Two figures came out of the department, one wearing a black robe and unable to see clearly, and the other was Niu Mowang.

The black man is naturally the keeper of hades.
Hades stepped into the human world and looked at the sky.
"Vatican Palace?" Hades eyebrows slightly wrinkled.
"Hades that elder brother beast how so scary? As disgusting as a rotting beast, "Niu Mowang’s face twitched.
Hundreds of thousands of sirens in the East China Sea have arrived in the underworld, but the image has made Niu Mowang struggle and break up, and it is bound to be teased when he is placed in another demon army, and finally he can reorganize a team.
"Let’s go!" Hades didn’t say much.
With Niu Mowang step quickly flew to the main entrance.
Tathagata, together with hades
"I have seen the Buddha!" Niu Mowang respectful way
"I have seen the king of hades!" Bian Que, Meng and Mengmeng solemnly said
Tathagata and hades nodded his head.
"Almost?" Hades looked at the Tathagata.
"It should be enough. I have distributed most of the believers in Da Lei Yin Temple these days, and there are only one million left!" Tathagata nodded his head
Hades also nodded his head.
Mengmeng!’ Jiang Tai looked at Mengmeng.
"Our horse is about to open the Fuxi seal, and we are going to enter the seal department. There are many fierce demons in Tai Hao Mountain to prevent accidents. You lead the Dragon Department to the outside world to prevent changes!" The Tathagata ordered
"Yes!" Mengmeng should be in the eyes of some pity that he didn’t have a chance to go.
"By the way, I don’t know if I should say anything about the Buddha!" Mengmeng frowning slightly way
"Oh?" Tathagata doubt way
"You know that there is a Geng Jin gas emission place in front of the bottom of the Longtan where I live. I prefer it!" Mengmeng pointed to the valley where he lived.
"Well, that’s good!" Tathagata doubt nodded.
"It seems that these two days have suddenly become more intense, and the Geng Jin gas is more than ten times!" Mengmeng frown way
"Oh?" Tathagata gave me a little surprise.
"It should be that there is a change in the seal!" Hades mouth way
Tathagata nodded
"Let’s go!" Tathagata said
Hades nodded.
Bian Que and Meng showed a surprise, but they never dreamed that Tai Hao Mountain had Fuxi Seal.
Bian Que and Meng followed Tathagata, Niu Mowang and Hades into the Hall of Ursa Major.
The doors of the main hall crashed together.
Mengmeng immediately led a large number of dragon guards to get up.
In the Ursa Major Hall