"His mother just gave me these two king eggs, and now he has something to do."

Hsuanchan felt two strands of medicine rushing in his heart. He just said that he was unlucky. Now he left "luck". One Dan medicine was not enough. As soon as he came, two were enough to cure his injury. And two …
"Shout …" Multicolored light suddenly overflowed, and colorful and charming colorful light enveloped Hsuanchan in the century of fixing the truth. He finally broke through to the Du Jie period in the forced situation.
Hsuanchan’s body suddenly stood up with his legs crossed and put together to enter a state of cultivation.
Seeing this situation, Xiao Qian couldn’t help smiling. "It seems that he is still more like me who has no celestial beings. After the breakthrough, he immediately set out to consolidate and repair, and he didn’t care at all. Someone just hurt him here."
"Hum to the underworld, he will naturally change." Ri Ming grunted coldly. His face was slightly ugly, but then he returned to normal and turned to Xiao Qian. "Let’s fight first and decide what he owns. I’m afraid it will take him some time to consolidate and repair."
More than a dozen Wan Li are so far away. Even if Hsuanchan’s ears are sensitive, it is impossible to hear Xiao Qian’s conversation. However, he has just broken through the knowledge of Du Jie’s gods, but he can just see their images from a distance of more than a dozen miles.
But when the gods reached a mile away, they couldn’t go any further. They must have set up some kind of barrier here. Otherwise, Hsuanchan could still hear their conversation. If he heard their conversation, I wonder if he would get carried away?
But at the moment, although Hsuanchan heard the two men talking fiercely, he could feel that they seemed to be a little off, wearing a black coat and a hundred clothes, but they were still facing each other with a distance of less than ten miles, and he could still faintly feel that there seemed to be two smells colliding with each other in a subtle way, as if the conflict would be immediately touched.
Is this the way it is? Chen Xuan’s heart was puzzled, but at the same time he was pleasantly surprised … These two guys are not the same road as he originally thought.
"Well, let’s have a fight first!" Xiao Qian’s words suddenly gushed out a trace of heroism and an wandering temperament spread out from him.
The third chapter fairy magic war
As Xiao Qian’s momentum soared, several cracks suddenly appeared around him.
At the same time, the sundial is also surging, and the original darkness around him is more gloomy, and the evil breath is wandering wildly.
Those who failed to complete the last fix-up ceremony like Hsuanchan felt a terrifying pressure at the same time, but it seemed to be heavy in their hearts, which made them panic.
At this time, it is possible to avoid Xiao Qianri’s setting up an invisible barrier at will, and with their momentum, they will break through the violent waves of energy fluctuations and attract the attention of Fiona Fang’s thousands of miles of practitioners.
The first thing that impresses them is that the gods who eat people’s cracks can reach here, and those who fix the truth can see that two of the cracks, one black and one white, stand opposite each other.
In the two worlds, the powerful momentum oscillates, and the range around them has been cracked all over the place for hundreds of miles, and the range is gradually expanding outward.
"But this is just a warm-up. Don’t be a successor." Xiao Qian’s words were so weird that he blushed and the scandal was actually moved out by him.
"Hum, cut the crap. At that time, if you didn’t have the guts, you would definitely be like me." Ritual was a little embarrassed and Xiao Qian said that his body suddenly rushed at him
Just warming up? Hsuanchan stayed for a while.
Like invisibility, the barrier that blocked the gods’ knowledge has disappeared, and it was protected by some kind of Mo force. Hsuanchan naturally heard their conversation, and immediately he almost fell into a coma. In his memory, Qing Xu’s ten successes did not necessarily have such horrible destructive power, but in their eyes, it was just a warm-up … Isn’t it a little scary?
Fairy and magic two people feel that Hsuanchan’s knowledge has come to the side, but they don’t pay too much attention to the knowledge around them at the moment. He is also the only one. Since there are no outsiders, he can see their roots as he wants.
