Phoenix flies and soars, and the four seas seek to burn.

Naijiaren is not in the east wall
Talk about the piano and talk about it.
When I see Xu Xi, I feel embarrassed.
Willing to match words with virtues and join hands with generals.
I can’t fly to make me fall. "
She looked amazing after reading the joke. Well, he looked amazing. Wondering if he was surprised or scared?
It’s like going through an experience and a half-ring before I stare at her in disbelief and ask, "Are you expecting me to do this?" A day without thinking like crazy? Can’t fly together and make me perish? "
Warm "…"
How narcissistic is this bear child?
Magic fierce strike table ashamed and awe-inspiring way "you die that heart, no way! I’d rather die than be sick. Do that! "
Warm forehead
Liu Bo’s face is a little embarrassed, so emotional intelligence won’t leave a psychological shadow on the young lady, will it? But why does he feel that this poem is a portrayal of the future of Sangong?
Please don’t make too much noise when the time comes.
"Hey, do you understand? What’s your expression? "
Warm sigh "I can’t understand it any more, mistress. It seems that you are suitable for writing this kind!"
"What?" Intuition is not very good!
The question is warm. What do you think mistress is suitable for?
A romance novel b fairy tale martial arts novel d teasing paragraph
Girls are actively participating!
Every day, I repeat the No.1 frame, and I beg for it.
☆, Chapter 60 Old people don’t serve.
Warm sigh "I can’t understand it any more, mistress. It seems that you are suitable for writing this kind!"
"What?" Intuition is not very good!
Sure enough!
Magically listening to her Gherardini said, "Once upon a time, the water was so blue like the most beautiful cornflower petals in the distance of the sea, and at the same time it was so clear like the brightest glass …" Although he frowned, he didn’t know what she was going to say, but listening to the coaxing tone, he was sure that it would run him more than those poems that lashed him!
The more he listened, the tighter his frown became. Even Liu Bo’s facial expression was always single, but he was puzzled. However, he listened to the magical mood ups and downs with relish, such as the sea in her story. When she talked about that paragraph, "Her skin is bright and tender like rose petals, her eyes are blue and the deepest lake, but like other princesses, she has no legs, and her body is a fish tail …", the magic broke out irrepressibly.
It’s amazing to look at him warmly. The reaction to the story is so different. When she went to the orphanage to tell the children, people were all crazy. How could he bear it and fly into a rage?
"What the hell are you talking about?"
Warm and leisurely way "story"
"What story is so Hu said? How can there be people at the bottom of the sea? Give a man a fishtail? How do they breathe? How to speak? " Amazing, aggressive, unacceptable
Warm so don’t understand "hey? Shouldn’t you be curious about when the mermaid can land? "
Isn’t it more appropriate for him to ask such a childish question?
Magic leng for a while didn’t understand the meaning of a run in her words, but the brain hole went to another layer and then his face changed. "You tell this fairy tale to coax the old man to sleep, don’t you?" Are you always so easily confused? Even if you fall asleep, you will never succeed if you are crazy! "
This time it’s warm and stupid. What is the logic of this bear child?
"Hey, did you hear me?" Magic suddenly yelled again, which made it a little complicated. He was flustered and guilty. Is he a ghost? Otherwise, what makes her heart beat faster?
Warm nod "I heard that, but I have to correct that this is not a fairy tale, it is a fairy tale!" "
Fairy tales are suitable for preschool children to listen to. Well, of course, they can also be used as bedtime stories to help them sleep.
"Well, this is the most suitable one for you. It’s innocent and interesting. Write it quickly."
Magical shortness of breath, angry stare at her for half a ring and suddenly throw a sentence "I’m tired of serving!" " Turn around and go.
Liu Bo stretched out his arm and stopped him.
Magical dissatisfaction growled "Liu Bo humiliated me!"
Liu Bo’s expression said, "Sangong misunderstood Shaofu. This is … special love for you."
"You …"
Warmly, I almost burst into laughter when I heard that special love. "Is Liu Bo right or do you actually prefer inspirational poems with whipping significance?" Still touching tenderness … "
Magic suddenly turned his head and interrupted, "Old people don’t like those!"
Warm stand hand "that’s all right" sound jokingly asked "or do you like that kind of arty? Does your second brother seem to be better at it? Your temperament … "
"Old no!"