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122 empathy
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Master Lin Cheng’s real life belongs to the Taoist school, and the Taoist school has heard the Taoist school explain the message, while Su Qinglian’s expression belongs to the type of thinking crooked. When she heard the double major, she thought crooked. She was flushed at this time and looked at Lin Cheng. She might have been in the double major with Lin Cheng in her mind.
Tao Xuan’s real person said a rock-breaking sentence, "You two are suitable for double cultivation."
Lin Cheng has never been in contact with Tibetan Buddhism, joy Buddha or Taoist Dragon and Tiger School. Before high school, he was an ordinary high school student. After graduating from high school, he met his master. He started to learn dust. Tai Ji Chuan was in a closed environment without going online, watching yellow movies, and of course, he was in a third-class film base. He also learned the concept of double major.
Tao Xuan, a real person, said that Lin’s achievements in double cultivation should be Qingcheng School. There are many ways to practice in the world, and there are thousands of ways to lead to Rome. If Qingcheng School’s skill is not good, it will certainly not last for thousands of years.
Suo Lincheng asked Dao Xuan in detail about the so-called double cultivation method, and Dao Xuan also gave a detailed explanation.
Su Qinglian’s eyes widened when she heard that she was suitable for Lin Cheng’s double major. Although this achievement method is not a fit double major, it can be empathetic, which is very good for her and Lin Cheng’s development. Su Qinglian thinks so.
It turns out that yesterday, Daoxuan Lincheng started his work before Daoxuan real double-cultivation object. If Daoxuan real people had known Daoxuan’s psychology to help him secretly, Lincheng had already known Daoxuan’s heart. Daoxuan didn’t want his younger brother to be really mysterious. The most important thing is that he didn’t like Wu Xiaofeng when he came, but his younger brother really wanted to accept Wu Xiaofeng’s disciples, and Wu Xiaofeng was involved in the murder case, and he was also involved in the murder case. Such people as Qingcheng Sect couldn’t accept it.
Dao Xuan is a real person who teaches in Qingcheng Mountain, but he can’t be indifferent when his younger brother is injured and his younger brother is taken away. This is also the reason why Dao Xuan has a relaxed face with Lin Cheng, but then he falls to the ground.
In fact, it is also true that Daoxuan did not help Lin Cheng but taught himself that some things must be handled flexibly, but it really helped Lin Cheng.
Tao Xuan and Ruoxuan shared their understanding of double cultivation with Lin Cheng and Su Qinglian. Lin Cheng and Su Qinglian also practiced double cultivation in Lingxiufeng for a few days. Because everyone took the route of going home and had a deep understanding of ideas, they entered the door in a few days. In the situation of concentration, they could find out each other’s thoughts, but it is still a long way to go to practice to the point where Dao Xuan and Ruoxuan are in the same mind. However, the process of double cultivation is a slow effort and there is no need to rush to the moment.
At present, it’s time to say goodbye. Now it’s July, and mid-July is the time when Master Lin Cheng and Uncle Zhen agreed to compete with his brother Yue Zishan.
Although Lin Cheng doesn’t pay much attention to Yue Zishan’s fighting skills now, he can’t help but listen to the master’s words. The most important thing is that the master has been lonely and bored in the mountains all the year round, just taking this opportunity to reunite with his brothers and sisters to make him feel at ease.
In fact, Lin Cheng thought about the dust of the master. Who is the dust? People who have been in Qian Shan for more than one hundred years have experienced three centuries. What do people have that they can’t see through and can’t see through? This kind of mood has long been insulated from the dust.
Farewell to Dao Xuan and Ruoxuan, two real people, Lin Cheng and Su Qinglian, went to Dujiangyan City to meet Su Qinglian’s driver and went to Wujiacun, Fujian Province to see if Wu Xiaolei was in Wujiacun. You can’t just listen to Wu Xiaofeng and say that Wu Xiaolei has gone abroad or to watch.
I found Wu Xiaolei’s home as soon as I asked, and Wu Xiaolei did not show up for several years, and he never came back in these years, saying that he was in the United States
The United States does not have to go abroad. Although Yongchun Baihemen has many networks in the state, it is completely blind when it goes abroad. I don’t know where to find it. Besides, going abroad will be a big problem, and Su Qinglian won’t move the whole crane gate to avenge Lin Cheng himself. Although he said he was willing to accompany him abroad, he couldn’t always bother him. Besides, Lin Chengma had something to do when he was going back to his legacy. Wu Xiaolei should keep it until later. It’s not too late to send someone to stare at Ng Ka Tsuen day and night and get news of Wu Xiaolei.
