Hu roared and jumped in the past, commanding and slashing his retinue to death with an axe.

But now even Dahu has been entangled in several retinues, and it is even worse for those who sublimate it. How can he be separated from others to save people?
Another woman was hit in the head by a retinue, but only after a few seconds, she woke up only to find that several retinue had surrounded her.
The mummified figure blocked the light and cast the shadow of despair on her.
Presumably, she was defeated by her retinue, so that she could withdraw from the defense line and stretch her distance.
I didn’t expect to let my retinue cheat me when I was hit by a rough metal hammer with a retinue root. My shoulders were deformed and bloody at once, and she almost fainted in pain.
Xie Liu looked over there in his busy schedule and shouted, "Who will save her!"
Xie Liu Zheng followed and shouted, "It’s my contribution. What should I do if I get it now?"
Dahu wry smile way "thank less if we can’t carry it in the past, there will be no later."
Xie Liu gritted his teeth and struggled for some time. Finally, he even waved a few swords to force the squire to reach into the cup and pulled out something like a Grenade from his pocket.
The woman in red was so scared that she couldn’t hold her head and screamed, "I don’t want to die. I want to go back …"
She turned around and tried to climb over from the feet of her retinue. A retinue raised the hammer and knocked it. The woman died on the spot.
At the defense line, Hu split a retinue and gasped, "Xie Shao, take that thing out."
A moment later, a squire moved and suddenly his head exploded and a blood-red flame erupted from his body!
Its retinue exploded one after another, and the blood flame jumped up. In an instant, dozens of retinue in the assembly area died!
Zhong Tianyang’s eyes widened in the cab. Xie Liu just offered this weapon, which is not simple. It has the functions of scanning, locking the enemy and exploding.
But instead of throwing it to the ground, he threw it half way.
After that thing flew to the middle, it was suspended for half, and then dozens of red rays were emitted from the surface of the sphere.
The light swept the party and finally locked the retinue grenades, suddenly disintegrated, scattered light and other parts, and then shot out and blasted into the retinue.
There are more than just quiet retinue in the assembly area.
The light from the hall is gradually extinguished and the light in the assembly area becomes dim? ? ? ? Xie Gu Hunting Team hasn’t found out that Junren has just killed his retinue, and they are so tired that they are panting.
Xie Liu is no exception. A face of heartache must be due to losing a trump card.
It exploded only after the decomposed parts entered the retinue, and the retinue will be destroyed by the retinue.
Just this wave of retinue Xie Liu will gain a lot of points, and I believe that their ranking of Xie Family Department will have a great leap.
But that’s if he can get back alive.
Dahu consoled, "Thank you for being less. Don’t worry about it. Apart from a group of squires like today, things are rare in one area, so I’m sure I won’t meet them again."
"Besides, this group of followers can be worth a lot of points. Maybe we will be among the best as soon as the ranking is updated."
Xie Liu sighed, "I hope everyone will have a rest and scan and mark this area. Let’s go back to camp. I’m a little tired."
"Xie Shaogang, what weapon is that? It’s too powerful to kill all the retinue." A God of War rank sublimator has a face of compliments.
Xie Liu smiled bitterly. "That’s a tactical weapon recently developed by our family, and it hasn’t been officially named with a number."
"But it’s very effective in actual combat, so I exchanged it for a spare one. I didn’t expect to lose this trump card when I entered the hunting area today."
Something suddenly shrank in the shadow of the car body.
The girl gasped at the air conditioner and was about to warn her. Unexpectedly, her shoulders suddenly sank. Her face was full of horror and her eyes were wide open, and she slowly looked back.
Out of the corner of my eye, I caught a glimpse of my shoulder.
At the edge of the crowd, a girl with a childish face went to the body of the woman in red and silently took her nameplate. When she got back, she saluted.
Suddenly she was cold and suddenly turned to look behind her.
Behind him is a base wheel. When the crane is lifted, the maintenance personnel can enter the bottom of the vehicle for repair.
The girl’s face was rotten at once, and her gums could be seen from the ulcerated skin!
A shrill scream finally rang.
Xie Liu couldn’t help jumping up and looking around when he heard the call, and finally saw the girl.
A hand full of blue fungus!
The girl’s face suddenly ached, and a mass of bluish yellow mucus sprayed on her face. The mucus was so corrosive that it immediately eroded the girl’s skin.
"Bacteria! Mom, how many such things are there? "Dahu immediately ran to shoot the fungus man with an axe, but the girl could not live.
Xie Liu shouted "according to play! Snapshot bomb "
He was only then alert that the light in the assembly area was so dim that the light overhead seemed to go out at any time.
At the same time, I also saw a bacterium hanging behind the girl. The man spit out greenish yellow mucus from the inside with his mouth open, and this time it fell on the girl’s chest and legs.
The armor is fine. Although it keeps bubbling after being stained with mucus, the armor corrodes and collapses, but it hasn’t hurt the flesh yet.
But when clothes are touched by mucus, they are immediately eroded, and then the skin is exposed to this highly corrosive liquid. The girl’s fairly beautiful leg immediately loses a large piece of rotten flesh!
A soldier raised his gun and was about to fire a flare. Suddenly, a yellow water splashed over and dropped the gun. The terrorist acid in his hand not only scrapped the pistol, but also corroded his hand to visible bones.
Finally, the light in the assembly area disappeared, and suddenly there was a sound of notes and notes in the darkness around …
Chapter 2 Bite the hand that feeds you
In the next ten minutes, the assembly hall was filled with exclamations, screams and curses.
From time to time, people with bacteria flashed through the lights, and there were human faces full of fear
Xie Jia’s hunting team is on the verge of losing control. Even though Xie Xie has called people to fire flares more than once, no one has done so yet.
Facts once again prove that fear of darkness is human nature, whether it is sublimation or ordinary people.
Once the emotions get out of control, this nature will continue to enlarge and eventually lead to a mental breakdown.
Xie Jia’s team members couldn’t see clearly what was happening in the darkness, but they could "see" clearly when they built a model in the dark fog.