What is command? What is the significance of commanding? A hundred people may get a hundred answers, but at least we can’t bring the fleet to death, can we? Since you have the responsibility to control, you have to shoulder this burden and try your best to avoid risks. But what about Tyrande? Foolish was led by the nose and ended up in a trap.

Actually, if Sikkim didn’t hear the horn, Lin Sisuo didn’t know that this change would happen. Everyone underestimated the importance of the moon-moon mother prominence, and it was beyond imagination that the mother emperor resolutely mobilized so many zerg.
Lin Sisuo thinks that it is only a part of the strength of the Elf fleet that the war zone is dealing with the Zerg territory. With the help of the shield defense, it depends on the specific situation whether to deal with the prominence or not. If the prominence is too strong, it will never hit the stone and find a wormhole from other star fields to return to the public area. It is the most important thing.
Seeing that the shadow of the starlight worm buried 20 thousand star cruise ships, suddenly two thousand star cruise ships rushed to display their skills, and rhinoceros rodents were still the main targets of killing.
At the same time, these star cruise ships broke out in his direction, and they also had mobile turrets, which were much more than those that had just been built and had not devoured the Zerg Jingxie Worm Turrets. Plus, they played tens of thousands of destruction bombs like free money, and the massive insect shadows that covered the starlight showed signs of melting.
Tyrande couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief. Obviously, these human captains have reservations. Now the fighting capacity is the real strength. Maybe some people continue to hide the means, but he has tried hundreds of elf ships. Isn’t that the case? Always leave some tricks to save your life.
The wormhole still spews out the shadow of the worm. After ten hours, the Yan magic worm has been killed and wounded, and the antlers have spewed out again. This time, the pressure mixed with different types of zerg has further increased.
The number of zerg is so large that Tyrande has tasted the zerg badly. The fleet suffered casualties. Seventy star cruise ships collapsed, and the number of casualties rose slowly. The missile consumption was crazy. This battle is not easy to fight!
Volume 21 fighters star! Cloud nuclear Chapter 1243 A gamble
"Oh my God! A lot of zerg. Are those elf fleets? Many elite star cruise ships will block the wormhole and spew out the shadow of insects, and how long will they last? " Grace looked up at the screen.
About half a light away from the battlefield, there are six ship shadows parked in the darkness. They pretend to be pumice and glide slowly by the gravity of distant stars, but the real purpose is to observe from a distance.
Gruss was also attracted by the screen images and nodded and said, "It’s really a question. How long can these elf fleets last? And this rambling zerg number? It seems that the mentor plan has been successful and very successful. We will continue to observe and see the situation, and send a boat back to inform the main fleet to prepare. "
"Hee hee to prepare? Do you want to fish in troubled waters? " Grace Zhan Yan smiled. She has grown a lot in the past six months. She is already a slim and beautiful woman, or she should be called beauty adjutant.
"More than that? Touch the big fish if you want. Our discoverer fleet is not interested in small shrimps. "gruss burst out laughing. After this period of super exercise and drug strengthening, he is gradually growing into a bruiser.
"You two brother and sister are very happy! However, it is overlooked that these ships are not like elves except for more than 100 ships in important positions. In my opinion, they are likely to come from human forces. Don’t forget that Jakkula, the head of the Blood-soaked Adventure Group, wanted to join the elves. I don’t know how that guy is now. Try to think about it. What would you do if you were in the position of a mentor? " Next to someone interjected
"Yi morning is good! Know how to empathize? If the instructor knows this situation, he will definitely secretly arrange to swallow both the Zerg and the enemy fleet, regardless of whether these star cruises are from human forces or not. Since they are willing to be led by the Elves, they are all dead. The only difficulty is who is better than the Zerg and the Elves. "
Nie Chen slightly pondered and said, "I think the Zerg’s offensive is beyond imagination. These 20,000 ships may not be able to withstand the wormhole, and the momentum is extremely fierce. It is very likely that the mother emperor Prometheus of the main era came to visit in person. Assuming that these star cruise ships suffered heavy losses and had to disperse and retreat, that was the trouble. It is not difficult to see from their fighting that their roots don’t have much tacit understanding, and the double helix array has been motionless. It is too difficult for the president of the fleet to win this hard battle. I believe that the mentor will not act rashly. If the Zerg still have considerable strength after
"Look, the fleet has changed." Grace exclaimed and interrupted Nie Chen’s words.