"You’d better put away your gods." Suddenly, the evil sound sounded in his ear with a hint of arrogance. "Fighting for a while is not something you can imagine. Mind attacks are everywhere, which directly destroy your gods. Maybe it won’t just make you an unconscious fool, but it is very possible."
Xiao Qian said faintly, "Go back a little later, and we will fight hard. Maybe we can take care of you again. Although you won’t die so easily, you will suffer if you are accidentally missed by the wave."
Chen Xuan heart jump suddenly some have a guilty conscience to feel pretend ignorant nodded and immediately turned around and flew away.
"Hey, hey ….." Chen Xuan did Sarah laugh in my heart. Now that I want him to escape, wouldn’t it be better to simply escape him?
Flying in the universe, Chen Xuandu flies faster and faster, and his strength in Du Jie period has flown tens of thousands of miles away a moment later.
However, I feel that the momentum is getting stronger and stronger behind me. Hsuanchan gritted his teeth and shipped "Disillusionment with Heart", which cut through the distance and flew faster, but it also brought a weak tremor.
When he was promoted to Du Jie, his luck was naturally faster, but there were some hidden worries in Chen Xuan’s heart. He had just been forcibly sent to Du Jie at the moment, and his foundation in the early stage was very unstable and unfavorable. He consumed a lot of real yuan, but it took a lot of real yuan to move it. Although he had just been seriously injured before, he still needed some time to recuperate.
It can be said that his body is almost as weak as tofu now, and then it will consume a lot of real yuan to escape from the body at will, which will definitely have great loss
But he had no choice but to be free.
"Boom …"
Conan the destroyer storm swept through Fiona Fang millions of miles, and all the extra life disappeared. Just after quitting 20 years, Wan Li Hsuanchan was kicked out of the aura of heaven and earth and was swept hundreds of thousands of miles away.
"Depend on his mother! Oh ….. "Chen Xuan suddenly spit out a mouthful of hot blood in Xiao Qianri, specially protecting him. Although he was not hurt, he was a little flustered. When he was kicked out and integrated into the aura of heaven and earth, he could not bear to suffer a little minor injuries.
Bang …
Another wave of storms that destroyed heaven and earth swept through and drowned Xinghai’s violent energy, and the fix-up world was fragile. Several places where the energy storm passed were implicated, and the fix-up people were killed and injured. Hsuanchan was once again launched for hundreds of thousands of miles.
Several people who have not been repaired by Bo panic and flee. Although they don’t know what happened, they are very white. If they don’t run for their lives, they will die. A powerful energy fluctuation hits their hearts and makes them want to collapse.
"Bah!" Hsuanchan vomited a mouthful of residual blood and then severely wasted his head. This time, he was not injured, but he was thrown away for millions of miles in a row. Even a Du Jie master could not help but feel dizzy.
At the moment, there is no rest of life in the millions of miles around Xiao Qian Ri. In Hsuanchan, it’s almost as far away as possible. The vortex and cracks of storm energy wreak havoc on the sinking Xinghai. They can fight as much as they want. "It’s important for mother to escape quickly." Hsuanchan gritted his teeth again and continued to be disillusioned. He fled into the aura of heaven and earth and fled into the distance.
Suddenly, Hsuanchan felt a throbbing from the depths of his soul. He must have retreated from the aura of heaven and earth. His ear seemed to be able to hear a shocking thunder.
"Er … no? Sky robbery! " Hsuanchan suddenly looked up, but the top of his head was quiet and there was nothing strange.
"Shout …" Hsuanchan was relieved. Fortunately, it was an apocalypse and it didn’t really come.
However, Chen Xuan’s mood is not heavy. His current situation is that the arrogance of the Taoist priest in the Heaven and the Earth has forced him to raise his skill, which will lead to the apocalypse. Moreover, his current situation is much worse than that of the Taoist priest. He has been pulled directly from the middle of the fit to the early stage of Du Jie, and there is still a small realm. If it is not for his stable foundation before, I am afraid that some apocalypses will have come down at this moment.