Real Madrid lost to Werder Bremen 23 away!

Lazio, on the other hand, drew 22 with Olympiacos at home.
The situation in this group is much more subtle.
After five rounds of group matches, Lazio ranked first, Real Madrid with seven points, Werder Bremen with six points, Olympiacos with five points.
Except Lazio, all the other three teams are likely to qualify in the group.
I went to Real Madrid for the first goal of the group and found that after Lazio drew Olympiacos, they even had suspense in qualifying for the group.
After the game, the Madrid media accused Changsheng of deliberately releasing water, because Changsheng didn’t send the main force in the game against Olympiacos, but was still a substitute mix and match of half the main force like a game against Parma League.
He meant to let more players accumulate experience in playing in the Champions League.
But I didn’t expect to be forced to a 22-draw by the tenacious Olympiacos.
However, Changsheng does not regret this arrangement.
Unexpectedly, this arrangement became the reason why Madrid media accused him.
There is a reason why the Madrid media are so angry.
If they can’t beat Lazio in the final round, they will face severe challenges in qualifying.
Because once Werder Bremen wins Olympiacos, they will surpass Real Madrid by nine points-whether they lose or draw, Real Madrid will be eliminated. Their draw with Lazio is seven points, and there is no way to be greater than nine points.
What if Olympiacos beat Werder Bremen at home? Olympiacos will score points and Real Madrid will have to draw at least. After the draw, they will score points with Olympiacos. However, Real Madrid will be able to qualify after playing against Olympiacos.
Of course, for Real Madrid, the best result is a draw between Werder Bremen and Olympiacos.
In this way, Real Madrid can qualify for the group if they can draw Lazio at home.
Of course, if Real Madrid loses … it will be seven points with Werder Bremen.
Need to compare the winners and losers.
Real Madrid and Werder Bremen are slightly more complicated.
The result of the confrontation between the two sides was a draw with one win and one loss.
Then, comparing the goal difference between the two sides, the total score of the two meetings was 44 and it was tied again.
Continue to compare the number of goals scored away from home when the two sides play each other.
This time, Real Madrid finally took advantage. They scored two away goals and Werder Bremen scored one.
If Werder Bremen and Olympiacos draw, this will be the final result.
Real Madrid is still qualified for the group.
But it’s a shame for Real Madrid to qualify in this way.
The most successful team in the history of the Champions League has to compare so many times to decide whether to advance …
It’s a shame to say it!
The match that decide that fate of real Madrid will come soon.
Lazio are about to embark on a journey to Madrid after two Serie A rounds.
In these two leagues, Lazio beat Siena 1 away and Catania 41 at home.
Fa Erkao scored twice in the last game.
The number of league goals has reached twelve.
His agent, Claudio Mosio, thinks the time is ripe.
So the day before the team went to Madrid, he found a constant victory in the head coach’s office of Vermelot training base.
"I’m here to talk to you about the new contract in Fa Erkao. My players and I both agree that the annual salary of 500 thousand euros is very inconsistent with his current performance."
Claudio Mosio sat on the sofa in the head coach’s office, while Changsheng sat behind his messy desk.
Because of the angle problem, Mosio can see half of Chang Sheng’s face, and sometimes he can’t even see half of his face because it is blocked by the monitor.
Ever-victorious leans back against the back of the chair.
This massimo can’t even see the last half of his face.
Constant sound comes from behind the monitor.
"No problem, we can talk about a new contract," Chang Sheng replied.
But in fact, Changsheng has no hope that Fa Erkao can successfully renew his contract.
Lazio can give Fa Erkao a maximum annual salary of 2 million.
This money is a lot for Fa Erkao, but when Fa Erkao becomes the golden boot of Serie A, he may not look at it … The most important thing is that his agent will not look at it.
If Fa Erkao moves to another team, they can get an annual salary of 5 million, which is still "up"!
Compared with 5 million, 2 million is really nothing.
Brokers are typical profit-seekers, who can earn 5 million 5%. What can they earn 2 million 5%?
Before the Real Madrid match, Fa Erkao’s agent came to see him. To put it bluntly, it was an invisible demonstration-my team is very important to your team. I hope you can seriously consider this and give us a contract that satisfies us!
Fa Erkao will definitely start because of the away game against Real Madrid.
When the time comes, seeing Fa Erkao’s outstanding performance and winning will naturally give Fa Erkao a big contract.
I have to say that Claudio Mosio is quite capable when I choose this time to talk about renewing my contract.
But … doesn’t he know that Lazio has a salary cap system?
Or does he think the salary cap shield will be broken because of Fa Erkao?
How is that possible?
Lazio’s current economic situation is absolutely impossible to put this salary cap system.
The maximum salary of 2 million euros cannot be moved, even if it is a constant victory, it cannot exceed this standard.