Lu mother will Shen Nuo calm down and then look at the closed Yang Jing Shen Nuo feel inexplicably distressed.

In the hospital
"Baby, I’m a good baby." Shen held a pillow in his heart and thought it was a baby walking back and forth in bed.
"Love, that’s not our child." Lu Qingzhou couldn’t see it. He came over and wanted to take the pillow from Shen’s feelings.
"Don’t you give me up and don’t hurt my child." Shen Qing suddenly went crazy and shouted at Lu Qingzhou
"Shen Qing you …" Lu Qingzhou stared at Shen Qing in the mind very not the taste.
☆ Chapter 5 An incredible dream!
"Qingzhou" At this moment, Tang Wei came over to persuade Lu Qingzhou that "Qingzhou’s mood is fluctuating now. You and dad should go out first and I will accompany her for a while."
Lu Qingzhou glanced at his delirious feelings and looked a little at Tang Wei and nodded to help Shen Fu out.
Shen Qing saw Lu Qingzhou leave and breathed a sigh of relief. He turned and threw the pillow to the ground and fell to the bed.
"It’s really tiring to pretend to be crazy. I’m exhausted this afternoon." Shen Qing fell to the bed and said something.
"Baby, it’s all worth it." Tang Wei walked up to Shen Qing and encouraged her to touch Shen Qing’s hair. "I heard Lu Qingzhou call Master Lu this morning."
"Oh?" Shen Qing immediately sat up when he heard this. "Qingzhou … What did he say?"
"Don’t worry" Tang Weixiao "Lu Qingzhou even called Master Lu with crying and howling. Master Lu knows that your child will not make Shen Nuo feel better"
Shen Qing smiled more than a yes man when she heard her mother say so.
"Hum Shen Nuo I will never let you feel better"
"But …" Tang Wei hesitated a little. "This Lu Xiusi seems to know something and always feels that he is investigating your pregnancy."
"Mom, you’re right!" Shen Qing sat next to his mother. "Former Qingzhou told me. He said that Lu Xiusi was investigating me, but he didn’t know that Lu Xiusi’s investigation was that I was pregnant."
"This person has a delicate mind, so we should be careful." Tang Wei said to Shen Qing.
"No matter how powerful he is, how can everyone see that Shen Nuo pushed me upstairs? Even if Lu Xiusi is so powerful, isn’t the child in my arms still lost by his wife?" Shen Qing said to Tang Wei with a proud face
"Okay, okay, what you have to do now is try your best to play well. I’ll help you find a way." Tang Wei comforted Shen Qing
"Hey, but being crazy is so tiring!" Shen Qing looked at Tang Wei very reluctantly
"Daughter, if you put up with it now, you can defeat Shen Nuo forever. Isn’t this a painful moment?" Tang Wei encouraged Shen Qing.
Section 7
"Mom, you’re right!" Shen Qing sits up. Every time she and Shen Nuo compare with each other, Shen Qing always seems to have beaten chicken blood inexplicably.
Shen Qing’s purpose is to take away everything Shen Nuo owns, which will give him a strange pleasure.
"You lie down first. I’ll call Qingzhou and Dad back!" Tang Wei let Shen Qing lie down and did it.
Tang Wei walked to the door and saw Qingzhou Lu and Shen Fugang outside the door. Tang Wei found Liu Fu travel-stained to catch up.
"If it isn’t Master Lu, why do you come here sometimes?" Tang Wei’s first question made him rest on the side, and Lu Qingzhou and Shen Fu also smelled the past.
"Grandpa, you are here!" After seeing Liu Fu coming, Lu Qingzhou couldn’t help but feel sad and went forward.
Lu Fu looked haggard and Lu Qingzhou comforted him with distress. "Don’t be sad. Take me to meet my son!"
Liu Fu symbolically greeted Shen Fu and Tang Wei and was led into the ward by Lu Qingzhou.
At this time, Shen Qing was lying in bed and closed his eyes when he heard someone coming in.
At this time, Tang Wei rushed from behind to the novel "I fell asleep when I was emotionally unstable just now. You’d better not wake her up first."
Liu Fu heard the nod, and the footsteps of a line of people became lighter.
