She finally waited, and when she waited, he would give the ring to the marriage, which is beyond doubt.

"Forget it, let you cry now. Don’t cry when you go out later," Gu Yanchen said overbearingly.
"Are we going out?" Yuan Xixi asked blankly.
"How can I get married if I don’t go out?" Gu Yanchen said. "Don’t cry, or people will call the police and invite us all to the police station to get married."
"I don’t want" Yuan Xixi suddenly growled.
Gu Yanchen face a heavy "what did you say?"
The child is pregnant, and she dares to say not to marry him.
"I want to marry you, and I don’t want to go to the police station." Yuan Xixi rarely speaks, and his hands tightly embrace Gu Yanchen’s arm.
Side eyes looking at the little woman firm eyes Gu Yanchen elegance face is full of smile mood flying high.
He’s finally getting married again. They must be happy with him in America, right?
It is in
Strangers on the Road to Marriage (the rich and powerful win the love and the cold owl president replaces his wife).
Section 1
A stranger in marriage/a rich man wins love. President Lengxiao replaces his wife.
Zhe ye Wei Shu
official documents and correspondence
One night’s mistake and lingering let him eat the marrow and know the taste, and never sleep for a fit!
It is said that he is thin and cold by nature, but he is fond of her deeply.
But she knows in her heart that what he is attached to is her body, and there is someone in his heart who really makes him love his bone marrow ~ ~ ~
Unexpected pregnancy, she begged him not to let her keep the baby, but he said abort.
She smiled and turned around. He was affectionate to that woman but cruel to her.
When she disappeared from sight, she was shocked that she had already been branded in the depths of the vein and became his favorite!
【 small theater
Sanshao, this profile is not written correctly. It’s a pet article. What about the overbearing and spoiled wife president? o╯□╰o
Where is the president of Xiaoxue’s overbearing pet wife? I want to change men! ~≧▽≦~
Three little (stare)
Xiaoxue dear, I love you ~ ~ ~
Label Modern Romance President Giants
Chapter 1 Give me a kiss
City airport
The crowd at the international flight security exit is crowded, noisy and noisy.
Le Xuewei, with a face of serious gills, hung his hands slightly in the crowd, his eyes staring at the security exit, and his long eyelashes flapped from time to time like fine porcelain of butterflies flapping their wings, which could break the pink lips and pout slightly, which was very annoying.
"This won’t work."
"This mouth is too thick."
"Well, this Hu Taichang"
From time to time, her mouth opens and closes, and she mumbles something. Every time a man comes out of the exit, she has to comment on it. That’s like picking someone! That’s right, she’s picking someone to kiss!
Yeah, she’s upset now. Why isn’t there a man who looks better?
What to do! I can’t even watch it pleasing to the eye. How can I shoot this video?
Suddenly Le Xuewei’s eyes brightened and her pupil shrank. She couldn’t help squinting and her mouth slightly raised. It was him!
It’s absolutely hot to see a man coming out of the exit!
Visually, the height is more than one meter, five clothes are ironed properly, and the legs are wrapped in the west, which makes people think. The legs are especially straight and slender. The hair is light chestnut, and the temples are trimmed neatly. Some bangs are dragged obliquely to cover the bridge of the nose. The huge sunglasses bridge of the nose is super pretty and slightly hooked. Therefore, the whole person looks very overbearing, and his thin lips are pinched into a straight line. The corners of his mouth slightly evoke a momentum of anger and arrogance.
Le Xuewei’s heart thumped violently, clenched his fist and got up the courage to go forward.
"Hello" Le Xuewei grinned at the handsome man.
Han Chengyi got off the plane and didn’t see someone picking him up. He was just about to make a conversation. Suddenly, he saw a little girl in front of him. Han Chengyi glanced at her with dark glasses. "You Ni Jun are …"
Han Chengyi also came to ask about everything. An unexpected situation happened!
Le Xuewei suddenly stood on tiptoe and put her arms around his neck, spitting a fragrant smell and saying, "Do me a favor and kiss for 3 seconds, just 3 seconds."
While talking, he took out his mobile phone from his pocket to take a selfie photography mode. He hooked Han Chengyi in one hand and held two pink and tender lips on his mobile phone in the other, and posted Han Chengyi.
Four lips fit together. It’s a simple and pure fit …
Han Chengyi was caught off guard by the kiss. What is the situation? He was kissed? On the first day when I just returned to the city, now the girl has reached this level? And make a video?
But this girl tastes good, and her mouth is full of meat, so she can’t help but want to continue.
In an instant, Han Chengyi’s hands clasped Le Xuewei’s back and held people close to her chest. Her thin lips were slightly stretched, and her charming lips were light, juicy and elastic, like jelly.
Want more … Han Chengyi found himself addicted and couldn’t help but want to pry each other’s teeth.
The situation changed suddenly. Le Xuewei panicked and struggled. Wait, what happened? What is this man doing?
"Put well …"
Le Xuewei kept flapping Han Chengyi’s shoulder and the phone slipped to the ground.
Han Chengyi deepened the kiss.
"Well, put it …" Le Xuewei’s eyes are red and she wants to break free, but her body is firmly imprisoned by the other party. Through the thin cloth, she can feel the strange smell of the other party hiding in the shirt and chest, which belongs to men alone, filling and spreading in her mouth.
The feeling be nasty heart a horizontal Le Xuewei mouth bite Han Chengyi faint scent in each other’s mouth dispersion.
"psst!" Han Chengyi ended the kiss with a sigh.
Le Xuewei raised her hand toward Han Chengyi and fanned Han Chengyi’s load and firmly grasped her wrist.
"Why? Are you really willing to bite and hit you just after kissing? " Han Chengyi looked at Le Xuewei with scorn through sunglasses.
Le Xuewei blushed and glared at Han Chengyi with tears in her eyes. "You … rogue!"