Su Qinglian sent Lin Cheng back to the island city Huaxia Ocean University. As a result, Lin Cheng finished the exam ten days ago and missed the final exam. But it’s not a big deal to miss it. Lin Cheng doesn’t care at all.
Su Qinglian didn’t go back to Yongchun Qianzhuang for nearly a month, and she distributed it in the north. She released Lin Chenggong and rushed back to smoke. Wei Lincheng changed her mobile phone to a pool and took the Duke’s key from the dormitory.
Lin Chengche went to Xu Fa’s house to tell Xu Fa about his feelings during this period, and let Xu Fa feel that his kung fu has improved by the way.
Xu Fa treats Lin Cheng like his nephew. When Lin Cheng went there, Xu Fa was playing with a big gun. When he saw Lin Cheng coming in to collect his gun, he stood upright. "Hehe, I haven’t met such a good big gun for a long time. I’ve been playing for more than half a month." Xu Fa’s expression was like a child who was caught stealing candy.
Lin Cheng smiled and took the big gun that Xu Lao handed me. Suddenly, the gun was like a life, and Xu Fa suddenly looked surprised.
Although there are many plum blossoms, the messy chapter of plum blossoms that Qian Lincheng shook out is one in the east and one in the west. However, when he returned from Bashu, Lin Cheng’s control of big guns became more and more accurate, and his grasp of listening power became more and more delicate. So, Qian Lincheng could feel a fly falling on his arm. Now Lin Cheng’s listening power is more delicate than it was a month ago, and now he can hear a mosquito falling on his arm.
Xu Fa was surprised by Lin Cheng’s progress, because Lin Cheng had been at home before going out this time, and the two of them also gestured a few times. It was only twenty days before Lin Cheng’s progress in kung fu was real, and Xu Fa felt unbelievable about Lin Cheng’s progress.
You know, it’s the hardest and most difficult to see the effect of kung fu entering the country. It takes years and decades for another level to work hard, but Lin Cheng’s progress is seen in his eyes. When Xu Fagang met Lin Cheng, Lin Cheng was just a master of dark energy at that time. In this short year, Lin Cheng has completed the leap from dark energy to turning energy, and now Lin Chenggong is delicate and doesn’t look like a person who has just stepped into turning energy.
Xu Fayi took a hand in hand with Lin Cheng, that is, a master pusher can feel the strength of each other’s skills as soon as he took a hand.
Lin Cheng readily agreed that he also wanted to know if his skill was high during this period. As soon as Xu Fa took Lin Cheng’s hand, he felt that Lin Cheng’s listening skills had improved so much that he was a little out of touch with Lin Chengjin. Previously, Xu Fa could easily catch Lin Chengjin, but now many times Xu Fa can’t hear Lin Chengjin.
A master’s strength can be as soft as a bone, as strong as fine steel, and he can beat cattle across the mountain, but all this is controlled by his perception of strength.
Pushing hands to rise is not limited to pushing hands, but it is not so easy for two listening experts to get rid of it, just like being pulled by a string, where you go, you have to go, and this string is as strong as a steel wire root and can keep following.
Two experts push hands, which is equivalent to two people pulling a steel wire that no one can stop pulling. You go, I follow me, and you follow.
Xu Fa’s skill and listening ability are higher than Lin Cheng’s, that is to say, Xu Fa leads the push. According to the current situation, Xu Fa can’t always control the situation. There are many times when Xu Fagen can’t hear Lin Chengjin and Lin Cheng has actually grasped Xu Fajin at this moment. This feeling is very mysterious.
Just like a person who has been deaf for a long time suddenly hears the sound, the excitement is different. There is a kind of pleasure that the world is in your own hands.
Two people pushed to the rise of Lin Cheng also put Xu Fa identity, and then punched * * and added Xu Fa for a while, which also hit the mood.
Lin Cheng is excited when he meets someone who is superior to himself, and Xu Fa is a master. He has been lonely for too long and has not met a master who can reciprocate with himself. Xu Fa is a great comfort in my heart.
Lonely and lonely, lonely and lonely, I can understand myself.
