Carline root wasn’t listening. Her beautiful face was twitching and turned red with anger.

Oh, you’ll beg me if you say that she turned and pointed at each of them, and each of you should apologize. Don’t you dare to practice my vampire witchcraft again. She told Sefan that my friends are real friends and they would be happy to know all about it.
Carline, you just signed the contract this afternoon
Oh, who cares
Sefan got up, and the gray room became darker. Sefan’s shadow was cast in front of him by the bedside lamp. Bnnie looked at the shadow and poked Meredih. The shadow was tall and dark, while Carline’s shadow was vague and small.
What’s wrong with Carline? Something emanates from her or wants to enter her, or it may be. Anyway, it’s around her and around Bnnie. Bnnie is so nervous that she feels a little breathless and her heart is beating violently beside her. Meredih, who is always calm, is staring at the front anxiously.
What the hell? Meredih asked softly
Suddenly, it was like that thing was carefully arranged in the dark, as if the door of Sefan was suddenly slammed and the bedside lamp suddenly broke, and the old shutters were closed. The room was suddenly dark.
Carline screamed. It was horrible. It was like Carline was skinned and pinched from her throat.
Bnnie is also yelling that she can control herself. Although her screaming sounds very powerful, Carline is like a reply, but thankfully, Carline stopped screaming soon, and Bnnie also controlled her impulse to continue screaming. Although she had never trembled so much, Meredith held her tightly in her arms, but the darkness and silence continued. Bnnie could continue to tremble. Meredith got up and gave her to Ma. He looked a little surprised and embarrassed, but he hugged her.
Your eyes will soon get used to the darkness, he said. His voice sounds very dry, but he has done his best, because what Bnnie fears most in this world is something in the dark, so that she can see her try to hold up on him, even though she is shaking badly, and then she breathes for breath when she hears Ma.
Elena’s body exudes a faint halo, not her body. The halo also spreads behind her and on both sides. It seems to be a pair of beautiful wings.
Her wings Bnnie stammered when she spoke in a whisper, saying that it was caused by trembling, not by wonder. Ma is holding her tightly like a child now, and he is obviously speechless.
The wings fluttered with Elena’s breath, and she sat steadily in the thin air and made a refusal gesture with one hand.
Elena spoke. It was a language that Bnnie had never heard before. She doubted whether it was a human language. Those words sounded as sharp as when glass broke after falling from a height.
Those words went directly into Bnnie’s mind, because her spiritual power was inspired by Elena’s powerful power, which drove them away in all darkness, and let those who struggled in the darkness roll away. Cold words drove them away contemptuously.
And ElenaElena is as beautiful as when she was a vampire and as pale as a vampire.
But Carline is also shouting that she is chanting dark magic spells. Those spells sound like dark horror in Bnnie. Everything jumps out of her mouth, lizards, snakes and spiders.
This is a war, a magical confrontation. Carline knows so much black magic. She is not a witch descendant like Bnnie.
There was a strange sound around Sefan’s house, which sounded like a helicopter’s pronunciation, which frightened Bnnie.
But she has to do something. She has inherited the spiritual power of her ancestors. She has to help Elena. Slowly, Bnnie got up against the strong wind. She staggered and put her hand on Elena’s to give her her strength.
When Elena clenched her hand, Bnnie realized that Meredih was on her other side, shining brightly, and those things screamed and tried to escape in the darkness.
Then Elena’s wings disappeared, and things disappeared in the darkness. Elena’s white magic had great energy, and they drove them away
She will faint. Bnnie looks at Sefan’s novel and says that she has consumed too much magic.
When Sefan turned to Elena, several things happened at the same time, and the room suddenly lit up.
The shutters rattled when they hit the window.
Sefan’s bedside lamp is on. He must have tried to fix it just now.
The door also slowly played with a squeak.
Carline fell to the ground, breathing violently on all fours, and Elena won
But Elena fell, too
Extraordinary speed is needed to catch her from the other side of the room, and Sefan threw the bedside lamp in his hand to Meredih, and then quickly went to Bnnie to see that the speed crossed the distance, and then he caught Elena firmly.
Oh, damn it, Carline said that her face was covered with mascara, which made her look like a human being. She looked at Sefan with no cover and disgust. He looked back at her calmly. Oh, I shouldn’t say sternly.
Don’t say that word, he whispered, not here, not now, because it might hear it and come back.
As if it had never been here, Carline said that at that moment she looked very pitiful, as if she had done something and didn’t know it.
Carline, what are you talking about? Sefan knelt beside Elena. You mean what you have done.
Oh, Bnnie couldn’t help sighing because of the strange atmosphere in the room. Carline broke a nail and fell to the ground with blood. Carline knelt beside it and made the scene worse. Bnnie felt a little sympathy for her, but then Carline waved her finger in front of Sefan, and Bnnie’s sympathy turned to nausea.
Want to lick it? She said that her voice had changed and she didn’t try to hide it. Oh, come on, Sefan, she kept mocking you for drinking human blood these days, didn’t she? Humans or whatever she is, no matter what she will become, you two can fly together like bats now, right?
CarlineBnnie whispered, didn’t you see her wings
It’s like a bat or another vampire. Sefan turned her into
I also saw Ma behind Bnnie calmly saying that it wasn’t bat wings.
Doesn’t anyone have eyes? Meredih said at the bedside, look here. When she got up, she had a long white feather in her hand, which was shining in the light.
Or if she’s a white crow, then Carline said all this would make sense. I can’t believe you all flatter her like a princess. She’s always been everyone’s sweetheart, right, Elena?
That’s enough, Sefan said
Everyone, that’s a key word. Carline went on
The way you just kissed them one by one, she continued to make an exaggerated speech, and everyone seemed to forget it, but it was more like
Stop it, Carline
That real ElenaCarline sound is getting worse and worse, but she shouldn’t say any more, thought Bnnie, because everyone who knows you knows that you were before Sefan came here.
Carline, stop talking about it
You’re just a slut, that’s all. You’re a slut. Chapter VII