Unusual changes have indeed taken place in the distant fleet. Tyrande, after all, is an elf spirit commander. Many years ago, he came to the out-of-bounds galaxy to wander, and even entered the Zerg crazy attack that the Dark Dominion was struggling to hone his will to fight. He was not intimidated, but quickly outlined a new attack formation.
Wormholes are always spewing in one direction, just like a high-pressure oil well. The double helix array is formed along the spewing direction of the worm shadow, and the resultant force will be annihilated in the process of the worm shadow rising. But now the situation is different. There are also many zerg outside the double helix array, and there are more than 10 million worm tides. It is different from dying according to the double helix array.
The situation forced this crisis to force the fleet to change. Tyrande knew that it was not good to maintain the double helix array. Instead, he would gather together to form a loose spherical array and launch different attacks in all directions
Even if the wormhole spewing can’t be blocked, it’s not as important as before. There are so many zerg around, one is to kill two, the other is to kill three, and only by forming a fist can we better meet.
The double helix array began to rotate, but it quickly condensed together instead of circling. When nearly 20,000 star cruise ships hung in the wormhole to form a fluffy "big ball", the ship’s shadow tried to fire a few shots and hurriedly selected the right position, so it was afraid to move. Everyone hung at the point and fired shots through the gap between the ships.
It is very complicated to make nearly 20 thousand star cruise ships transport in a fixed mode, and it is necessary to arrange the trajectory of each ship, otherwise it is easy for our own people to beat our own people
It’s a pity that Tyrande doesn’t have the time to play with this huge fleet, and he can arrange his troops according to the simplest mode, or he wants to keep changing.
It would be more suitable for the general small fleet to run naturally in a spherical array, but now these 20 thousand star cruise ships are spectacular, and even if they stop at a fixed point, they will fire enough firepower for the Zerg to drink a pot.
"Boom …"
Hundreds of odd-class star cruise ships have sent Willie’s super firepower output to kill as many wormholes as possible. The zerg is coming in. At this time, it is difficult to complete the ban. About a quarter of the insect shadows spread to the periphery of the wormhole by rapidly interweaving adult clouds to make enough room for the insect shadows behind them to continue to cross.
The fleet had just formed a "ball", and those who responded to the call to withdraw the insect tide from the border came near. Many heavy-bodied rhinoceros rodents collided like a tsunami, and the situation was extremely tense at this moment.
This scene makes people’s hearts pounding in the distance, watching gruss and others just can’t hold it anymore. Some people can’t bear to keep watching it. Compared with the Zerg army, the 20,000 star cruise ships are too thin to form a spherical array, giving people a feeling of dark clouds and like the end of the world.
When the dark clouds cover all the shadows of the ship, be sure to light the photochemical crescent-shaped light curtain and release it. The dark clouds will continue to kill and retreat, and they will spread out like a dazzling sun floating in the dark clouds.
At the moment, I don’t worry that I can’t hit the zerg outside the insect array. There are so many zerg that I can kill hundreds of thousands of insect corpses if I want to shoot them out, and hundreds of insect shadows will follow up with twenty thousand star cruise ships. How much can I do? Just take a look at the scene.
There are hundreds of thousands of gamma-ray bombs detonated by the dense cannon light, and the zerg died layer after layer, but more rhinoceros-horn rodents rushed in, and countless golden ladybugs lived in Fangfang.
Blue-line necrophilia is being sprayed in the direction of the wormhole. It depends. The mother emperor has been informed of the situation on the other side of the wormhole. Once the blue-line necrophilia gathers to a million, it will be very troublesome.
