"The five elements are isolated!"

Among the dozens of formations, the first choice to learn in Mid-Autumn Festival is that the five-element isolation array can isolate the Godsworn’s spiritual knowledge from nature. This array has five medium-order spiritual stones to arrange the defense force, and the Godsworn’s spiritual knowledge can be broken at the beginning of the foundation period, but when the five-element isolation array is broken, Autumn will immediately notice it.
Five intermediate lingshi were hit by Qiuzhen’s hands in the alchemy room in Wufangqiu, and a dharma tactic was struck out and hit five intermediate lingshi at the same time.
In a buzz of fame, five pieces of medium-order lingshi trembled slightly at the same time, and the five-color light of gold, green, water blue and red khaki rose and formed a five-color shield in the alchemy room. The five-color light flowed.
The five-element shield formed by the five-element isolation array appeared in the alchemy room for a moment and then hid.
After the cloth became an isolated array of five elements, the autumn footsteps took a light step and came to the futon in the middle of the alchemy room and sat down.
"Dan Huoding!"
A clap waist bag take out Dan Huoding to autumn a tactic hit Dan Huoding Dan Huoding then a rotary direct flight to the side in front of him.
Autumn cross-legged sitting on the futon, his eyes flashed with a slight squint, and he saw three dharma tips and handprints engraved on the side of the iron platform facing him.
Autumn brain high operation will be the three dharma tactic, handprint deeply remembered and hands change ponder.
After pondering for a moment, Qiu felt that he had mastered the three dharma tactics and handprints. His eyes suddenly flashed off and his hands quickly changed, which was the smooth conclusion of the three dharma tactics and hit the iron platform in front of him.
After the three tactics hit the iron platform, there was a sudden slight tremor, and a large number of hot flames were immediately ejected from the round hole in the center of the iron platform.
"Well, the local pulse fire is not pure and the heat is much worse. It seems to be the worst pulse fire."
Looking at the pulse flame spewing out of the round hole in the center of the refined iron platform, Qiu immediately identified that the pulse fire quality was not high compared with that made by Qiu in the Qingtianmen alchemy room.
Qiu was worried about the effect of refining Zhujidan, but suddenly something happened.
As soon as the ground pulse fire was led out in the flame and burned to the bottom of the Dan cauldron, the fire suddenly flared up in the Dan cauldron, which actually jacked up a little flame in the Ding.
"ah! Really worthily, it is a high-order treasure. In this censer, there is a trace of Dan fire bred in the local vein fire, which seems to be able to burn forever. "
The Dan fire is the Dan gas flame bred by the monks in the Elixir period, which can be compared with the medium-quality pulse fire, and it is even better than the pulse fire made by the autumn alchemy in the Qingtianmen alchemy room.
There is only a trace of pure Dan fire in the high-order jewel Dan fire tripod. Although the Dan fire in the local fire tripod is full, the purity of Dan fire is also a little worse, but it is not worse than that of medium-quality Dan fire, which is just suitable for refining Jidian in autumn.
"get up!"
Autumn hands a pinch tactic a handprint bear his hands slowly push forward a tactic and hit the Dan fire tripod.
In the autumn method, the cover of Dan Huoding was uncovered and suspended in the Dan Huoding by autumn, and the Dan Huoding in Dan Huoding also converged and was confined in the Dan Huoding department, and the Dan Huoding became slightly purer.
After seeing the Dan fire in the Dan fire tripod stabilized, Qiu patted the waist bag again and took out wooden boxes and jade boxes from the bag.
"Ha ha, the preparatory work has been done, and now you can refine Zhujidan."
The right hand brushed the wooden boxes and jade boxes one by one, and the wooden boxes and jade box lids were uncovered to reveal a variety of herbs and elixirs.
A little bit by little, a herb in a wooden box was slowly moved into the cauldron by the rising of the right hand, and was calcined by the cauldron.
One herb after another, one fruit after another, and one rhizome after another were picked up by Qiu Ping and moved into Dan Huo Ding to calcine the process of refining Zhu Jidan.
Although Qiu has refined Qi-practicing Dan for hundreds of times, he has some experience in alchemy, but it is the first time that Qiu has refined Zujidan, so he is very careful.
Three days passed quickly, and with the "bang" in Dan’s cauldron, Qiu’s face turned slightly black.
"get up!"
Autumn’s black face and hands bear a printed formula, and then he hits Dan Huo Ding Gai. As soon as his body’s mana runs, he gathers his eyes. In the spirit eye surgery, he sees that the elixir, fruit, rhizome and so on in Dan Huo Ding have changed into a pile of ashes.
"It is understandable that the first time I failed to refine Tsukidan. Fortunately, there are quite a few herbs I am going to refine Tsukidan."
The failure of refining Tsukidan for the first time was expected in autumn, but there was nothing to regret for those herbs, fruits, rhizomes and other autumn, but after all, failure made people unhappy, and so was autumn, so they turned slightly black.
"First restore one mana and consciousness before the second alchemy."
After an hour, Qiu Jin recovered the mana and spiritual knowledge consumed in the three-day alchemy process, and then he took out wooden boxes and jade boxes from the bag again to prepare for the second refining of Zhujidan.
One month passed quietly in the process of refining Zhujidan in autumn. In this month, one furnace of Zhujidan was refined in the Mid-Autumn Festival for three days, and ten furnaces of Zhujidan were refined in one month.
"Ha ha, ten furnaces of Tsukiji Dan have succeeded in three furnaces, and each furnace has produced more than 30 grains of Dan, but there are also more than 100 grains of Tsukiji Dan." When the tenth furnace of Dan medicine was successfully refined, Qiu took out a jade bottle from the bag and received more than 30 grains of Tsukiji Dan in the jade bottle and muttered softly.
The success rate of refining ten heats of Zhujidan is less than one third. This success rate is really not high. However, since it is the first time to refine Zhujidan in autumn, it is already good that this success rate can be achieved. This is because the herbs grown in the magic medicine garden and the elixir are extremely pure, which directly improves the success rate of autumn alchemy.
There are absolutely thousands of materials for refining Tsukiji Dan prepared by Qiu, but he stopped after refining ten furnaces of Dan medicine. He estimated that more than 100 tablets of Tsukiji Dan should be enough to raise his mana to the foundation period again.
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Chapter one hundred and thirty-one Five elements of poly spirit array
A reddish dun light flashed across the sky, rising not far from the outside of the town square and galloping towards the east, and finally it fell on the top of a hill just over a hundred kilometers away from the town square.
The hill is not as high as 100 feet, but it is very steep.
"I will build a temporary abode of fairies and immortals in this mountain, and then I will retreat in this temporary abode of fairies and immortals for half a year, and then I will be promoted to the early stage of the foundation period, and then I will go to Danling Sect to attend the recruitment ceremony."