"Cousin" bodes well for a boy who is slightly hoarse but as warm as sunshine coming from the direction of stairs.

There is a man named cousin Zhou Zichen at the Zhou family meeting.
That’s that.
From head to toe, it’s so tight that Yan Xi let the edge be named. Zhou Zichen can’t even notice it.
The wind in the living room is another turn, and everyone’s eyes are on the handsome man in the main building.
"I’m about to let people shout that you didn’t expect Yanzhe to get up first." The language contains lightly chastising Jiang Lan for being the first to speak.
"It didn’t sleep for a few hours." Look at the antique clock in the corner in front of the eye. It has been very silent. Zhou Laoer Zhou Wenjia rarely squeaks.
"Yanzhe, have you had a good rest?" Cold and cheerless voice glowed with hidden love. Although Zhou Zichen and Yanxi in this room have just returned from abroad, they haven’t seen Zhou Wenjia, the aunt, asking half a sentence.
What if someone else’s child is not as valuable as his own, even if it’s his eldest brother’s daughter-in-law
"I wake up when I’m hungry." Jade hand is like a sculptor carefully carving art, gently fiddling with a soft hair, a white shirt and a pair of beige casual pants, which are just right for Gui Yanzhe to explain the randomness and nature in his bones.
Like his cousin Zhou Zichen, he is a natural clothes hanger, but because of his different styles, who is better than the elite model or the simple model?
"Yanzhe" didn’t understand that Yanxi was all tense, so he came to "introduce you to Yanxi, my wife". His arm crossed Zhou Shaoshao’s back from a young woman and got up and brought the other person up at the same time.
Meet people
What did Wen Xu’s eyes flash across? Gui Yanzhe returned to normal after a short shock. "Yanxi junior has not seen for a long time." At first, because Zhou Zichen’s tall figure blocked Yanxi to a certain extent, Gui Yanzhe never saw the little woman’s appearance clearly.
"Brother Gui Gui" steadied his line, and Yan Xi tugged at it, which seemed to be generous and said "Long time no see"
There was a wave on the ground, but it didn’t hit too high
S city says it’s big and small, but it’s also small. No one stipulates that Yan Xi and Gui Yanzhe just can’t know each other.
"You know each other" is the most direct expression compared with the elders’ ignorance.
"Yi Han, have you forgotten that I studied in A University for five years?" Facing my cousin’s doubts, Gui Yanzhe’s simple rhetorical question is enough to explain everything.
Isn’t it normal for two people in the same university to know each other?
"But when Yan Xi entered A, Yan Zhe’s brother will graduate." How can that Yan Xi always pull Zhou Jia men with them? Zhou Yihan couldn’t help wondering.
Although Gui Yanzhe’s surname is Gui and not Zhou, it is also Master Zhou who loves his grandson.
"You also say that you want to graduate, but you haven’t graduated yet." The gentle voice and warm eyes don’t know much about Zhou’s recent occurrence, but Gui Yanzhe can also feel Zhou Yihan’s hostility to Yanxi, although hidden, but the effect is too poor
Listen to mom said that my cousin got married and married a famous darling daughter in S city.
But who would have thought?
The other party actually used to have several faces in A University, Yanxi.
I can guess what Zhou Yihan will ask next, and Gui Yanzhe simply replied, "My sister Yanxi and I met at an activity together."
Participate in an activity together.
Smell speech
In my heart, I didn’t expect that Gui Gong could lie with his eyes open when it looked warm and sunny.
What activities?
Pretending to be your boyfriend to help her get rid of cowhide men?
Memory breaks free from the head, rises to the middle school and then floats far away.
Early winter four years ago
You can still get lost on campus when you first enter Dayanxi, A rookie.
I remember it was a Wednesday.
I remember it was an afternoon.
I remember it was at the gate of the library.
She met Gui Yanzhe by mistake.
Chun Qin Ming men hun chong mo si
Yan Xi can go to the library to pass the time first because she has an appointment to have dinner with her in the evening.
"Yanxi" looks fair but is as thin as a bamboo pole. A science and engineering man in F University has the opportunity to fall in love with her at first sight because her roommate is Yanxi’s roommate boyfriend.
"You and your classmates came to A big play again." As soon as you came out from the library, Yanxi met the suitor who was waiting for him.
Pit dad roommate promised to help the science and technology man catch up with his office. jane doe understands her whereabouts very well, and what leaked out again.
"How many times does Yanxi want me to say that when I came to A, it wasn’t you?" Studying science and engineering can also be sensational, but he heard from the bottom of his mouth that Yanxi wanted to die or not.
"And when on earth will you promise to be my girlfriend?" Although Yanxi was not the most beautiful in A University, she was also a famous little beauty in their college of literature at that time.
There are many boys who chase her, but few of them can persist. First, Yan Xi is always very direct when she refuses people, and she won’t give you the feeling of playing hard to get. Second, because there is warmth, such a poisonous woman escorts her. Maybe all boys can’t stand warmth and choose to give up Yan Xi.
Think about it.
Your girlfriend has a poisonous tongue, but she is a good friend. Can you still live in the future?
But this man of science and technology is absolutely a wonderful work. No matter how warm and bad the language hits him, he can still run from F to A in the east of S city as soon as he has it.
It is estimated that the average boy would have been moved a long time ago. After all, a good woman is afraid of being entangled in science and engineering, and the whole dormitory of Yanxi is touched, but only the heroine can’t give birth to a half-hearted affection for him.
"Either I’m dead or you’re dead." The smile is clever and lovely, but Yan Xi’s speech is really malicious.
Dormitory roommates say that she is too hard-hearted, saying that she doesn’t accept science and engineering men, but she hates people who are not handsome enough, which is very unfair to Yan Xi.
There are too many people in this world. Would you like to swap your position with my mother?
The whole face of "you" trembled until the bridge of your nose was thick and your glasses were about to fall off. You saw that the science and technology man was so sad that he couldn’t help covering his heart, and then roared out a sentence that was very beautiful in Yanxi’s ear. "How are you? Didn’t you see what you paid during this period?"
Smell speech jane doe is stretched out his hand and got a lazy haircut.
"Unless you can find a better and stronger boyfriend than me, I won’t give up on you." Even if you are sensational, you still boast that Yan Xi, the lover, really wants to return to each other for a moment. You lost a lot of money in science in high school.
"Actually, I’ve always had a boyfriend who is Xiaoman, and none of them know it."
"I don’t believe Xiaoman said that you are still single." The other party retorted.
"You know, there is an unwritten rule in university female dormitories that whoever has a boyfriend must invite everyone to dinner." I never believe in love at first sight. In Yanxi’s view, the so-called love at first sight is just based on skin deep reading between men and women.
Without in-depth understanding, how can you know if you can guarantee that the other party will not get along with each other for a certain period of time, and how can you know what the other party is really like?
"Because I don’t want that broken house in my family to keep it a secret."
"Then you call him out to me, and I’ll see what kind of man can beat me." I think the other party’s reason is lame because it doesn’t cost much to treat girls’ dormitories
It’s enough for a girl to laugh when she has an appetite and just go to the food stall near the school to fry five or six dishes.
A cold wind blew.
Yanxi is messy. Is there anyone more paranoid than this guy?
all right