Ha ha ….. Machine warfare is for ordinary people to play real combat. The stronger the fighters are, the more powerful they are. You will make a fool of yourself if you can’t even reach the high school mecha league!

Oh … By the way, you didn’t even have a chance to make a fool of yourself because you couldn’t even pass the preliminary selection of the high school mecha league! "
Yun Fan frowned slightly at him. Cui Yushi resented each other again and again. It was a bit too much for him.
Liu Shanggong said, "Monitor Cui is right. Although mechanical warfare has certain training effect on actual combat, it is not the same as real combat. It is far more difficult for real mecha to operate again than in mechanical warfare. Many of them can’t exert their real power without strong strength."
A Liu Shanggong see Yun Fan still there continued, "still there? Go out to the playground and run for ten laps. I advise you that the entry level of the high school mecha league should be strengthened. This is not what you ordinary students can achieve in high school. This is a family competition. Don’t be wishful thinking! "
This is very hurtful. Most of the classes are aristocratic brothers. They hold their heads high one by one, and very few of them are ordinary brothers with outstanding achievements. They have the honor to take the mecha high school exam, and their heads are lowered at the moment.
"I don’t believe that ordinary born students have no real future!" Yun Fan cold hum a brisk walk out of the classroom to run outside the playground.
Liu Shanggong watched Yun Fan walk out of the classroom and glanced at the ordinary brothers in the class. "For ordinary brothers, being able to take the mecha high school means that adults can envy the mecha in the future. This is already getting ahead. You don’t want to be ambitious like Yun Fan, but you are worthless like him!"
Yun Fan is running on the playground. Running for ten laps on the playground is nothing for dark strength peak fighters. Yun Fan explained to Liu Shanggong that he didn’t want to come out and punish him because he didn’t want to lose face.
Now that he has come out, he is naturally throwing caution to the wind. He runs along the runway outside the playground and always looks hopeful when he looks at the billboard of the high school mecha league.
"I must participate in the Mecha League and I want to win the first place!"
Yun Fan heart andao eyes firm.
For ordinary students, it is already very different to participate in the high school mecha league. Want to win the first place? That’s even more impossible.
When Yun Fan was in class, he said that he was going to participate in the high school mecha league, and he was ridiculed. He didn’t dare to think of winning the first place!
"Xiao Xuan, I must win the first prize! I can’t let Xiao Xuan become a genetic monster! "
Yun Fan bite a tooth eyes warm.
Since the earth people entered the interstellar era and set foot on other planets, genetic life has always been the enemy of the earth people!
Gene life The earth fighters are all scientific and technological, but the direction is different. The earth fighters strengthen the body by practicing ancient martial arts, and the gene life evolves genes through gene drugs to strengthen the body.
Gene warrior Gu Wu realm is divided into nine levels, the same level. Gene warrior is a little weaker than ancient fighters, but gene warrior can directly upgrade through gene drugs. It is much more difficult for ancient fighters to practice on their own. The number of ancient fighters is far less than that of gene fighters
Therefore, a person on earth is at a disadvantage in the face of genetic life. Once, genetic life broke into the earth’s land and dropped a genetic virus, which caused genetic mutation in most creatures on earth.
After gene mutation, some animals’ size and strength have exploded rapidly and become genetic monsters. Humans infected with genetic viruses will also undergo various changes in gene mutation and eventually become genetic monsters.
It was in the darkest era of the earth in the new era that a large number of earthlings were infected with genetic viruses and turned into genetic monsters. Gu Wu’s father’ Jiang Huagu’ led the earthlings to cling to the last territory to retain the pure blood of the earthlings.
Until the new era in two hundred,’ father mecha’ Ji Daoqin developed the strength of the mecha’s cooperation, which was greatly improved. The fighters at the same level were slightly stronger than the gene fighters at the same level, but a mecha was enough to sweep an army of gene fighters at the same level!
Since then, the earth people have an overwhelming advantage over genetic life and have fought back against alien genetic life.
However, the earth has been infected by genetic virus, and the descendants of uninfected organisms still maintain pure blood. Those descendants of infected organisms are also genetic mutation monsters.
On the one hand, the earth’s genetic monsters are killed endlessly, and on the other hand, both ancient fighters and mecha need real enemies to sharpen their actual combat level. Genetic monsters are obviously the best target.
Therefore, even if the earth people have set foot in the era of interstellar migration, they have found many habitable life planets to immigrate to their hometown, but there will eventually be genetic monsters to compete with humans.
It was also a major reason that the people of the earth migrated in the past. The gene monster carrying the gene virus was a great threat to human beings.
Yun Fan was born into an ordinary family in Yuecheng in the new millennium. Three years later, a little baby was added to the family, his sister Yunxuan.
Now Yunxuan is studying in Yuecheng No.15 Middle School. Half a month ago, the No.15 Middle School was attacked by a gene monster. Although the gene monster was quickly eliminated by the city guard mecha, her sister Yunxuan was unfortunately attacked by a gene monster and infected with a gene virus.
Genetic virus is always a problem for people on earth. Even if Yunxuan is infected with genetic virus, it is not advanced, but it is not easy to treat. For a family like Yun Fan, it can’t afford precious anti-virus drugs in the face of genetic virus roots.
Up to three months, if the genetic virus is not removed, genetic mutation will occur, and Yunxuan will become a genetic monster!
Think of my sister Yunxuan, Yun Fan, her eyes are more enthusiastic, and her will is stronger than her heart.
"I … I must get the first place in the high school mecha league, so there will be one million federal money rewards, so I can have money to clear the genetic virus for Xiaoxuan.
And ….. The first place in the high school mecha league will reward a class B mecha, which is my dream treasure! "
Mecha, like ancient fighters and gene fighters, has nine levels: A, B, C, D, E, F, S, SS and SSS from low to high!
Mecha is much bigger than ancient fighters and gene Shiqiang Zhan. A-level mecha has the strength equivalent to level 4 ancient fighters and level 4 gene fighters, and it is even better because of the invulnerability of mecha!
This means that a level 1 ancient fighters or a level 1 gene fighter can defeat a level 4 ancient fighters or a level 4 gene fighter by manipulating a level A mecha!
The importance of mecha can be seen.
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Chapter 2 Mysterious Crystal
Today is April 1 ST, when the high school mecha league was pre-selected, Yun Fan came to pre-select for the first time.
High school mecha league entries are all A-level mecha. The pre-selection process is very simple. If you want to defeat an A-level mecha in the early stage of transformation, you will pass.
Yun Fan entered the mecha battle room after signing up.
The Mecha War Room is the place where the Mecha soldiers really carry out actual combat training. Although all the students in Mecha High School will be given an A-class Mecha, Yun Fan rarely comes here.
Mecha battle is a kind of loss for mecha, which will destroy it and need a lot of money to repair it.
Mecha High School distributes A-level mechs, but the mechs repair and maintain schools. No matter Yun Fan is an ordinary student, he doesn’t have much money to repair the mechs. Therefore, if he wants to exercise his actual combat level, he has to go to the’ Mecha War’ to conduct simulated battles.
Dadada …
A heavy sound came from a mecha in front of Yun Fan.
K15 mecha This is a powerful mecha, which belongs to the heavy mecha tonnage’ 2′.
Each level of mecha is divided into four types: H-type defense mecha, K-type strength mecha, Z-type speed mecha, and comprehensive mecha!
Medium-sized and Z-shaped light mechs, K-shaped and H-shaped heavy mechs