Although she has just eaten pork once, she knows the pharmacological reaction.

"I don’t believe him. Don’t believe you. Come on, Miss Ogata, my time is limited. I wish you and your children all the best."
Ogata’s eyes still didn’t let go, but they became a little stronger. "Dr. Chu, do you really believe in him? In fact, his body has been tried by various drugs since childhood. He still has some self-control in that situation."
Chu smiled and pulled out of Ogata’s eyes and looked at her commanding, holding out her chest.
"Since he still has some self-control, it is even more unreasonable to eat porridge and side dishes instead of a big meal. I still have confidence in this."
Save it for you
Chu smile don’t want to wordy turned and walked out back looking at seems to be somewhat relaxed.
But Ogata’s eyes and face behind him were not as embarrassed, lost and painful as expected, but a faint smile appeared strangely.
The smile grew louder and louder and finally spread to the whole face.
The tawny glass of the fashionable building towering into the forest keeps the rolling heat wave out.
Qin Fan sat in front of her head and looked at all aspects of email. Suddenly, her cell phone rang.
He looked at his eyes to show that he would stop his hand immediately.
"Smile and miss me."
"I miss you, your woman brought your child to my clinic. This is the first and last time for me to see Qin Fan again. You are dead."
Chu smile coldly threw this sentence quickly hung up the words.
Qin Fan heart first a surprised and then a happy.
He knows very well that she laughs. She beats you, scolds you and tortures you. That means she has you in her heart and believes you.
Is it that woman who dares to look for him, or is it that he is too timid?
Since Ogata took the initiative to attack, how could he live up to the letter of smile?
Qin Fan immediately got up and picked up the phone to go out.
Suddenly, the office door was pushed in by the assistant, "Miss Fang Liang, General Manager Qin, is looking for you."
Just in time, Qin Fan coldly said, "Invite her in."
After two minutes, Ogata’s eyes will blow Qin Fan to pieces in the first sentence in front of Qin Fan.
"Qin Fanjun, I’ve come to confess that this child is not you."
Qin Fan is ready to question, but I didn’t expect to hear it, but I was shocked.
"Say what you just said again."
"This child is not you and I have come to make amends to you."
"You wait"
Qin Fan quickly walked out of the shock and immediately picked up the words, "Smile, no matter what happens to your hand now, immediately put a life for me. You must come over."
"It must be right now!" Qin fan shout at top of voice
Mood Jessica Fong Ching got such a fright that he couldn’t help helping his lower abdomen.
Fortunately, fortunately, she doesn’t love this man, so she is full of rage, and her sister forced her to sleep with him?
Mood Jessica Fong Ching sat on the sofa to "are you sure you want to call your woman? You don’t even know what I’m going to say next, do you? "
At this moment, Jessica Fong Ching changed Jiao Jiao’s weakness and wanted to hook three and take four shapes, and his eyebrows were actually sharp with a touch of light.
Qin Fan’s eyes sparkled slightly, and sure enough, this is the Ogata woman.