Two dog is aware of the team’s production situation.

He reported to Hang Yu one by one.
"In the low-grade medicine, 75 copies of Goblin spirit recovery medicine, 5 copies of Goblin vitality recovery medicine and 2 copies of goblin painkillers were prepared!"
"In the mid-range potions, the speed potions and latent potions of the cat demon have been prepared for 5 portions of cat eye drops and turtle breath potions after working overtime, but there are also 3 portions."
"In the high-end potion, the cat demon turns into a magic potion, and the cat demon agile secret medicine is 2!"
"What about the boss?"
"I think it’s enough to sell for a few days!"
Hang Yu touched the second dog’s head and said, "It’s good to give Mr. Su a potion in the fat restaurant and store so many potions at the same time. You will be rewarded when you make great contributions."
Two dog shook his tail. "Oh, of course, Wang can’t slow down the production speed by himself."
Examples of spirit and vitality potions
At present, it takes about 5 minutes for a normal pharmacist to process materials and refine potions on average.
You can refine 12 in an hour.
Only 12 cigarettes in ten hours.
People are always tired and distracted when they want to use the toilet.
So the actual number is about one.
Although the team of pharmacists in Qinglong Group has already expanded to dozens of people, it is definitely the credit of everyone staying up all night and working overtime to get so many medicines in a short time.
The number far exceeds expectations.
Xiaobai, there are some aura secret medicines here.
Plus, the newly acquired potions have not been refined.
This time, once Qinglong Pharmacy started, I believe it will soon cause a sensation in Jiangcheng!
Chapter 246 Hot scene
Qinglong drugstore Wu Shi yi ye
Liang Dong called almost all the people who just didn’t have members in Skynet for two or three hundred to pull them to Qinglong Street.
Most of them are members of the first brigade 2.
In addition, there are also logistics and administrative personnel of his three brigades.
"I think the pharmacy industry in Laoliang is just a gimmick. There is no need to drag so many of us here." A burly man who looks like a gorilla couldn’t help complaining. "I think it must be a wave!"
This man is Sun Chaosheng, the captain of the tenth team.
Not only Sun Chaosheng, but also members of Skynet are puzzled.
Medicine Skynet is very tight. After all, at present, Skynet has four groups of combatants, each with about one thousand people.
The drug consumption of official combat members alone is an amazing number.
Besides these thousands of fighters, there are also constantly expanding reserves and logistics production troops, which do not produce huge consumption. Everyone is in short supply of potions.
National background skynet still has the method to ensure that drugs should be sufficient.
Is it really reliable for a people to get up to the pharmacy?
Team 7 beauty Liang Qiu said, "Don’t underestimate Qinglong Street. This place looks inconspicuous, but it’s actually hidden dragon and crouching tiger. Am I right?"
She glanced at Liang Dong.
Hangyuke lives in seclusion near here.
Nine times out of ten, this drugstore is owned by Hang Yu.
"Since it’s a pharmacy, maybe you can buy a batch of potions, don’t you just lack potions?" Liang Dong said, "Besides, this street is the busiest in this neighborhood. Many people come here to make deals. Let’s go for a stroll. Even if we can’t buy potions, we may get something from him."
It’s all here.
Of course, I have to go shopping.
When a large group of people entered Qinglong Street in great strides.
They were very surprised to find that Qinglong Street was more lively than expected. There were many street vendors on both sides of the street. Besides, the most distinctive and noticeable thing in Qinglong Street was … dogs!