When the door was pushed, it was like a glance at Guanlan, and my eyes fell on Pan Huishen. I saw her leaning forward and kneeling on the right hand of the carriage, and her long hair covered her face, which made people look uncomfortable.

The punishment really jumped forward and asked, "What’s the matter?"
Pan Hui stepped back a little, raised her body, and looked as if she were in a daze. The soul had not returned to her body for a moment. She turned her eyes and rested her eyes on the punishment. "Is everything ready?"
Punishment is really like seeing that she doesn’t want to say more, so she no longer asks, "Cover flow has cleared up a small clean place to go."
Pan Hui turned around and took the luggage. Without saying anything, she quickly jumped out of the carriage and walked into the temple in three steps and two steps.
Punishment is really like seeing Pan Hui in a hurry. My heart sank and Guanlan looked at it and said, "Girl, please take a car."
Guanlan tightened his tight cloak and got out of the car. He didn’t forget to nod his head to thank him when the punishment really passed by.
Punishment is really like smiling and nodding, but after Guanlan passed by, his eyes narrowed and his right hand was as fast as lightning towards Guanlan’s scarlet cloak.
It’s a form of Guanlan, but it’s like a long eye behind your head. You move one foot to the left without looking back. You just shoot forward with your toes pointed, and in a blink of an eye, people also fall on the steps outside the old temple.
Punishment is really like a flash in the eyes, and my heart is so strong!
Being able to hide from him at such a close distance and suddenly attack him is absolutely true in other punishments. I didn’t expect them to be a powerful character that even he couldn’t control. This really surprised him
Punishment is really like thoughtfully for a moment to see that the man has flicker into the old temple, and then he walked over and prepared to tie the carriage to the roof in front of the hall to avoid the wind and rain.
The hall has been covered with pity, and it’s almost finished. I wonder if my girl has gone anywhere at the moment.
Pan Hui unexpectedly didn’t look for Gai Lian’s whereabouts. She sat on her knees in an old futon and looked at the one-foot high red paint threshold at the gate with eyes. Her mind had already flown thousands of miles away.
When she first went to Yue Bai to teach, Guanlan’s eyes were calm. Obviously, there was nothing wrong with it. Besides, the moon-chasing dress was broken. If he had killed Yue Bai’s brother and robbed him of his clothes, it would never have been so brand-new.
However, there are two of the twelve halls of the magic door that have always received female brothers, one is the top of the soul near Changxuan and the other is Yue Bai.
How can there be a male brother in this Yue Bai? !
Pan Hui’s eyebrows are frowning, which is puzzling.
Suddenly her mind flashed and she remembered that Pu had spoken a month ago. She vaguely remembered that the proprietress said at that time that one of the former leaders of Yue Bai would always be raised in the teaching … Is it Guanlan?
Pan Hui looked up just as Guanlan crept over and the two men looked at each other directly, and then laughed.
Guanlan walked to Pan Hui’s side and drew a futon, sitting cross-legged in a cloak, carefully covering the gray robe inside. "Guanlan was rude and failed to tell the girl the truth earlier. If the girl is angry, punish Guanlan."
Chapter 172 GongGuanLan (3)
Pan Huiyuan thought that his eyes were bad and he misunderstood people. He didn’t know if he should face them, but he didn’t want the other person to take the initiative to resolve them. He shook his head and smiled. "I’m not annoyed, but I didn’t get over it for a while. I originally picked up a beautiful woman, but I didn’t expect that this beauty turned out to be a man. It really made me feel ashamed!"
Guanlan laughed. "Girls don’t have to be self-deprecating. The girl’s appearance can be regarded as absolute beauty in a few years."
When they came and went in such a word, they were embarrassed in the carriage, and Pan Hui felt that this human nature was good and elegant as water. Previously, she thought that the girl’s voice would be slightly low. Now that Guanlan is a man, she has a kind and pleasant feeling. It is really modest and gentle.
Pan Hui waved her hand and chuckled. She was not a person who cared about her appearance, but she was just poking fun at the tour. After listening to the tour, she laughed at herself. "You don’t have to comfort me. Anyway, it’s beautiful after all, but you’re just so beautiful … I don’t know how much unnecessary trouble you will cause when you go out. It’s better to cover it up."
Guanlan answered without care that "the body and skin are covered by parents?" Skin reading is just like a smoke screen. If the world sees it as the eyes of the world, I can be myself at ease. "
"Yes," Pan Hui nodded and felt the same way. She is not a person who likes to care about other people’s eyes. It is best to be herself, but she remembered that she had misunderstood Guanlan’s gender before and inevitably added, "What if everyone mistook you for a woman like me?"
Guanlan was stunned by her question for a moment and said, "No, no … no one should admit his mistake again!" He grew up in Yue Bai since childhood, and no one has ever mistaken him!
However, he forgot that Yue Bai’s godbrother had already known his identity, so it was impossible to mistake him for a woman.
