The dense floating boats penetrated the thick black clouds and entered the battlefield, surrounding the giant worms, but they were afraid to get close.

The newcomer is not the patrol army, but the Wanshan demon army
However, at this time, they are a little sad. Nearly half of the floating boats are smoking, and some of them are broken and crumbling.
They looked at the "bite" giant bug sticking together, and Wanshan God showed some fear and dared not approach.
"What are you doing here!"
Wanshan God drank with ferocious fangs.
"Report back to God"
A fairy snake demon flew out and trembled, "I don’t know where an army came from and surrounded us and destroyed the exit of the large array."
"They are numerous and seem to be heavenly soldiers."
It is not surprising that Wang Xuan’s eyes are slightly narrowed.
In his arrangement, he sent an elite team to attack first to find the export of Wanshan large array to intercept reinforcements
After all, according to Jubaoge’s intelligence, Wanshan is superior, but half of the demon army is still guarding the secluded large array, and there are still some private troops of Gouyuan Tianwang.
Not to mention, there are ghosts and three yuan, two old monsters, and many military forces are eyeing up near Wanshan Mountain.
It is the best choice not to accidentally cut off the entrance.
The army of talking and surveying the sky has finally arrived
First of all, the Wanshan fleet fled in the direction of dense stars piercing the dark clouds, just like a huge dragon pattern faintly formed in the arrival of stars in the night.
The flagship of the Central Committee, Mo Yunxiao, stood at the bow in a white cloak, hunting and dancing, and his brow rose.
Nowadays, besides being incorporated into the Nine-Route Army of the Gluttonous Army, the patrol army also has four big flags, that is, Zhang Heng, Liu Shun and others have re-established an elite army, which is regarded as the coach’s pro-army.
Mo Yunxiao of Qinglong Banner is good at fast attack and surprise attack, so cutting off backup naturally falls on him.
Most of the nearly 5,000 floating boats are the fastest ones, and they are good at colliding with each other. Besides, the Dragon Star Army and Wanshan Demon Army were beaten to flight before they could react.
"Star power … bucket department?"
Seeing that Tianxinghui formed the Qinglong Method, Wanshan God was also a little surprised and asked Wang Xuan, "Who are you?"
Wang Xuan glance "for the dead this question is not important".
This original effort suppressed the spirit and calmed down, and Wanshan God was completely crazy.
"What about the bucket department!"
"What about heaven!"
"The chaos in the Three Realms will start on the rise day of my cave-dwelling clan. I’ll kill you heavenly soldiers today just to sacrifice the flag!"
There are hundreds of tentacles coming out of the speaker, accompanied by the sound of snow, and all of them are inserted into the "bite" giant worm through the altar.
Even this ancient giant worm seems to feel the pain and let out a piercing and long cry.
The tail suddenly rises like a giant tower.
It’s comparable to the violent vibration of mountain giant eggs accompanied by the number of howls, and the shadow flies out like a bomb.
But it’s a few weird-looking giant worms
Some of them are similar to centipedes, but they are like small floating boats, and the insect armor is also similar to a giant worm. There are holes in front of the mouthparts to turn black balls …
Some are similar to poisonous pythons, but they have wings, and their bellies are densely covered with tentacles, spewing five-color poisonous smoke …