Interest country
Tang state
The news quickly spread to nearby countries, and various countries sent messengers to Cai.
Chu state territory
A stone tablet’ Xu Guo’ stands outside a small town.
A fast horse rushed into the biggest palace in town, which is the royal palace, but it was really very small and almost the same as the elixir courtyard.
"Wang Caiguo came to the news and there was a resurrection Dan!" Come and find a horse and send a bamboo slip
A 19-year-old boy snatched it from a crowd in the palace and looked at it carefully.
"Come back to life Dan? Maybe you can save grandpa! " Young eyes dew surprise way
"Xu Si came back from the dead Dan, and my royal family also remembered that it took 7749 days to save my father. It has been dead for more than a year!" A middle-aged man bitter way
"No, dad, look at this little girl who bought flint. Her grandmother has been dead for a long time. It’s all alive. If she eats it, she may be immortal. Maybe she can rejuvenate my country. My surname Jiang shouldn’t be annihilated. Although my country has lost its territory, we still have hope!" Young Xu si eyes firm way
"Hope? Oh, the land of Xu Guo was completely lost by the evil thief Zheng Guo, and our remnant royal family can wander around the territory of Chu and hide around, so as to restore the country? There is no chance for the ancestral temple to destroy everything! " Middle-aged male bitter way
"No, I want to try. Dad, I’m going to Cai!" Xu si eyes firm way
The middle-aged man stared at the son for a while and finally nodded and said, "Well, whatever!"
After ten days of daily popularity, the flow of people in Xiandan Hospital decreased. After all, not everyone is rich, but even if it is light, thousands of people visit it every day.
All this has just progressed with Xuan.
The nobles of the nearby city arrived first.
People in the nearby cities first arrived and quickly filled this period, which was light, and at that time, the accommodation in major restaurants in Cai also soared several times.
"My father’s business in Bian Que is getting colder and colder, but now people from all cities are pouring into me, and more and more people are coming! Where is this selling tickets? This is naked robbing money! " Cai Aihou eyes red way
"It seems that I really underestimated Bian Que and danced. When you go to see Bian Que, tell him that Wang appreciates his theory very much and hopes that Cai Guo will promote the doctor’s theory and let him come to see me soon!" Cai Wang eager way
Cai Wang always feels a little bad. What’s the problem? I can’t think for a moment.
"Well, it’s enough for Bian Que to go in person, father. Wait!" Cai Aihou said.
Cai Aihou was about to go out when attendants rushed in.
"Your Majesty has an urgent report!" The attendants sent two letters.
"Urgent report?" Cai Aihou stopped.
Cai Wang took the letter.
"The envoy sent by Zheng will arrive soon!"
"An envoy from the Tang Dynasty will arrive soon?"
Cai Wang looked at the letter in surprise.
"Is it coming to Dan from the dead?" Cai Aihou face a heavy.
"This is a country close to my Cai country, but the news is too fast!" Cai Wang surprised way
"Maybe it’s a letter of flying birds!" Aside green robe bodhi old zu frown way
"If you go there, maybe there will be envoys from other countries, such as Chen and Chu?" Cai Wang looks pale way
"Come back to life Dan and the ten exaggerated stories have been broadcast to the nations? And countries are also interested in sending people? " Blue robe bodhi old zu surly way
Dan should be in his pocket to come back to life here. Now there are so many variables?
"Father, I will go to Bian Que now!" Cai Aihou can’t wait.
"Go ahead!"
Chen Yizheng teaches Jiang Tai, Lu Brothers and Little Witch knowledge.
"Man Zhong Qi Guo stayed with him and learned more about Confucianism. Let him speak!" Chen looked at Manzhong.
Man Zhong nodded and then explained Confucianism to Jiang Tai and his party.
Then Bian Que suddenly came from the outside.