"No woman’s intuition"

"Okay, so what’s her motivation? I remember hearing you say that Jiang Lan and Qin Keqing are sisters and sisters, but Jiang Lan doesn’t have much friendship with you, so what will she do to help you? "
Warm sighed, "This is not helping me. I think she is helping Qin Keqing, or that she doesn’t want her to water under the bridge, repeat her mistakes, and finally can’t turn her head."
I am fascinated. "If you say this, Jiang Lan is much more thorough than Qin Keqing Cong and knows that there will be no good result with you and us. Unfortunately, Qin Keqing will not be ungrateful and will not give up. She is going to go black."
"Who said not? Jiang Lan may not be surprised that she sent this message on this floor, that is, to seek peace of mind. Well, she can also sell it to me. It’s hard to say that one day we will have a real conflict, and I will show my mercy. "
I suddenly frowned at the thought of longing. "Jiang Lan seemed to have a reason for breaking into the tribal surface at that time. She had visited yiguang several times at night, but I don’t think it was the last time. That is to say, she went to Baihua Valley, which means she was surrounded by some flowers and plants. I set up a law and ordinary people couldn’t get past it, but she went in."
Warm eyes narrowed. "She knew in advance?"
"I don’t say that the disposal method is very clever, but the enemy knows that few people are interested in the array. Uncle Yao is in poor health. Sometimes he has to lie in bed for half a year and likes to study the array to pass the time."
"Do you suspect that Yao Meng Shen told her?"
I shook my head with longing. "I still know uncle Yao, but he studies those broken notes and puts them in his room. As soon as Jiang Lan enters the tribe, she lives in Yao’s house. It is not difficult for her to go into the room and have a look."
"But I heard from my mother-in-law that your uncle Yao’s room is full of machines and people who don’t understand it are very vulnerable when they go in. Jiang Lan should not find anything so easily."
"That’s right. I have reason to suspect that Jiang Lan knows Yao Shenyu, or that Jiang Lan is Yao Shenyu and goes to the tribe, so that he can live in Yao’s house smoothly, otherwise Uncle Yao won’t allow it."
"Well, your analysis makes sense. When I saw Qingyun Jiangse, I thought of Jiang Lan. Two people feel so much like martial arts, and Qingyun is behind Jiang Gu …"
A little longing reveals that "So Yao Shenyu went to the Imperial Capital after leaving the tribe and attached himself to the Jiang family. Jiang Lan was the Jiang family who helped Yao Shenyu go to the Baihua Valley of the tribe to get something."
"What is it?"
"If I am not mistaken, it should be a beauty flower."
Warm and surprised "beauty flower? I heard your eldest brother say that the process of healing with flowers is very painful. "
"It is very painful and unbearable, but Yao Shenyu dares. She was the first beauty in the tribe, and she was most proud of her face. Nothing is more important than her appearance, but she was ruined when she left the tribe for life and death."
Warmth is even more surprised. "How do you know?"
"If she is not destroyed, how can there be no movement? You know, her personality is the most high-profile, and she likes bright and dazzling life, which makes her silent and forbear, that is, life is worse than death. "
Warm and white, but one thing is not connected. "How did she attach herself to Jiang Gu when she was destroyed? Jiang’s family is no ordinary family. Why should Zijiang’s family accept her? How can you let Jiang Lan venture to the tribe to help her get the beauty flowers? "
"Nature is that she is also beneficial to Jiang Gu."
Fascinated sneer at "what else can it be? What is more attractive to the ambitious Jiang family than this? Yao Shen-yu may have been looking for someone to lean on, but she didn’t know what disaster she would bring to the tribe! If the Jiang family really attacks the tribe in the future, she will be a tribal sinner! "
The warmth of my heart sank. "Ah Wang, did you and the holy already know?"
Looking forward to god, my eyes flashed and my whole body cold faded. "What did I know?"
Warm grunted, "Don’t pretend. Isn’t it too late to hide it now? I just said I was happy, but now I’m vague. Do you think I’m stupid? "
Enthusiasm is still struggling "warm son …"
Warm up and leave. When you see it, you are so fascinated that you sit beside her and hug Nai Tao. "Well, if I say a word, it will make you warm, and you are here to torture me."
Warm smile scold "who told you to fool me?"
"I’m not fooling you. I’m the eldest brother. Let me keep it from you for a while."
"Hum, I’ll settle accounts with your eldest brother another day. You should say frankly, be lenient and resist strictly."
"What’s from? Can you still sleep at night? "
"You are a sperm brain! Hurry up and explain! "
"Ha ha ha ….. well, I said that in fact, when the eldest brother went to the imperial city to see Zhou Hanhan’s father, he vaguely felt that we had thought about many possible tribal crises. In fact, in the final analysis, it is two words * * or greed, ambition and the ability to be greedy for the tribe will surely be a high-ranking person."
"So you suspect that Zhou Jia or Jiang Jia?"
"The most capable people in this country are their families, aren’t they?"
Let’s try it around five o’clock.
Section 413
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The warmth of the heart is even heavier, and it is difficult to ask after the voice is blocked for half a ring. "So do you suspect that it is the Zhou family first?"
Enthusiastic hug her hand a tight "warm son very don’t want to be a week home? For what? Zhou Hanhan? "
Warm reluctantly smiled. "Where did you want to go? I don’t want it to be Zhou’s family because of Master Zhou. I have a good impression on him. I don’t want to be wrong about General Zhou. I don’t know about Zhou’s strength and ability. You all know that if the enemy is the tribe’s misfortune and disaster."
He grunted wistfully, "We are not afraid of him."
Warmth gave him a beating. "Aren’t you afraid of me? I’m afraid that if he really covets the tribe, even if the tribe wins, there will be casualties. Are you willing?"