He looked at lying in the hospital bed, feeling very sorry.
"If you don’t transfer to a home hospital, it will be more convenient to take care of you." Liu Fu said to Lu Qingzhou.
Lu Qingzhou was about to answer Tang Wei’s bad news. He quickly grabbed the answer in front of Lu Qingzhou. "It’s not necessary for in-laws to transfer to another hospital. Now it’s mainly heartbreak. Besides, I will take good care of her here."
Tang Wei flatters Liu Fu with a smile. Liu Fu didn’t continue to insist when she saw that she was determined to do so.
Lu Fu turned to Shen Fu and said, "My in-laws are sorry that this is the way for us to meet. We Lujia are also sorry that Shen Qing was hurt, but we Lujia will definitely give Shen Qing a satisfactory answer!"
Liu Fu finished and bowed respectfully to Shen Fu.
You know, Master Lujia doesn’t even see a few faces in sight on weekdays. Now, when we first met, we gave Shen Fu a big gift. Shen Fu was naturally flattered.
"No, no, no,no." Shen Fu quickly pulled Lu Fu up. "We all see that you Lujia are good at Shen Qing. We believe you!"
"Yes, yes," Tang Wei also chimed in. "A prestigious person like you must be very busy at ordinary times. It’s very kind of you to worry about our daughter!"
"I’m flattered by my mother’s marriage to Lujia. It’s always been our old couple’s heart. Naturally, we like it. We are also very distressed that this happened now."
Liu Fu looked at both of them very guilty.
"Well, when Shen Qing is discharged from the hospital in a few days, I will call a family meeting at home to study this matter together, and I will definitely give you justice."
"This is the best," said Tang Wei.
Father Lu glanced at the fact that he was still sleeping and said to Father Shen, "Since Qinger is still sleeping, I won’t bother you too much. I’ll go first!"
"Okay, I’ll send you." Shen Fu raised his hand and wanted to send Liu Fu a paragraph.
"Husband, your legs and feet are not good today, or I will send my in-laws!" Tang Wei walked in front of Shen Fu and went out with Liu Fu before Shen Fu allowed it.
"Lu’s family has heard a lot about your name for a long time. Today, I saw you through my daughter’s light!" Tang Wei walked and looked at Liu Fu and said
Tang Wei looked at the man in front of Liu Fu. Although he was young, he had the charm of a middle-aged man.
Father Lu didn’t think much of him as an in-laws and treated him like "I’m flattered by my in-laws, but I’m just an ordinary person!" "
"In-laws really underestimate themselves. How many women dream of you!" Tang Wei said this sentence with a silvery smile.
Liu Fu felt that there was something wrong with this woman before him. He looked at Tang Wei with some surprise.
"I admire you very much." Tang Wei knew that she had just acted a little too obviously and then she had a little convergence.
"I think" Liu Fu took a look at Tang Wei, a woman who still has some beauty in middle age. "In-laws say it’s too much!"
Liu Fu felt that Shen Qing’s mother didn’t respect herself, but she was polite and parted.
"Hum" Tang Wei looked at Liu Fu’s leaving back. "What’s the big deal? If you don’t rush for your stinking money, who wants to sell your color to curry favor with you!"
When Tang Wei married Shen Nuo’s father, she also ran for Shen Nuo’s father. A small company was in good condition, but in recent years, Shen Fu’s business has not improved. Tang Wei increasingly looks down on his fat old man.
If you want to say that parents are like children, you can learn from her mother.
A few days left, because both Lu Qingzhou and Shen Fu had work to do, they took care of Shen Qing and fell on Tang Weishen.
One day when Shen Qing was awake, she saw Lu Qingzhou and her father were not here. She asked Tang Wei, "Mom, do you think Qingzhou is good to me?"
Tang Wei is putting on makeup. She was surprised to hear her daughter ask, "Why do you ask?"
Shen Qing nai sighed, "When I entered Qingzhou on the day of abortion, I didn’t care how to ask the child directly. I had some …"
Shen Qing felt a little disappointed when he thought of this. I didn’t expect the child to be more important than Shen Qing in front of Lu Qingzhou.
Tang Wei knew what she was thinking. She put on lipstick and asked, "What’s the most important thing about this woman?"