Tyrande has failed to consider the arrival of the blue line zombie, and the zerg’s offensive is amazing at this moment. He is also deeply afraid of the mental endurance of the Elves. It seems that the Tibetan image of heaven and earth has become a storm and stormy waves, and it is difficult for humans or Elves to resist the zerg’s monstrous power.
"You on the occasion of the crisis move your greatest strength! Bring out the life-saving trick, and we will have a chance to leave alive only if we weaken the strength of all parties to the greatest extent. "Tyrande summoned up his courage as if he had tried his best to shout in the frequency of the waves."
No one wants to die, even if these captains take refuge in the elves, they want to live a more beautiful life in the future, not to be killed by worms, not to incinerate cosmic dust, and not to be wiped out by their crew.
At this time, the Tyrande Guard fired a burst bomb, and the passage opened by the cannon light directly fell to the vicinity of the wormhole. Suddenly it became extremely quiet, and then a cold current spread out and blinked, and countless insects were fixed in place. The emblem of life gradually faded from the screen.
The Elves fleet moved to hide and kill those human captains, and they also decided to fight fiercely. I didn’t know how many armor-piercing bombs were scattered and how many rhinoceros-horn rodents were sifted. Then the cannon light tried to open the passage in the insect cloud and then forced hundreds of thousands of destruction bombs into the insect tide.
Life and death head these human captains broke out in a very strong tacit understanding. After Tyrande opened a head, they did a very good job. When the energy tide was overwhelming, the amount of shock wave stars was lifted in the "dark clouds". Most of the haze was dispelled. Many rhinoceros rodents rolled and flew hundreds of kilometers. Their bodies seemed to be coated with a thick layer of ashes, which quickly drifted away in the middle to reveal one after another bloody bodies.
Such an attack shocked the stars, but the price was quite high. Nearly a thousand star cruise ships were damaged by destructive bombs, and the tidal waves suddenly melted the wreckage or the hull fragments drifted too slowly. The fleet prepared destructive bombs and vented them out, accounting for almost 70% of the total number, leaving a lot of gamma-ray bombs such as armor-piercing bombs. It is almost impossible to attack again at this level.
"The crisis is finally over, and the situation is stable again." Tyrande was glad that rhinoceros rodents gathered and the adult tide was completely destroyed. The insect tide composed of golden thread ladybug has also collapsed, and some ordinary insect tides in the distance have also vanished. After all, it was hundreds of thousands of destructive bombs that caused the impact force.
The dark clouds dispersed all over the sky, leaving at most a few less spectacular small clouds and being blocked by insect corpses, and at one time they gathered together to launch a common force, while Tyrande took the opportunity to consolidate the results and blocked them in the direction of the wormhole.
The individual defense ability of the blue-line corpse worm is not strong, so many star cruise ships’ expectations soared. Soon the wormhole began to spew antlers back to their original state.
It’s a super-strong battle for a long time, and the fleet here has been very tired. Most star cruises maintain the best output attack power through energy integration, which is weaker by more than 30% to 40%.
Volume 21 fighters star! Cloud nuclear Chapter 1244 Abandoned pawn
There are billions of insect corpses floating in Tai Zhong, many of which are unrecognizable, and a large number of hull wrecks are flying outward, adding tragic elements to this picture.
It was another five hours, and Tyrande didn’t know that he was such a supporter. I’m afraid those captains are also numb and increasingly indifferent to life and death.
Tired, very tired. That’s why Tyrande feels that it takes dozens of times as much energy to command such a huge fleet battle as usual. Often, a little mistake in one command will cost more than a dozen star cruise ships.
The direction of the wormhole has never stopped erupting. There are often insect clouds attacking around the fleet. Once the spherical array loses its integrity, the consequences are unimaginable. Every star cruise ship is precious. How long can it last?
"Temple, should we consider retreating?" Screen a bald man drooping canthus to tyrande said at the same time