses iconic is by no means a problem.
Today, it seems to surprise everyone wave after wave. After the two medals have been issued, the general did not let everyone sit down, but once again, he looked as if he was going to announce some orders.
The officers in the auditorium have been 90% envious of Zhao Li. It seems that in addition to medals, there must be a rank promotion. Even at the first level, it has reached the height of lieutenant colonel. It seems that Zhao Li’s future is limitless
"In view of the excellent record of Major Zhao Li, the military region specially awarded Major Zhao Li the rank of Lieutenant Colonel!" The general announced that he would let a group of officers relax, and it did!
Lieutenant Colonel’s epaulettes, collar flowers and hat badge were sent to the general. The general once again personally picked up the original major epaulettes and hung them up.
When everyone thought it was the end, the general went to the front again and announced.
"In view of Lieutenant Colonel Zhao Li’s excellent record" or this sentence, everyone has heard it a little familiar, but the next sentence makes everyone feel different
"In recognition of Lieutenant Colonel Zhao Li’s great contribution to the rebel war, the High Command decided …" Behind the words, it was already a crashing.
High command, this is not just a war zone, but the honor of the whole Federation. After everyone crashed, it seems that horses realized that they are soldiers and should not be so rude and quiet.
"The high command decided to award Lieutenant Colonel Zhao Li the first-class Red Star Medal and the title of combat hero!" The general’s words were like pouring a gourd ladle of cold water into boiling oil, and the whole auditorium was suddenly no longer quiet. This time, even the faces of only a few generals showed envy.
What does it mean to stop the first-class red star medal at the root of the noise? People don’t have to say much. Even guys like Sanders have said that they would rather give up their persistence in exchange for a first-class red star medal, not to mention these guys who are still in the military and are still eager for honor.
"Quiet!" The general’s words made the lively auditorium quiet immediately, and then the brocade box with the first-class red star medal was respectfully held by an officer on duty to the stage.
This time, even the general seemed to be jealous when he picked up the medal. He fumbled carefully in his hand for a long time and didn’t give it to Zhao Li for two minutes.
"wow!" This time, the general ordered that when Zhao Li wore a medal to salute everyone, the officers in the auditorium, including General Lucas, were all uniform, and the faces of the officers were as excited as those of Zhao Li wearing a medal. Let alone seeing the first-class red star medal awarded with your own eyes, and even seeing the medal body with your own eyes. How can it not be exciting to see the living medal winner now?
Even Zhao Li was excited once when he got the news, but now he can’t help but feel uneasy when he looks at the real medal hanging on his chest
The appearance of the first-class red star medal brought the whole commendation meeting to a climax. After the salute, the thunderous palm resounded throughout the auditorium for a long time.
No one asked why Zhao Li would win this medal. Everyone knows the confidentiality rules, and no one will question that the high command will never make such a mistake. Then it can be said that Zhao Li did make the high command recognize the record!
But the first-class Red Star Medal is out of the military area command, which has made the general very happy, and another reason why Zhao Li is wearing it here is to further motivate the military area command officers.
"Zhao Li wears this medal until your debriefing is over!" In the end, the general had to send Zhao Li to the warship after giving him a grand commendation, but when he left, the general told Zhao Li, "I want to see what those people really want to do?"
Chapter one hundred and ninety-nine Heart provocation
The general’s words made Zhao Li have a better understanding of this debriefing. His mind sounds as if it is not just a simple matter of debriefing, but Zhao Li’s conscience is not related to these ghosts.
This time, Zhao Li’s warship was not sent by the military region. One school seemed to have made a special trip to Zhao Li. When Zhao Li stepped on the warship, the school even took four guards to meet him.
However, a few medals on Zhao Li’s chest look like a red star in Phnom Penh, a red star with a silver edge and a hero’s cross. It seems that there are still some words to see these medals, and there is nothing superfluous to say. First, the four guards behind them saluted at attention, and then they saw Zhao Li’s medal with a face of surprise.
Finally, the school also simply confirmed the identity of Zhao Li and Li Mengdie and directly took them to their cabin.
Zhao Li can feel that the school has been influenced by the hostile battlefield for so long. This feeling is still that it is just boarding a warship. The identity problem should not be a problem when accompanied by the commander of the military region, and it is only to confirm the identity. What is it with four deputy armed soldiers?
Li Mengdie also felt the hostility of the school. Zhao Li didn’t leave the cabin around him. Neither of them spoke, but Li Mengdie asked Zhao Li for a look after sitting back.