The two men played for more than two hours and closed their hands. Xu Fa and Lin Cheng met and laughed.
Late Lin Chenggong ate at Xu Fa’s house. Xu Fa probably had a great time today. He laughed and drank four or five cups with Lin Chengxiao all the time.
After dinner, Xu Fa left Lin Cheng to live at home. Anyway, no one in the dormitory was looking for a job to go home. Anyway, Lin Cheng went back and lived in Xu Fa’s house.
As soon as I stopped talking, Liu Lin called to ask what Lin Cheng had done during this period. Lin Cheng told the truth truthfully and went to Bashu with his friends.
When I heard Lin Cheng went to Bashu for a meal with Liu Lin, I didn’t ask who she was going with Liu Lin. She was surprised that Lin Cheng was going with Wang Jiao or Shen Meijun, but there were some words that she wasn’t Lin Cheng’s girlfriend. Naturally, it was difficult to ask Lin Cheng’s whereabouts in detail.
However, Liu Lin didn’t ask Lin Cheng, but he couldn’t bear to make Liu Lin sad to see the first advertisement. Please go to the net.
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123 slip into the water
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Lin Cheng has grasped people’s psychology a lot more accurately since he practiced the double cultivation method. He always points out that he went to Bashu to avenge his father’s death as a friend, and Liu Lin got excited.
Liu Lin was in a good mood. Before hanging up, she told Lin Cheng to go to Yanwei for a few days and let Lin Cheng be a guide.
In fact, Lin Cheng can also understand Liu Lin’s mind. If he doesn’t understand this, Lin Cheng has lived in vain for more than 20 years. Lin Cheng doesn’t know if he refuses. In fact, he doesn’t want to refuse Liu Lin. Wang Jiao is very good, but after all, there is a gap in life level. Just let it be when you think of these brains.
"A warm welcome!"
Hang up in a joke.
It’s not long before the Wang Jiao dialect comes. When the words are connected, it’s a sigh and a question. "What’s wrong with this paragraph of time? I don’t know to take me when I go to Sichuan to play? "
Wang Jiao went to Lin Cheng’s dormitory and asked where people in the dormitory knew Lin Cheng had gone. In fact, Liu Lin also knew, but she pretended not to know that she deliberately asked with jiao.
"Hehe, I’m back. I just got back today."
"Where are you? I’ll come to you. "
Lin Cheng said the address. Wang Jiao really wanted to come to Lin Cheng. He said the address when he was in Xu Fa’s house. But Wang Jiao hung up as soon as he heard the address of Lin Cheng’s newspaper.
At present, Xu Lao usually goes to bed at nine o’clock, goes to bed at one o’clock, and then wakes up at four o’clock in the morning. The habit of being firm has formed this biological clock.
Listen to Wang Jiao coming to Lin Cheng, and you can’t bother Xu Lao to rest for more than 20 minutes. Lin Cheng received Wang Jiao’s words. When Lin Cheng saw Wang Jiao CC from the window, he jumped out and landed in front of Wang Jiao’s car.
Wang Jiao hit the car door and gave Lin Cheng a hug. Lin Cheng’s soft jade and warm fragrance were almost impulsive. Wang Jiao didn’t wear a pair of shorts and a shirt. Lin Cheng’s touch was sensitive. He directly felt two grapes stand on Wang Jiao’s chest.
Wang Jiao gave up the driver’s seat to Lin Cheng and sat down in the co-pilot. "Where shall we go for a stroll?"
"Anything" Wang Jiao bowed her head. She was still blushing in her own reaction just now. I don’t know how her face was a little wet and she was particularly sensitive, especially when Lin Cheng held her heart in her backhand just now.
Lin Cheng drove his car to the seaside. At night, the sea breeze blew at nine o’clock. There were still many people at the seaside, but they all enjoyed the cool summer in the seaside square. The sea breeze blew with moisture, which was very comfortable.
Square aerobics just scattered Lin Cheng parked the car at the seaside, pressed the front and rear windows at the sea, and two people looked at the street lights. The sea was already near the sea, and there were few people.
Wang Jiao’s heart is a little confused at this time, and she doesn’t know what to call Lin Cheng out. Maybe she hasn’t seen Lin Cheng for a long time and misses him. Maybe she just wants to see him, but when she comes out, she doesn’t know what to say. In fact, it’s not that she doesn’t know what to say, but that she doesn’t know how to say something.