Pan Hui a sly smile "why not? I don’t think I have a good eye, so I call you a woman? "
Guanlan struggled a little. "But even if you look at the wrong clothes, you won’t read the clothes wrong together!"
"That’s not certain!" Pan Hui saw that he was a little embarrassed and felt that his previous fright in the carriage was even, and he didn’t feel better. He added, "I heard that there are many darling daughter people in the world who envy the people in the rivers and lakes and often go out disguised as men. You may let others be disguised as men."
Guanlan was silent for a moment. "If this really happened, you can explain it one by one. It’s my skin that makes people misunderstand. Naturally, when you take the initiative to explain it, it will cause trouble to others."
Pan Hui gave him a surprised look, and felt that this man was peaceful and worldly, and he was not in his heart and spoke highly of him.
She nodded thoughtfully and stood up, looking at the altar behind her with the statue of the mountain god sighing, "It is said that the world is so austere that it can’t be seen through and let go of much ado about nothing. If you don’t care too much about other people’s opinions, you can live a comfortable and chic life. It’s only a few decades, but it will die in a blink of an eye …"
"That’s just the reason. It seems that it’s fate for a girl to be a kindred spirit." Guanlan also got up and patted her cloak, stained with dust, and gave a deep bow to the golden lacquer mountain god with her hands. "The ancestors stayed at the ancestral mansion tonight for the four of us. If there is a nuisance, I hope the ancestors will forgive me."
Pan Hui gave him a strange look, saying, "You and I are both proof that people in heaven have gone to the fairy path and will bow down to these gods and pray for their blessing with ordinary people."
Guanlan bowed twice before he straightened up and smiled slightly. "My mother once said that Taoist witnesses are all worthy of respect. They bowed down not to pray, but to show respect to these ancestors who have already attained Taoism."
Pan Hui cocked his head and thought carefully for a moment. "Your mother really is a broad-minded and wise person. Pan Hui, if you are destined to meet her old man and listen to her face to face, you will make great progress in repairing Guanlan Gong. It’s really a blessing."
The original also smiled slightly, but suddenly the smile disappeared. There was a little more sadness in his eyes, but he quickly put away his worries and forced a smile on his mouth. "My mother has already passed away."
Pan Hui face a stiff for a moment before saying "I’m sorry …"
"hinder" Guanlan shook his head and chuckled.
He naturally knew that Pan Hui was testing his identity and he tasted that he was not observing Pan Hui.
He used to sneak out of the house all the way, but he was cautious. His whereabouts were not discovered. Today, if it weren’t for the sudden onset of Yin Shaqi, he wouldn’t have fainted in that mountain forest.
He was naturally grateful to Pan Hui for carefully putting away his coat, and Pan Hui’s position in the car was actually intended to eliminate his scruples.
But at that time, he didn’t know that Pan Hui was not experienced enough for the first time. Pan Hui’s so anxious attitude made him suspicious. Although he himself was a beginner, he grew up in Yue Bai since childhood. There were no women next to Yue Bai, but he saw more on weekdays. Those Yue Bai elders competed for profit in front of him. He knew more about women than men.
No matter how deep a person is, even if he can fool people’s eyes, he can never fool people. No matter how well he hides his mind and how tough he is, there will always be a flaw in his eyes, even if it is fleeting.
But he Pan Hui said so many words, but he never saw a flaw in Pan Hui’s eyes. This woman has always put her heart in her face, and those eyes are very clever, but they are simple when they are clever.
Her simplicity is not the kind of ignorance, but she leaves all the fame and fortune plots behind her.
She asked for his identity and told him freely in her eyes-she recognized him as the former leader of Yue Bai and asked in such a roundabout way just to avoid people’s eyes and ears because of punishment, as if she had been listening to it for a long time outside the door
And since the punishment is really like being outside the door, Pan Huishen has been tight as if he were afraid of this man.
Chapter 173 Mountain spirit is precious (a)
Punishment is really like seeing that both of them are no longer out of the temple, but they didn’t go near each other, but they picked up a clean corner and sat thoughtfully at the door.
Although it is the beginning of February now, the day is still short because Qi is at the northern end of Zhongzhou mainland, and the night is earlier than that of Song. Now it’s just after the application, and it’s already dark. In February, the spring breeze is like scissors, not only willow leaves but also people’s hearts.
In the hall, all three people have their own thoughts, but they have no words for a while until Gai Liu came out from behind with a pile of firewood.
The little girl looked at the three people in the hall, although she was puzzled that the atmosphere was so weird, but she didn’t ask much wisely. She threw the firewood to the ground and said to Pan Hui, "The girl slave found a woodshed and a well outside the back door. We can boil water and cook tonight."
Cover flow discourse is full of pleasure, but I didn’t expect three people after listening to her words and then looked at the pile of firewood qi qi frowned.