Shook his head, Zhao Li motioned that he didn’t know what was going on. The implication in the general’s words was that it was very likely that someone wanted to be bad for Zhao Li, but General Lucas was so supportive. Obviously, this must have involved some factions of the military, and Zhao Li obviously belonged to General Lucas’ faction. If General Thomas was added, it was very likely that someone was suppressing the old warden’s faction.
After figuring this out, Zhao Li is no longer worried that even if he wants to move himself less, there must be a reason that he is not without the support of people and the record of the marginal planet is a real record. Even if others say nothing, it is impossible to erase it. What is there to worry about?
Sitting quietly in the cabin, Zhao Li slowly practiced. Li Mengdie looked at Zhao Li’s calm appearance and no longer worried about sitting opposite Zhao Li to practice the same.
When the warship landed, Zhao Licai woke up from his practice and went out of the cabin to see the school at the first sight.
"Sir, what is my itinerary here?" Zhao Li freely asked 1
"ah!" The school obviously didn’t expect Zhao Lihui to ask this question. It was a little surprised. Then it was immediately remedied. "Your … debriefing report will be held in three days. You can live here first!" When you hear it, there is something wrong with the arrangement before.
"Thank you, sir!" Although the school is hostile, Zhao Li does not forget his manners.
This is a military airport. After leaving the airport, it is a huge military base. This is the main base of the Earth Military Region, and its natural scale is not small.
There are other things that the school has appointed a soldier to take Zhao Li and Li Mengdie to the reception desk of the military region to settle down and leave the warship in a hurry.
"What’s the matter with that guy?" As soon as I entered the hotel room, I saw that there was no one else. Li Mengdie immediately asked out. Although she was always calm, Zhao Li seemed to be calm when it came to it.
"He wants warships to arrest me!" Zhao Li can see what that posture means, and he also believes that Li Mengdie must have seen it. If it weren’t for those medals, especially the first-class red star medal, the school would definitely start work. Zhao Li is very surprised that anyone dares to send the commander of the military region to arrest him personally. If you want to cheat, these guys have considerable background!
"What?" That’s what puzzles Li Mengdie. It takes so long to get such a result. Anyone would have an idea.
Zhao Li, however, wanted to understand some questions during the voyage and smiled slightly. "It is estimated that it is still due to the problem of marginal planets."
"Edge planet?" After hearing what Zhao Li said, Li Mengdie immediately understood what he meant. Zhao Lixian’s marginal planet looks like a military. No one else has now. The marginal planet has become a free trade port, and even the rebel government supports this free trade. Then the oil and water in China are definitely dozens of times fatter than the previous marginal planet. Some people estimate that it is jealous.
"But if you want the edge planet to transfer you, why come out like this?" This is also because Li Mengdie doesn’t understand that the creed that local soldiers should be transferred from the heart of Li Mengdie has been firmly embedded, and Zhao Li will not be able to solve things without listening to an order. Why do you have to make it so complicated?
"Do you think they can master the marginal planet by transferring me?" Zhao Li smiled slightly and asked, "Li Mengdie is an excellent student in a genius school, but after all, she is still a student and a warhead student. It is normal for me to imagine this kind of intrigue."
Li Mengdie seems to have seen the faces of the soldiers on the edge planet now, and then slowly shook his head. Zhao Li’s influence on the edge planet is a substitute, and even she can see it, and someone must have seen it.
"What should I do?" If it is a military action or spiritual practice, Li Mengdie can definitely give some suggestions, but when it comes to this kind of political struggle, even though Li Mengdie and Kang Hongyuan have been in contact for a long time, they have not learned the essence of Kang Hongyuan.
"They dare not deal with me privately!" Zhao Lixiao smiled. "Wait and see what this debriefing is all about!"
There are still three days before the so-called debriefing, and Zhao Li won’t stay at the reception desk all the time to arrange the hotel. Since I’m here, I naturally want to go out and have a look. Zhao Li plans to go home, but I think that my suspicion has not been cleared, so I temporarily dismissed this idea.
The military base is very large, and the facilities in it are more advanced than those so-called military bases operated by Zhao Li on the marginal planets. I don’t know how many times it is compared with here. The so-called military base in Zhao Li’s side is just a bunker.
Zhao Li vaguely found himself being followed all the way from the hotel to here, as if afraid that he would run away.
Not far away, there was a training scene where more than a dozen people practiced Zhao Li’s eyes lit up and strolled past. The regular army of the Earth Military Region did not know the difference between the training project and ordinary soldiers. Zhao Li was also interested in this aspect because he had been training soldiers recently.