Since the body has become more and more feminine, Lin Jin has begun to reject contact with men more and more. However, it is good for Wenxuan to poke an arm. If she is in contact with each other like before, Lin Jin will be unable to stand it.

"I just heard her say what you lip-synched yesterday." Wenxuan looked at Feng Jingran in the front row and then clicked on the mobile phone post bar to say to Lin Jin, "She also posted it to blacken you."
"So-called" Lin Jin is in a good mood. I don’t want to pay attention to Feng Jing’s doing things, but today is also the last day for Feng Jing. Lin Jin also plans to make things disgusting by herself.
"When did your temper become so good?" Wenxuan looked at Lin Jin with a surprised face. "Look not to come out."
"Anyway, I’m going to show my love with Wu Min in front of Feng Jing this afternoon." Lin Jin holds his chin in one hand. Although he doesn’t really want to play Wu Min’s girlfriend, he still shows his love, but it’s nothing to make a little sacrifice to complete.
"What?" As soon as Wu Min heard Lin Jin’s words, he immediately raised his head and asked, "When did I promise you this?"
"Then you solved Feng Jing today." Lin Jin turned supercilious look. "And it was you who first came out of this way."
"I was wrong." Wu Min held his head and held it against the desktop.
But playing boyfriend and girlfriend with Lin Jin seems pretty good, doesn’t it? Anyway, Lin Jin’s women’s dress is so beautiful, and she had a strong wind yesterday. After going out, she won’t be ashamed, but she can get a lot of envious eyes, right?
"Then you ask Feng Jing out to talk face to face." Lin Jin has a generous waist. "You are already college students, and you are still haggling over every ounce. Now college students are really getting impure and generous."
Wu Minli spoke to Lin Jin and took out his mobile phone to make an appointment with Feng Jing qq.
Lin Jin, this guy is getting more and more shameless
"Wu Min" Lin Jin began to arrange troops according to his own ideas. "You will pretend to be close to me then and leave the rest to me."
"You won’t make trouble, will you?" Wu Min worried about looking at Lin Jin.
Although Lin Jin said that Feng Jing haggles over every ounce and has been trying to be a classmate, he himself is not like this. If Feng Jing comes out this time, he will give Lin Jin the opportunity to vomit blood.
"It’s better to find a quiet place where there is no one around, so it’s more convenient for me to do things," Lin Jin admitted without hesitation
"Don’t?" Wu Min’s eyelids jumped and he always felt that something bad would happen this afternoon.
Isn’t it said that the left eye jumps over the money and the right eye jumps over the disaster? So … Is that your left eye? Wu Min stare blankly for a silly touched his eyelids.
Wenxuan a listen to Wu Min is not willing to immediately help Lin Jin speak "don’t also is you do things to bring Lin Jin? Come is the result of your things. Lin Jin suffers. "
"Yes!" Lin jinshen felt the same way, nodded and then glanced at Wenxuan strangely.
Wenxuan seems to have been more and more protective of Lin Jin’s performance yesterday, and it was the same when all the audience were waiting for the performance honestly. Wenxuan jumped up and down to cheer for Lin Jin with his mobile phone open.
It must be because of women’s clothes that Wenxuan’s affection for me has increased again, right?
It is not a pleasant thing for Lin Jin to frown and be liked by her roommates.
Chapter 13 135 Beauty can’t look at it
"I’m ready," said Lin Jin, dressed in women’s clothes, squatting by the flower bed in front of the dormitory door. He cocked his head and said to his mobile phone, "Hurry up."
"Got it, Malay"
Wu Min there extremely nai sound made Lin Jin chuckle for a while and then put his mobile phone back against the flower bed with his hands chin wait for a while looked at the dormitory door.
After squatting for a few minutes, Lin Jin noticed the pain in her calf, yawned and stretched a lot, and then she found that she seemed to be conspicuous.
Yesterday’s performance was amazing. Even those students who didn’t go to the scene or watch DouYu learned about Lin Jin through various channels. Now, seeing that beautiful girl with a long singing voice crouched in front of the boys’ dormitory yesterday, she looked like she was waiting for her boyfriend, which immediately attracted many passers-by.
Lin Jin glanced at the students nearby and found that he was not so attractive. About ten people passed by and at most three or four recognized him.
But it seems to be famous now, right? And positive fame?
There must be many more admirers over there, right?
Although I think so, Lin Jin is too lazy to look at his mobile phone again. He got up and waited for two minutes before he saw Wu Min coming out of the dormitory door wearing a handsome coat.
"Where did you make an appointment with Feng Jing?" Lin Jin greeted him with his hands in his pockets.
Wu Min glanced at Lin Jin and found that there was a big difference between Lin Jin today and yesterday’s royal elder sister. Although the clothes were still the same as yesterday’s, her hair was changed with a single ponytail and short hair, and her face was not covered with those eye shadow makeup and feet. Those white sneakers were clean and neat, and there was a feeling of being a young sports girl.
"This hairstyle is quite beautiful today."
Wu Min smiled and boasted that he was interrupted by glared at Lin Jin before saying anything.
"I asked you about where you said I was beautiful and woolly." Lin Jin rudely put on her waist and widened her eyes. "Hurry up and solve Feng Jing with you. I have to date my girlfriend, okay? ! I am very busy. "
"There are few people in the back door Hunan restaurant at this time." Wu Min gave a wry smile. Lin Jinxian looks almost like a girl, but his personality is still so bad
Not the kui is a female Han.
"Then let’s go." Lin Jin left his ponytail and walked towards the back door, while Wu Min continued to follow Lin Jin’s ass with a wry smile.
When they both went to the Hunan Restaurant, Lin Jin’s face was cold and suddenly changed. He stepped back and waited for Wu Min to walk beside him. Suddenly, he put his hands around Wu Min’s arm, and Wu Min almost jumped up and slapped Lin Jin.
Lie in the trough! Lin Jin, is this evil? !
Wu Min trembled and looked down at Lin Jin and found that Lin Jin seemed to feel bad at this time, and her face was full of blush. The whole person was shy and didn’t look like a female Han at ordinary times
"This is acting! You don’t think too much. I like being a younger sister. "Lin Jin noticed that Wu Min looked up and glared at him with shame in her heart." I just saw that Feng Jing is already inside. We have to play it really, at least not for her to see it. "
"Well" Wu Min’s brain is in a state of semi-crash at this time
"And don’t fiddle with your hands!" Lin Jin slapped Wu Min and took advantage of the opportunity to take a waist and palm and gave him a bad look. "I’ll chop your hand if you move back again!"