Resto knew that the first world war had been avoided, and he had already prepared his armor and waited for Randall to arrive.

Ponte heroes must not lose to inverse acts, the disobedient god. Resto held his sword high and shouted.
Randall is quite close to the array, and the narrow terrain makes the density of soldiers in this area quite high. Every step forward, you have to step on each other’s bodies before you can pass. When Resto appeared in front of Randall, Randall once again raised his sword flat and pointed it straight at him. This is the knight’s announcement of Randall ceremony.
Ping-pong and double swords were drowned in the shouts around, but the two people present heard it really.
Resto intuitively felt Randall’s swordsmanship, which was impenetrable, and every move made him find no flaw.
Ping-pong double swords are entangled again. Resto has to take a step back to avoid this. The sword has recruited strength and skills, and the suspicion has been judged high after three strokes.
Resto knows that this front is not a personal brave victory or defeat. It can be said that this time Karlslen’s offensive defeat will be wiped out if he can successfully defeat Randall. However, it is obvious that Garland’s hero can defeat Kwachet in name only, and it is not lucky to get it.
Randall’s spirit has completely come to the immediate battle. He kept waving his sword and didn’t give Resto a chance to join the fray from time to time, but after joining, he just increased his body.
After Randall shocked Resto three times in a row, Randall’s sword hit Resto’s helmet accurately, and Resto’s forehead was broken due to heavy blow, which should also ooze blood.
Surrender, General Ponte. You will die if you fight again. Randall tried to dissuade his opponent instead of adding another attack.
Restogan didn’t mean to surrender. How can anyone who can be assigned to guard the Karlslen fortress be afraid of death? Restogan knew that he was definitely no match for Randall, but he still took up his sword and tried to make a final blow.
Even if I can’t beat you, I want you to do the same with Resto as a soldier and make a decisive blow.
He personally leaned forward with a sword in his hand and cut it to Randall. He was ready. No matter how Randall fought back, he wouldn’t dodge. His gesture had already indicated that Randall would make up his mind.
Randall was so small that he had to pick up the sword by force. The two swords crossed each other and stabbed each other. Randall suddenly jumped up with all his strength, and at the same time, the sword was thrown across the other side’s nose accurately. Resto’s face was suddenly stabbed with a blood hole. When Randall landed, Resto’s body had fallen.
It’s hard to attack. Karlslen gradually faded from the title of hard to attack at the moment when his Lord fell.
When Karlslund’s newspaper was delivered to Garland Emperor Yusis, who was in Baerusa, the king’s capital, the temporary chamber of the king’s capital became noisy
Randall, the hero of Garland, actually captured the Garland Empire in less than a month, and he didn’t call the Karsland fortress for four years, which has to be said to be a miracle.
You really know how to choose a son-in-law
General Randall. Oh, not Randall. King Qing is definitely the God of War.
All of a sudden, this kind of flattery is endless, among which the civil servants who were struggling against Randall not long ago.
Yusis’s cough interrupted the ministers’ discussion. Everyone said that it was Yusis’s deliberate cough for them. Yusis cleared his throat and sat down on the throne safely, saying that the Qinglong Corps, the White Tiger Corps in Kashin, would be stationed in Karlslund, and we would fight it out in Ponte.
God bless Garland ministers have answered.
Emperor Hermes suddenly cried out for the second king.
My son is here.
Capture Ponte front command is entrusted to you, Yusis suddenly said
This sentence surprised everyone present. Yusis will use his personal expedition as usual, but he will capture Ponte and give Hermes, who rarely participates in actual combat. This decision has made some politically sensitive people present smell a little.
I brought Hermes after leng for a while said firmly.
Father arthurs seems to want to interrupt, but he is blocked by Yusis’s hand.
Arthurs, you are still guarding the palace. Hermes, leave immediately. Yusis ordered.
King Hermes, in high spirits, threw his cloak for the first time and walked out of the temple with pride, while King arthurs left his eyes resentful.
Even if you leave a message, it will become a driving force. Come on.
Chapter 11 fork in the road
The new of that fall of the Karlslen fortress is still a heavy blow to the dignitaries of the k of Ponte in St. Zeronte, Ponte’s capital.
Oske Qing, what can I do about this? The fortress of Karlslon will be captured by Garland. The young king of Ponte, Dickenber St. Pompeii, asked the Prime Minister Oske anxiously.
Osk’s white hair was neatly combed in the palace. Although Karlslen was quickly occupied, he was caught off guard. Not only was he experienced, he was obviously much more calm than the young king.
I am relieved that Osk said that I would solve the Garland Germans in Pontepin.
Although Oske has no confidence, this sentence still makes you feel confident from his mouth
By the way, where’s General Linfarrero? I haven’t seen anyone for days. King Ponte asked.
Lin Farrero has gone to the front privately in the absence of the transfer order. Thun is preparing for the private operation of Garland’s military position to deal with this kind of visual position. Osk seized the opportunity to say